Friday, April 16, 2010

Thoughts on Remember Me 31

yess i loved Remember Me. saw it 3 times & its always on my mind. such a life changing movie& the music is utterly amazing - only exception

I Love Remember Me, I saw it twice.It's a movie that every1 can relate to, really makes u think. Also RPattz Truly shined - MsAnnie26

Im still feeling emotionally drained after watching #RememberMe it was amazing and defo #RobertPattinson's best film so far <3 it x - pattinson1305

Go see remember me with rob pattinson!!! It's so good!! - jess23charmed4

thought Rob Pattinson in Remember Me was phenomenal - definitely his finest performance to date! - KarenAfro 35

OmG!! :0 i just lOove this movie!! ♥ - annick04

I went to see #RememberMe yesterday! O.M.G it's amazing. My mom is now on converted RPattz fan! We blubbed! - pinkmad17

Remember Me Release Date

Remember Me will be released in Hong Kong on May 20, 2010

Thanks Nautiluswirl for the info!

Box Office Update

In Thursday's sales, Remember Me pulled $14,846 in domestic Box Office.

Total Domestic Box Office to Date:

Some of the international box office numbers have been updated with receipts through 4/11. There are also a few countries that have not posted results yet.

Total International Box Office to Date

International Box Office Reported - New Openings:


Total New Openings Markets - $2,290,280

International Box Office - Held Over:
(Updated 4/11)

Czech Republic.$144.989
New Zealand....$243,671

Total Held Over Markets Updated: $18,963,944

These markets do not yet have updated figures from last week.
(Updated 4/4 and 3/28)

Australia....$1,259,492 3.28
Bulgaria........$26,566 4.4
Egypt...........$22,638 4.4
Greece.........$500,641 4.4
Italy........$2,358,049 4.4
Lebanon.........$18.123 4.4
Malaysia........$71,301 3.28
Netherlands....$276,832 4.4
Philippines....$210,317 4.4
S. Africa......$234,504 4.4
Ukraine........$109,645 3.28
UAE............$106,814 4.4

Total Held Over Markets Not Updated: $5,194,642

Total International Box Office (not totally updated)

Total Worldwide Box Office:

Box Office Mojo

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thoughts on Remember Me 30

Saw #RememberMe for 1st time...amazing!!! Rob...well, i'm speechless, he's GREAT! Still can't believe the end tho :______( - ZivaRPattzMJ

I'm gonna crown @RememberMeFilm one of the best drama movies I've ever seen! - Hasnaavni

I loved the movie! is incredible! Awesome! I loved it too! the actors are incredible! Congratulations! #BestFilmEver - Luly_KStew

was... beyond words. i died, came back to life and died again! rob & emilie were amazing! i totally love it! can't stop thinking about @remembermefilm.what an amazing story.funny & hard & complicated & smashing & heart-melting... so true. like life! i'm still fascinated by @remembermefilm! i wanna see it again! now! now, now, now! - daaanny201

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thoughts on Remember Me 29

.. saw the film today... it was amazing!... the ending was so unexpected... i was like :O.... sooo good :D ... xxx - RhiannonEve

I watched Remember Me today as it came out in UK one word Amazing! The endin was sad tho im going to watch it a 2nd time ! - Pippa14x

awesome movie!!!!! - bethsycullen

Still in aura of robert pattison @remembermefilm was one of the best I've seen in a while :') - Robsessed2tMax

remembermefilm is amazing. I had to sit there and compose myself for a bit at the end. I cried. I heard guys saying they loved it too - Greeeens

saw #RememberMe yesterday in Madrid, Spain.. my new fav flick..cried like a baby..Definite must see!! Can´t wait 4 the DVD!! - krazi4TwiSaga

My dear fiance wanted to see @remembermefilm so I took him. He really liked it and said it didn't deserve the reviews it got. Heart him. - rosenfie

Remember Me Israeli Poster

Remember Me opens on April 22 in Israel.

Thanks to Rozicullen

Rob,Emilie and Pierce Talk About Remember Me with Portugual's TV1

TheImproper's Remember Me Gets the Last Laugh

And we just love the film too!

Robert Pattinson Getting Last Laugh For 'Remember Me'
by TheImproper

Pretty boy “Twilight” star Robert Pattinson got a little roughed up by the film critics for his movie “Remember Me,” with Emilie de Ravin. But Rob may be getting the last laugh now that the box office numbers are rolling in.

“Remember Me,” about a troubled youth attempting to deal with tragedy, is slowly working its way around the world, opening in such far flung country as Argentina and Australia.

To read the rest of the article, please click here:

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Remember Me DVD Cover

The DVD and Blu-ray cover for Remember Me has been released.

The dates that the DVD is available are:
USA..........June 22

UK...........July 26

France.....August 25

University of Delaware Article on Will Fetters

Lauren Zaremba from the University of Delaware's The Review writes about Will Fetter's journey writing Remember Me.

Screenwriting alumnus pens ‘Remember Me’

by Lauren Zaremba

Will Fetters grew up with a clear vision of his future­ — graduate high school, go to the University of Delaware, attend a top law school and become a successful lawyer. But a late night bar fight that spilled out onto Newark’s Main Street derailed this picture perfect scenario and left a big imprint on Fetters’ life.

Fetters, a Delaware native and 2003 graduate of the university, wrote the screenplay for “Remember Me,” Robert Pattinson’s most recent film, which is currently in theaters.

