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Fan Trailer, Poster and Artwork Friday

Welcome to the second installment of Fan Poster, trailer and now artwork Friday. We have quite a few well done pieces for you today!

First up is a beautiful movie poster by Sammie(mizramanips)from The Remember Me Community at Live Journal

Next up are two wonderful movie posters designed by CandyKizzeS24:

The following artwork is bought to us courtesy of FP at Thinking of

First up is a gorgeous Remember Me wallpaper created Maria:

And here are some cool Tyler graphics and icons made by Melainii:

Rob comments about Remember Me to AnOther Man Magazine.

In the first print interview we've seen with Rob since filming Remember Me, Rob talks about the crowd surrounding the shoot and why it was a nice change of pace to play Tyler.

AnOther Man Issue #9 Fall and Winter 2009

Except from:
Robert Pattinson Screen Idol Night Stalker
by Dave Calhoun

July 4th, 2009. Independence Day. Robert Pattinson is kicking back in the New York Hotel where he is staying all summer while making “a very, very low- key indie movie” in between filming the next two movies in the Twilight series. Only one has hit cinemas so far – there ‘s another in the can, and he shoots the third one this winter – but already this handsome, quietly spoken, 23- year- old Londoner is associated the world over with Edward Cullen, the teenage vampire at the heart of American author Stephenie Meyer’s wildly successful fantasy novels . He’s a pretty face at the heart of a phenomenon.

That’s why every time Pattinson steps in front of the camera for director Allan Coulter’s Remember Me, the smal1 film that he is shooting in Manhattan this summer, he can always spot a crowd out of the corner of his eye. A crowd of devotees. It doesn’t help that he is making most of this film outside on the streets of New York City. “Oh man, it’s completely crazy,” he says, half sighing, half laughing. “It’s strange that you are doing a little indie movie, a very subtle story, and you’ve got like 5,000 people watching you.”

There’s not even anything for them to see, he says. Nothing spectacular anyway. “You’re thinking that the whole crowd must be thinking: he’s doing nothing. It’s not a very operatic performance at all.” Doesn’t that attention send him crazy when he is trying to work? “It’s incredibly distracting,” he says reasonably. “It’s the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I don’t even know what I am thinking half the time. I’m just trying to stay calm.” ...

…He sounds amused and a little bemused by the whole thing. He also sounds relieved to be spending his summer playing something other than a vampire, albeit one in attractive, human form. In Remember Me he’s playing a regular, if slightly screwed up, guy – a 21-year-old NYU student looking for some direction in life. “I wanted to do something that wasn’t so stiff as Twilight”, he explains. “So much of that character is about restraint that it translates into everything else when you are acting. I just wanted to do something relaxed, which is definitely what this new film is. I’d never done a part that was a normal guy. I’ve always done some kind of period drama or supernatural thing.”

This magazine is currently available in the UK.

For the rest of the article, please see:

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Cast Spotlight Robert Pattinson Part 1

I am very excited to be able to post the following biography for Robert Pattinson. Reading this for the first time last fall, my thoughts were that this was the best and most in depth biography on Rob’s career that I had read. I still think that today.

Shannon was generous enough to allow me to post it here!

Please enjoy and stay tuned for Part 2 which takes a look at what Rob has been doing since the original article was written.

Hollywood’s Unassuming Talent
Britain’s versatile and fearless breakout star
By: Shannon McShane

“I think some people might be a bit surprised,” Pattinson says. “But I didn’t want to get stuck in pretty, public school roles, or I knew I’d end up as some sort of caricature. Playing Dali has been a complete turning point for me. It’s the first part I’ve had that has required really serious thought. I became completely obsessed with Dali during the filming, and I read every biography I could get a hold of. He was the most bizarre, complex man, but in the end I felt I could relate to him. He was basically incredibly shy.”

It is that same shyness that Robert Pattinson found he shared with his character, Salvador Dalí in the film Little Ashes, that makes him all the more unassuming and unique to his fans.

Some might say he should be used to all the attention he’s been receiving recently, having played the memorable Cedric Diggory, in the film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in 2005. But being famous is not something Robert ever had in mind when he started acting at the Barnes Theatre Club at the age of 15. Robert, born in May 13, 1986, and his two older sisters, Victoria and Lizzy, were raised in the greater London area, in Barnes, Surrey. His father, Richard, worked importing vintage model cars from America, and his mother, Clare, for a modeling agency. It was at his father’s encouragement that he joined the Barnes Theatre Club.

