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Fan Trailer, Poster and Artwork Friday

Good Friday morning!! It's time once again to see what the fans have been creating for Remember Me.

First up are some gorgeous posters created by Marixaluvsrob!

And here is the same poster done a little differently with classic black and white photos.

And finally we have a beuatiful poster designed by andrew_is_love9.

Thanks to Marixaluvsrob and andrew_is_love9 for their work!

If anyone has something that they would like to share, please contact me at

Cast Mini Bios

Robert Pattinson – Actor (English) He is portraying Tyler Hawkins. He started acting as an amateur with the Barnes Theater Company in Barnes, England. Best Known Role – Edward Cullen in the Twilight Series. Rob won Best Actor at the Strasbourg International Film Festival for his role as Art in How to Be (2008).

Emilie de Ravin – Actor (Australian). She is portraying Ally Craig. She studied acting at the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Australia. Best known role – Claire on ABC’s Lost. Emilie shared in the win of the SAG award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series for Lost. (2006).

Pierce Brosnan - Actor (Irish). He is portraying Tyler’s father Charles Hawkins. He studied theater at the Drama Center of London. Best known role - Bond, James Bond. Pierce has been twice nominated for the Golden Globe best actor award, once for his role as Robert Gould Shaw in Nancy Astor (1982) and once for his role as Julian Noble in The Matador (2005).

Lena Olin – Actor (Swedish). She is portraying Tyler’s mother Diane Hirsch. She studied acting at Sweden’s National Academy of Dramatic Arts. Best known role – Irina Derevko on ABC’s Alias. Lena has been nominated for an Academy Award for the role in Enemies – A Love Story (1989), a BAFTA Award for her role in Chocolat (2000), and an Emmy Award for her role in Alias (2001).

Chris Cooper – Actor (American). He is portraying police sergeant and Ally’s father Neil Craig. He began acting in the local Kansas City theater, the Barn Players; he was formally educated at the University of Missouri’s school of drama. Best Known Role – Col. Frank Fitts USMC in American Beauty (1999). Chris won both an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for his role as John Larouche in Adaptation (2002).

Tate Ellington – Actor (American). He is portraying Tyler’s best friend Aidan. Best Known Role – Oliver Hunt in the Elephant King (2006).

Ruby Jerins – Actor (American). She is portraying Tyler’s little sister Caroline Hawkins. Best Known Role – Grace Peyton on Showtime’s Nurse Jackie.

Gregory Jbara – Actor (American). He is portraying Tyler’s step-father Les Hirsch. He completed his BFA in acting at the Juilliard School. Best Known Role – Jackie Elliot in the Broadway play Billy Elliot. Gregory won the Tony Award (2009) for his role as Jackie Elliot.

Kate Burton - Actor (American). She is portraying Janine, Charles Hawkins's assistant. She studied acting at the Yale University School of Drama. Best Known Role - Ellis Grey on the ABC TV Series Grey's Anatomy. She has been nominated for three Tony Awards, two for Best Leading Actress and once for Best Featured Actress.

Peyton Roi List - Actor (American) She is portraying Samantha, the mean girl who bullied Caroline. In addition to being an actor, she is a successful model. She played her first role when she was four. She is the StarPower Ambassador for the Children’s Starlight Foundation.

For a more in depth look at each actor, please check out the cast spotlights:

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Allen Coulter's Hollywoodland on Cable

If you want to get a taste of Allen Coulter's style of direction, check out his other feature film Hollywoodland.

Hollywoodland is showing on MoreMax two times in the next week, so fire up those DVR players.

Showtimes are:
Friday October 23 12:00PM EST
Tuesday October 27 5:15 PM EST

As an extra bonus, Marcelo Zarvos who is scoring Remember Me also scored Hollywoodland and Jonathan Freeman is the cinematographer for both films.

For more information on Hollywoodland, please click here

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Cast Spotlight Lena Olin

"What's most interesting and most real to me in my work is to never make the role a complete character, because then you lose a part of the truth. I can't say that this person is just like this or like that. Because you can never do that with real people in real life, so if you try that on stage you lose the truth."

In Remember Me, Lena Olin has been cast as Tyler and Caroline’s mother Diane Hirsch.

Lena Olin was born in Stockholm, Sweden, the youngest of three children. Both of her parents were actors; her father had appeared in several early Ingmar Bergman films. She did very well in school and graduated with a 4.9 out of 5.0 score. When she was 19, Lena won the title of Miss Scandinavia. Before Lena decided to pursue acting, she found work as a substitute teacher in languages and as a nurse in a hospital. She even studied medicine for awhile.