“I always planned to be a lawyer; that was my plan through most of college,” Fetters says. “I loved movies, but it didn’t seem like a practical, reasonable career choice.”

To read the rest of the article, please click here:
University of Delaware Review

Thoughts on Remember Me 28

Just watched Remember Me and loved it... Oh My God the ending, did not expect that!!! Cannot wait to see it again!! :)- _Jacs_

Oh my god went to see @remembermefilm last night, it was absalutly brilliant, robert was amazing.He deserves all the credit he gets :) - EmzieWemzii

I saw the film on Wednesday. It's one of the most emotional I've seen in my life. I will remember ;). Congrats from Spain - Pe_barrero

I had to see it twice , I was so focused on how breath taking Rob was, I loved the movie,it was sooo good,Rob=brilliant - jvanr1708

Yeah, that's exactly what I felt. It's a very well done film, that u need to watch many times so u can say you really saw it - Maguilita

I cant wait to see it again in 5 days! I nearly cried when watching it today but i think i will cry when i watch it again - Pippa14x

just watched it and... the film was amazing very emotional and good to see rob play another role. - magic_mcguigan

Monday, April 12, 2010

Looking at Remember Me - Framing and Mirroring

This post contains spoilers!!

A reviewer said that Remember Me could be used as a film study, and study the film, we have been. Allen Coulter's amazing attention to detail has provided us, not just with a truly amazing film, but a film rich in details and symbolism. Some of the ladies on both Rob's and the Remember Me IMDb message boards have been discussing the film in great detail. Mils1234 compiled a detailed post of some of the observations and insights and I am going to bring them to you in a few posts here.

All the thanks goes to Mils1234, Nautiluswirl, Tedracat, AZ, Calendos, VAgirl and everyone else who took part in the discussions for these fabulous insights into the artwork and the significance.

Today's post looks at framing and mirroring.

EVERYONE is shot by door frames/windows - from the muggers, to Chris C's cop, to Caroline leaving school, to vulnerable Ally pre-sex scene, to Aiden by the bathroom or coming to Ally's happens throughout.

Did you guys also notice the mirroring of Tyler's shots? The first time we see him he is framed in a window, on the outside looking in. The last time we see him, he is framed in a window, on the inside looking out. I find this to be such a perfect symbol of his journey. Love Allen Coulter.

They also mirror Chris & Rob's characters throughout - both drink, prone to violence, are protective of Ally. There is one shot of Neil Craig and one of Tyler that are almost perfect matches of the other, right down to the colour of shirt and pants they are wearing. Neil's is after he microwaves dinner, grabs a beer and then is framed by a doorway walking away from the back. They use the exact same shot for Tyler after Ally leaves him and he gets up off of the sofa where Aiden is eating Chinese and then walks to the bedroom, framed by the hallway.

And the mirroring of the montage of the last scenes at the very end of the film, with those at the beginning. Of course the film ending with Ally face blurring with the subway movement and the beginning the subway movement blurring into Ally and her mother. Ally on the subway platform, the Hawkings family at the cemetery and the scenes with Caroline and her father the beginning at Eddie's Sweet Shoppe with the way Charles would ignore her and the ending with them at the museum.

Thoughts on Remember Me 27

Rob did an excellent job. I'm still in a bit of a shock by the ending. Great script ! One word: Waaw ! - veerlevg

Thank you - we definetely did! The film was ABSOLUTELY GENIUS <3 got my eyes watering up (which is something movies can only rarely ever do to me). the performances were A+, the story was fabulously genius, and the music got matched perfectly! am in l<3ve. Thihi. With Remember Me. ;D - uniquelovebites

saw it yesterday, it was SO MUCH BETTER than I even expected! Yeah! I really loved it, have been crying all evening. Thank u so much for such a great story - konosha

I give you one word: WOW!!! Okay, three more: Outstanding. Unique. BEAUTIFUL!!! - samsymarie

saw it last night. Beautiful and tragic. Loved it even though I guessed the ending 10mins in. - sineadcrilly

I just watched #RememberMe - ;____; OMG so sad. Really good film. Definitely everyone should - missminimoo

Remember Me DVD Now Available for Pre-Order

The Remember Me DVD is now available for pre-order on

The standard DVD currently retails for $24.99 and the Blu-ray version is priced at $31.49.

Both are due to be released on June 22, 2010 in the US.

For all ordering information, please click here:

According to uk, the DVDs will be released on July 26th.
For UK ordering information, please click here:

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thoughts on Remember Me 26

thanks a lot, director and screnwriter of RM made a wonderful job! - mayfrayn

oh i know, it's so good. I didnt know what to expect since i didnt read any spoilers. The woman next to me had to give me a tissue, couldnt stop crying lol. I'll see it again on thursday or friday, so excited :-) - Sam_kc

I have seen Remember Me a total of 5 times so far, I love it even more each time ;) - jenniferklobus

Just watched the movie and I cried like a baby at the end! It was an awesome movie - shafiramadanti

I enjoyed it. Just out of cinema. Saw more emotions from them all, takes too many words to describe emotions afterwards...Quite daring & touching movie. Thx for taking the chance to do this movie & remember... - HumbleBD

I want to see Remember Me again. The @remembermefilm DVD can't be released soon enough. I'll fly to Japan and get married to it (: - uniquelovebites