“It was a drama group right around the corner from where my house was. My dad wanted me to be an actor. He basically kept seeing this group of pretty girls in a restaurant and he asked them where they’d been. This is my dad’s character for you, he told me I should go to this group. I had never done any acting before…”

He worked backstage on his first production there, and then decided to give acting a try. His first role was a small part in Guys and Dolls. However, the next play he auditioned for landed him the lead in Tess of the d’Urbervilles.

“So I auditioned for Guys and Dolls and got a little tiny part as some Cuban dancer or something and then in the next play I got the lead part, and then I got my agent. So I owe everything to that little club.”

This agent, who was in the audience during one of Rob’s performances in Tess of the d’Urbervilles, took notice of this young actor, and signed Rob as a client. Having secured himself an agent in the business, it didn’t take long for Robert be noticed. His first film had him playing a small role as an older Rawdy Crawley in Reese Witherspoon’s Vanity Fair. While his scene did not actually make it into the movie, it can be found in the special features as an alternate ending.

Vanity Fair

The Ring of the Nibelungs

Soon after came his character of Giselher, in a TV film that is known by several names: The Sword of Xanten, Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King, and perhaps its most well known title, The Ring of the Nibelungs. This epic TV production, based on the Nordic legend that inspired JRR Tolkien to write The Lord of the Rings, was filmed in South America, and took about 3-4 months on location. However, Goblet of Fire was to begin casting while Robert would be in South America filming, so the casting agent – who happened to also be the casting agent for Vanity Fair – contacted Mike Newell on Rob’s behalf, and Mike agreed to see Robert before he left for South America. Because of this, Rob was the first person seen for casting of the fourth Harry Potter film.

The day he returned from South America, he got a callback for Goblet of Fire and within that same week he was told he’d landed the part of Cedric Diggory.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Newell said: “Cedric exemplifies all that you would expect the Hogwarts champion to be. Robert Pattinson was born to play the role; he’s quintessentially English with chiseled public schoolboy good looks.”

With a growing confidence in his ability to play Cedric, and a nervous excitement which he channeled into reading the script and book repeatedly, Robert took his first steps toward fame.

“I read the book before the audition and I kind of felt there wasn’t any part of the character which I didn’t think I could play…But I just felt quite at ease with it. I just really wanted to do it really well because I’m still young and everything, and a relatively inexperienced actor…I was just concentrating a lot and put quite a lot of work into it in the beginning.”

And all the work paid off in the end. The role Robert created in Cedric is one of the most memorable in all the Potter movies. Had any other young actor been cast in that role Cedric would most likely have been a throw-away character, but Robert brought him to life. And so the acclaim began. He spoke of the London premiere of Goblet of Fire in a 2005 interview with theTelegraph -

‘On the night, he stepped from his limo to face 12,000 people and a barrage of flashbulbs. “I was in a trance the whole way through it,” he remembers. “The day before I was just sitting in Leicester Square, happily being ignored by everyone. Then suddenly strangers are screaming your name. Amazing.”

After Harry Potter-mania had died down, Robert went back to London and pursued two of the best roles we’ve seen of him to date. The Haunted Airman and The Bad Mother’s Handbook.

In 2006, Robert took on the role of Toby Jugg, once a WWII flight lieutenant, confined to a wheelchair after being wounded in action. The role required Rob to portray both traumatized and paranoid, while still making the audience sympathize with what his character was going through.

The Haunted Airman

The film is described as, ‘a very disturbing, beautifully made and satisfyingly chilling ghost story’ in a review featured by The Stage. They went on to speak about Rob: ‘an actor whose jaw-line is so finely chiseled it could split granite - played the airman of the title with a perfect combination of youthful terror and world weary cynicism.’

Not the easiest of emotions to convey. However, the most poignant words about Robert in this role come from writer and director of The Haunted Airman, Chris Durlacher. When I asked that he describe his experience working with Robert and what he remembered most, he said,

"I loved working with Rob. He has that rare mix of humility and an inner confidence, which means that he's both a happy and a challenging colleague. From the moment, in the first rehearsals when we put Rob in the 1940s wheelchair that he was stuck in for most of the film I could see Rob working his way into the shattered mind of his character, Toby. So as we were the shooting the film, whatever Rob did, rather whatever Toby did, it always felt honest and real. I wanted the audience to sympathise Toby but also to be frightened of him; to fear for him and to be fearful of him. It's really tricky to pull that off, but Rob did, so all compliments to him."

High praise for this young actor, still a newcomer to film, who at this time was only 20 years old.