Her first screen role was in the Ingmar Bergman film, Face to Face (1976). A family friend, Bergman was impressed enough by Lena that he would encourage her to study at Sweden's National Academy of Dramatic Art where she was accepted in 1976. She took her first major film role, Dolores in The Adventures of Picasso, while she was still attending the school. Graduating in 1979, Lena was involved for the next 14 years on stage with Sweden’s Royal Dramatic Theater. She won critical acclaim with performances as The Daughter in August Strindberg’s A Dream Play, Titania in Shakespeare’s A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream and Margarita in the stage adaption of Mikhail Bilgakov’s The Master and Margarita. She also had roles in several Ingmar Bergman productions, one was as the title character Julie in Strindberg’s Miss Julie. Another of her roles with Bergman, Cordelia in King Lear toured national theaters in Paris, Berlin, Oslo, Moscow, Copenhagen and London. During her time on the stage, she continued to take small film parts in both Bergman and Swedish Television's TV-Theatre Company films.

In 1984, Lena appeared in her first international film, bringing her into the world’s eye. She played the lead character Anna Engerman in Bergman’s After the Rehearsal (1984). The film was originally only supposed to be released in Sweden, but it found it’s way into other markets, including the United States. In 1988, Lena starred in her first English speaking role, that of Sabina in the internationally produced political film, The Unbearable Lightness of Being (1988) . Starring opposite Daniel Day-Lewis and Juliette Binoche, she first caught the attention of the film’s executive producer ( Bertil Ohlsson) when he saw her in a London performance of King Lear in 1984. Ohlsson told producer Saul Zaentz who met Lena at a dinner party and was also taken with her. She finally met with the director, Philip Kaufman , and was given the role. Lena would be nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress for her efforts in this role.

Now recognized as a respected and talented actress, offers started coming in from Hollywood. Newly a mother, she would make sure her she spent as much time with her son as possible, including bringing him to the set, along with a nanny who would watch him while she was filming. Even though her son was the top priority, she still wanted to continue working.

Her next big film was Enemies – A Love Story (1989). In this film, Lena played Masha, a married woman who is having an affair with a holocaust survivor (Ron Silver) who is ghost writing for a rabbi. Anyone in the film industry who had not noticed Lena before, noticed her now. She was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, and would win the New York Film Critics Circle Award for this role.

Still based in Sweden, Lena continued to win roles in a wide variety of films. Next up, was the Sydney Pollack directed film Havana (1990). Lena played the role of Roberta, a revolutionary in 1958 Havana, Cuba whose husband was killed trying to escape from prison. Her lover Jack, played by Robert Redford, tries to keep her out of danger. In her next role, she portrayed the seductive, dangerous hit woman Mona Demarkov in Romeo is Bleeding (1993). In Romeo, Lena actually did her own stunts and an action scene was nominated in 1994 for the MTV Movie Award’s Best Action Sequence.

In 1995, Lena and her new husband took the plunge and moved to the United States, settling with their family just north of New York City. She continued her film work with a wide variety of roles and co-stars. In 1996, she starred with Andy Garcia and Ian Holm in Night Falls in Manhattan (1996)in which a DA finds himself in the middle of a police corruption scandal. Interestingly, this film was directed by Sidney Lumet, who is the father of Remember Me screenwriter, Jenny Lumet. Sidney also wrote the screenplay for the Night Falls.

Other film roles include Dr Elizabeth Bowen, a doctor who falls in love with her patient (Richard Gere) in Mr. Jones (1993) and Dr Annabelle Leek in Mystery Men (1999). She portrayed the satanic cult leader Liana Tefler opposite Johnny Depp and Frank Langella in one of my favorite films, The Ninth Gate (1999).

In 2000, she teamed up with her husband, director Lasse Hallstrom for the film Chocolat. In this film, Lena portrayed Josephine Muscat who gets neighborly help at the chocolate shop. She was able to work again with Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp. She was nominated for a BAFTA for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role for this role.

She also portrayed the vampire Maharet opposite Stuart Townsend in Queen of the Damned (2002), the mother of a troubled youth (Ryan Gosling) in The United States of Leland (2003), the crazy radio host Ruby opposite Harrison Ford and Josh Harnett in Hollywood Homicide (2003) and as Andrea, a Venetian mother trying to find a husband for her daughter in Cassanova (2005). Heath Ledger, Jeremy Irons and Sienna Miller also starred in this romantic comedy.

