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Quote #3

"I love you."
"Good! I love you too."

Our Remember Me Reviews

It was AWESOME!!! One of the best movies I've seen in years, if not THE best. And it's not your typical 9/11 movie, which I highly appreciate because I generally refuse to watch movies about 9/11. Not because I think they're bad or something like that, it's just that this is the most tragic event I ever had to witness in my life and IMO the industry shouldn't try to milk the people for it. But that's just me. with Remember Me it's different. This movies teaches you something. It teaches you that you should cherish every day of your your life that you are able to spend with your loved ones, no ?


Remember Me on DirectTV

Be one of the first to watch Remember Me on Tuesday! Remember Me premieres on DirectTV on Demand at 6:00AM and plays again all day (and all week, at least) on the hour, every hour.

Take a look at their promo clip here:

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Quote #4

"It's OK, it's OK!"

Our Remember Me Reviews

My Mom and I went to see Remember Me in Birmingham on Saturday 3rd April! I’ve been talking about it and looking forward to seeing it for weeks and it was every bit as amazing as I could of hoped and more! It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me squirm a little that I was watching it with my mom, it gave me shivers down my spine and it made me realise life is short and you have to take opportunities as they come!

Boy can Robert act! After seeing Remember Me I don’t see how anybody can say that he’s a bad actor he portrayed lust and love for Ally, anger towards his dad and safety, contentment and care around his little sister sometimes all at the same time and other times separately!

I don’t even know if I can begin to explain how amazing this film is. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, I just knew Robert Pattinson was in and I had to see it. But one thing I didn’t expect was to fall so quickly in love with the characters. It’s like you fall in love with Ally and Tyler as they fall in love with each other. You even fall in love with characters you want to hate, by the end.

I may have gone to see the film because Rob was in it but I was absolutely bowled over by it. It is absolutely a film I would watch regardless of Rob, if only I knew it was out there. Remember Me has seriously not been shown enough credit or given enough coverage, which is a real shame.

There is some amazing talent displayed in Remember Me that it would be a crime if it went to waste! Ruby Jerins, who plays Caroline is an amazing little actress. She is definatly one to watch! Also Tate Ellington who played Aiden Hall, Rob’s best friend and room mate seams like a pretty funny guy!

It’s heart warming and heart breaking, touching and eye opening all at the same time. It’s not a chick flick, where it’s obvious what is going to happen next. The next thing that happens is a complete surprise, but the difference is it could happen. It’s not like everything is completely far fetched. It’s real, it’s raw and it’s true. It’s not dressed up with props or special effects and it didn’t need them.

Tyler and Ally’s relationship is kind of unexpected at first but it absolutely works, it’s like they are meant to be together. Remember Me reminds me of The Notebook young, first love. It’s like something was missing in both Tyler and Ally’s lives, whether they realised it or not but when they met each other that void was filled.

Tyler’s relationship with his little sister Caroline is just too sweet for words, she’s the most important thing to him and he is too her. I love how Ally just seams to fit into the family perfectly, there’s the right number of spaces at the table for example!

It seriously is too amazing a film for words. I loved it so so much. The first time I watched it, it gave me goose bumps. I say the first time because I loved it so much I had to go and see it again Sunday. I wanted to see it again straight away as soon as I came out that first showing. It was that good!

The sex scenes, well I normally hate that they put sex scenes in films just for the sake of it, but the mood and time and place was right. They needed each other like the were the only two people in the world at that moment. So those scenes emphasised how much they needed each other not only at the time but in their lives. Plus of course any excuse to see Rob in the buff. It just wouldn’t have been the same with a minger now, would it?! ;)

I could talk about Remember Me all day, I probably will to Mom. It was just amazing. I loved it even more seeing it for a second time, I seamed to notice little things that I didn’t notice before. I love that the place Tyler lives in is so typical student lad place but it seams so fitting. I really, really do love this film, I think it has absolutely moved up and become my new favourite film!