Next up the following year, my favorite character portrayed by Pattinson thus far, Daniel Gale in The Bad Mother’s Handbook.

The Bad Mother's Handbook

Ask any die-hard Rob Pattinson fan, and 9 out of 10 will tell you their favorite Rob-role is that of Daniel Gale. Why is that? I’ve often asked myself that question, since I absolutely include myself as 1 of those 9…but how can I explain the draw of this character, of Rob as Daniel Gale, without gushing about the entire film? So, perhaps it’s better explained by the fans.

Laura Rollinger and Tracy Garrett, both Project Managers for the [late] Little Ashes Promotional Blitz Project had this to say,

“Yes, [Daniel Gale] is my favorite Rob role so far and I do very much like his portrayal. I think a lot of it has to do with his physicality. Rob nails the awkward movements and gestures that bring heart and truth to the character, and to the story. I think he shines through even though he is one of the smaller parts in the story. Where some actors could have distracted from the story, he adds to it, and brings it more to life. I also like it because it is a smaller quirkier project that demonstrates more of his versatility.”
-Laura Rollinger

“I absolutely adore Robert's performance of Daniel Gale. And yes, I would probably say it's my favorite role of his. I've said this before, but I just love the physicality he brought to the role. He holds himself so awkwardly—slumped shoulders, toes askance, elbows askew. Then he couples that with a really interesting delivery of his lines… Suddenly, I was like, wait...he's got comedic chops, too? He was Daniel in every way. Robert took what he was given on the page and ran with it. Such an incredible talent...and his Daniel Gale showed me the way.”
-Tracy Garrett

So…what have we got? Physicality…versatility…delivery…even quirkiness. Not the typical adjectives to describe heartthrobs. And therein lies the reason as to why this actor is so set apart from that stereotype. As Daniel Gale, Robert completely transformed himself, physically and characteristically. You may be looking at Rob, but all you can see is Daniel. That, to many fans and critics alike, is one of the most important things about becoming a great actor…something Robert Pattinson already seems to have challenged and won.

This brings us to projects that haven’t been released yet. The short film, The Summerhouse, the widely known Twilight, and the two Independent Films, How To Be and Little Ashes.

In corresponding with the producer of this short film, the latest news is that the film, while still in post-production, should be finished this fall. However, they did release a three minute clip of the short, which has done little to keep fans at bay. If anything, it’s created more of a desire to see Rob in this short film. He plays an ‘ambivalent,’ 18 year old young man, who leaves his girlfriend, Jane, for another, only to be scorned himself and then go running back to Jane. Though playing an ‘unsuitable boy,’ it is a small role that many want to see him play.

How To Be and Little Ashes…two Independent Films that, though not released as of yet, people are already responding to. How To Be takes us on a journey of crisis that is ‘growing up’ and dealing with finding one’s place in the world, told from the perspective of an awkward and frustrated musician, Art.

How to Be

Director Oliver Irving in his interview with online blog site, the Movie Fanatic had this to say: “Rob definitely comes alive when the cameras roll though. His performances were always heightened by pressure - he would often in rehearsals say – ‘OK it's not right now, but I know what is needed and I’ll get it on the day.’ This took an awful lot of faith in him but he was pretty much true to his word… I would say that his most truthful performance to date can be found in this film.”

How To Be tells the story of Art, having a quarter-life-crisis. After his girlfriend breaks up with him and as his ‘music career’ is going nowhere, he moves back in with his parents. Both Art and his parents are less than thrilled. When Art discovers self-help guru Dr. Ellington, and his book titled ‘It’s Not Your Fault’ Art thinks he’s finally figured out how to be, well, less pathetic. And from there, the heartwarming story and comedy continues to ensue.

Portraying the role of Art has earned Rob the ‘Best Actor in a Feature’ Award at the Strasbourg Film Festival, in September 2008. Not surprising at all, and sure to be the first of many awards and praise to come his way, based on how his peers and directors speak of him.

Little Ashes. Rob Pattinson as Salvador Dali. What more is there to say?

A lot actually…

Little Ashes

“Love. Art. Betrayal... Little Ashes brings to life the long-hidden, highly controversial relationship between the young Salvador Dali and the doomed poet Federico Garcia Lorca.” –short synopsis

As the film is circulating the Film Festival circuit, praise for Rob’s portrayal is already surfacing. The film will be screened October 7, 2008 at the Raindance film festival in London. However, Chris Presswell already had the pleasure of reviewing this film, and had this to say of Rob,
“Robert Pattinson brings Dalí to the screen with precisely the irreverent and eccentric personality you would expect from one of the creators of Spain’s avant-garde movement.”