From 2002 to 2005, Lena switched mediums from the big screen to the small screen. She took the role of KGB agent and Sidney Bristow’s (Jennifer Gardner) mother, Irina Derenko on the ABC series Alias. It was obvious from her portrayal of the hit woman in Romeo is Bleeding that Lena would be perfect for this role that introduced her to a younger audience. She was nominated for an Emmy in 2003 for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

More recently, Lena has been busy. In 2007, she portrayed the mother of a young man (Hayden Christensen) who found himself awake but paralysed during surgery, in the thriller Awake. She also had the small role of Ilana Mather in The Reader (2008). She has filmed another movie, a very small indie The Devil You Know, where she plays a reclusive ex-movie star with a secret. It appears that at this time, the film has not secured a distributor and no release dated has been scheduled.

Lena’s vast experience and her critical acclaim makes her a great addition to the cast of Remember Me.

To get to know other members of the cast, please check out some of the cast spotlights here: Remember Me Cast Spotlight


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More Leaked Details on the Remember Me Trailer??

The viewer who had brought us the first trailer details yesterday has provided some more observations to Mandy at Robert Pattinson

Anonymous shared a few more details about the Remember Me trailer and answered a question that a lot of you were asking, Rob's accent. :D

- Rob did
not have a New York accent (not that I could detect at least). Come to think of
it, no one in the trailer really did. Both he and Emile spoke with regular
American accents.

- His best friend was briefly in a scene. It was an
interior scene in like a cafeteria or a cafe. (I remember the set pics from that
day. We got cute ones of Rob through a window) Both he and his friend had
backpacks I believe, so I'm assuming the scene is at school. Tyler/Rob looks at
Ally/Emile and his friend notices, says she's cute and encourages him to go over
and talk to her. Tyler/Rob is nervous and adorable. She tells him she doesn't
date Sociology majors and then...
Tyler: Well then it's good I'm undecided.
Ally: Undecided about what?
Tyler: Everything (adorable Rob shy smile)
I'm quoting from memory, but I think those are the exact lines.

They were walking around the carnival with the giant panda we all saw from the
set photos. Tyler mentions that his brother was dead. The first shot of the
trailer was a funeral. I don't know who's as I haven't read the script. The dad,
Tyler and his little sister were there.

- There was more brooding Tyler
(than happy Tyler) as a good amount of focus was on the Dad not being there
enough of the little girl (emotionally I mean). Tyler tells his Dad that he
believes that his little sister thinks that their Dad doesn't like her. Tyler is
also mad and crashes his Dad's board meeting and confronts him on why he didn't
show up to his daughters art event as she had created a piece of art just for
her Dad and he didn't even show up.

A big thanks to Robert Pattinson Life for these new, exciting details!

Photo Sources:

And while you are waiting for the official trailer, make sure to take a look at our Deanna's fan-made trailer - No Spoilers!

Remember Me Trailer Details Leaked ??

Bring on the trailer!!!!!!

From Mandy at Robert Pattinson Life

Thanks to an anonymous source that watched the trailer TODAY we have a few details that 'source' decided to share with our blog :)

She watched the current draft that is still being evaluated.I'm going to quote part of her comment

The trailer was fantastic. Rob looked phenomenal! Truly, people are going to go nuts over how adorable he looks. Tyler just seems very cute and lost and a bit disillusioned. A few highlights were Tyler going up to her for the first time (nervous...very adorable) and there was also a going in for the kiss/kissing scene. The trailer was bits and pieces of a lot of the stuff we have seen from the set pics. The best part of the trailer was shirtless Rob! He was in bed with Emile (you only see their backs, she didn't have a top on) both covered by a blanket from the waist down. He was lying slightly to the side, so bare back and bicep. That scene is going to kill the female population. I was also overjoyed to see that Emilie de Ravin is using an American accent (not trying to be mean, but her normal accent drives me crazy). A brief bit of the fight scene is in the trailer, just Tyler going over and punching the guy a few times and then the cops being there. Also a good amount of focus on the Dad not being there enough for the little girl (Tyler's little sister). Tyler seems like such a good brother! I know the script leaked, but I haven't read it because I don't want spoil it for myself. So coming from someone who doesn't know too much about the story, the film looks like it is going to be very, very good. I like that there is more to the story than just the romance between the two of them. It looks romantic, sweet, sad, moving, etc. I can't wait to see it!

Take that as you want. We chose to believe it's real and decided to share with everyone.

We are so hoping for information on the trailer release date and hope it is soon!!

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