Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cast Spotlight Tate Ellington Part 2

Back in June when Remember Me first started filming, I wrote a spotlight on Tate which detailed some of his work to date. But reading about roles doesn't really give one a feel about an actor. Wondering what we might expect from Tate, I searched through the internet and came upon a couple of clips and a trailer that featured Tate in his role of Oliver in The Elephant King.

Oliver is described by viewers of the film as a quiet, retiring, semi-depressed man child who has been sent to Thailand by his parents to bring home his wayward brother. His performance was described as "absolutely amazing, leaving a memorable impression that makes you want to see him in more films in the future."

So take a look and get a little taste of what Tate can bring to the screen.

Link to first spotlight on Tate.

Clip 1: Tate and Jonno Roberts Brothel Scene

Clip 2: Tate and Ellen Burstyn Car Scene

Elephant King Trailer

Elephant King Clips and Trailer