All who have seen Rob as Dali, from fellow actors in the film, to the Producers who were involved with the filming, all agree and commend his performance. As we shared with you in the opening quote, playing Dali was a turning point for Rob. The research he put into it, the versatility he drew from to do the role justice, and the relatability he found in the complexities of Dali.

Little Ashes portrays Rob as a young Dali, entering the Residencia de Estudiantes in Madrid, 1922…

“In the progressive educational environment of the Residencia, he is exposed to some of the most influential philosophical and artistic theories of the day. Eighteen-year-old Dali wanted to enter the circle of students to which Federico Garcia Lorca and Buñuel belonged. Lorca’s fame was growing, and when filmmaker Buñuel moved to Paris, the relationship between Lorca and Dali deepened.” – Marilys Horgue from

The film has been described by insiders as ‘sexy’ and even ‘racy,’ but without a doubt, there will also be controversy. But with controversy sometimes comes acclaim. Something I’ve already predicted Robert should get used to. But, one thing is for sure, Robert fans are impatient to see him in this film. Some have said they want to see Rob in Little Ashes even more so than in Twilight.

Salvador Dali beats Edward Cullen? When it comes to Rob Pattinson, anything seems possible!

This is brings us, finally, to the role that has teen girls screaming around the world…Edward Cullen in Stephenie Meyer’s novel-turned-film, Twilight. Though a lot of recognition came for Robert during his Harry Potter days, ‘Twilighters’ have put ‘Potter-mania’ to shame.


“His career could be extremely unique,” director Catherine Hardwicke said. “He’s a powerful, sexy leading man and slips incredibly well into different periods and styles. I’d also love to see him work on Tim Burton-esque films where he has the opportunity to create completely wild, original characters that become classics.”

More high praise from a recognized director. It seems that everyone who works with Robert has nothing but great things to say about him. Catherine mentions how well Rob can slip into different periods and styles. Versatility. But, how does such an actor prepare for a role like that of Edward Cullen? This is a character who is portrayed as perfect. The first instinct would be to play up on that…to try to play ‘perfect.’ But not Robert. It’s been said that out of the thousands of actors who read for the role, Rob was the only one who didn’t play ‘perfect’ but rather, he read it more tortured and deep. He’s never seen Edward as perfect, he’s recognized that only Bella sees Edward as perfect, so he had to internalize and come up with how Edward would feel about himself.

As if to validate his performance and choices, halfway through filming, author Stephenie Meyer shared with Robert her unfinished manuscript of Midnight Sun. This companion novel to Twilight is told completely from Edward’s perspective. As it turned out, Rob had already understood the character and nailed the accuracy of who Edward was. Not too surprising however, considering how much though Rob had put into the role even before the cameras were rolling.

Two months prior to shooting, Rob left his home in London and went out to the film site early, in Portland, Oregon. He wanted to be alone and distance himself from family and friends, wanting to feel the loneliness he knew Edward was feeling. He kept a journal of ‘Edward’ thoughts, and really started getting into character. He takes every role he plays very seriously, shown here and in the research he did for playing Salvador Dali. I’m not sure I know of many 22 year olds who would go to such measures to get to know themselves as their characters.

But Rob has always been unique. He has managed, in the midst of the buzz and hype, to stay true to himself. He has had the same best friends since his days in school. He still wears some of the same clothing he has owned since he was 12 years old. He gives refreshing and witty responses through every interview he does. Even when being followed down streets by the paparazzi, he manages to be polite and funny during the intrusions.

I feel it needs to be mentioned, as it has played a large part in his life, that Rob is also a musician. Music was actually his first passion, long before acting found its way into his life. He began playing piano when he was three years old…classical guitar at the age of five. He’s had a couple of bands, all made up of friends who shared interests in music. He has shared that he plays guitar, piano, a bit of saxophone, (harmonica as we will see in How To Be,) and he also sings.

“He’s a beautiful musician, a very creative soul, very similar to Edward. He just totally reads the most interesting stuff, and sees the most interesting movies, and is very introspective and diving into his existential self.” – Catherine Hardwicke

Fans are very excited for Twilight for yet another reason. Catherine, being so impressed with Rob’s musical talent, asked him to contribute to the film’s soundtrack. As a result, Rob will have two original songs he composed playing in the movie and on the soundtrack.

One thing is for sure, Robert Pattinson is destined to be one of the greats. He’s the whole package and I know I’m excited to see where he takes us in his career.

Thanks Shannon!!

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