I never thought I could I love a couple in a film, especially involving Rob, more than Bella and Edward but as much as I love them I actually love Tyler and Ally more, too much for words in fact, it’s just so relaxed and real and believable. I love Remember Me so much as you might be able to tell.

I know I only I set up a Rob and Kristen fan Tumblr and Twitter recently, but Rob and Emilie de Ravin were just amazing together! I think I actually kind of prefer Rob and Emilie to Rob and Kristen! Don’t shoot me! I just loved the fact they were playing two normal kids, in a normal world. I loved that neither of them were perfect and neither of them tried to be. I think girls could be Ally and guys, Tyler. Their people that you or someone you know could be!

Hell I want to start wearing checked shirts (I knew I brought two for a reason!) and eating my pudding before my main meal! ;) I loved the fact that both Tyler and Ally wore checked shirts in the film. It was one of the subtle little things that gave the film it’s charm. To be honest I loved all of Ally’s clothes. The dress she wore for dinner with Tyler and his Dad was beautiful, her checked shirts of course and the top she wore at the fair. They fitted her personality perfectly.

Remember Me is a cheeky, funny, sad, sweet and lovable film. It is one of the best films i’ve ever seen and Rob’s best piece of work by far. I’m proud to say i’ve seen it, love it and to call myself a Remember Me fan! I recommend this from the bottom of my heart! See it and it’ll change you for the better!


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Countdown to DVD Release - Favorite Quotes

Quote #5

"Michael, Caroline asked me what I would say if I knew you could hear me. I said I do know. I love you. God, I miss you. And I forgive you".

Our Remember Me Reviews

So I can’t remember the last time I wrote a movie review so I don’t think I’m going to attempt it now but I saw Remember Me on Friday and even though it’s Monday, it’s stayed with me so I just feel that I have to put some thoughts down and I don’t really know where to put them. I do promise that I will not post anything spoilerish, even though I’m glad I saw a hint in a review over @ so if you want some hints, then read the review over there.

Anyway, I will readily confess that the 1st reason I wanted to go see Remember Me was because of Rob. I am not a fangirl or twihard but I do respect Robert Pattinson because of his acting ability. I’ve seen Little Ashes and How to Be and I was excited to see what he would bring to this performance. I also adore Pierce Brosnan.

It saddens me though when I hear people say that they’re not going to see Remember Me because it has that vampire in it, or that girl from Lost. They say they can’t act and Pattinson just gets viewers for being sexy and cute.

After seeing Remember Me if anybody doesn’t go see this film because of who is in it, they are going to miss a brilliant film and they are just using those excuses because I don’t think they are mature enough or intelligent enough to say , wow that Robert Pattinson can really act. Perhaps they fear that they’ll be ridiculed for it but if the film has taught me anything that I can talk about, it’s that you have to be yourself and be bold.

The movie is being promoted as a love story between Tyler and Ally but it shouldn’t be, it’s so much more. It’s about love and protecting those you love even though it sometimes doesn’t turn out right. The love story between Tyler and his little sister Caroline (who completely steals the show) is so critical to the film because it exposes so many different layers to the characters.

Now you may have read criticisms about the ending of the movie so here’s my response to that. First of all what reviewers are calling the ending, is not the end of the film. If it had been, I might have felt differently about it but I still probably wouldn’t. The near ending of the film is necessary so that the real ending is so much more poignant.

I don’t really want to say anything else for fear of letting something slip out as a spoiler so I’ll just finish by saying everything about this film is authentic and true and gets 5 out of 5 stars by me.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Our Remember Me Reviews

Dear God, Please get Robert Pattinson out of my brain.

That's what I really wanted to title this post.

It's almost 1am, several hours since I watched Remember Me, and I'm feeling pretty raw as I try to make sense of what I experienced and provide you with my unsolicited opinion.

Let's get the ending out of the way. I had guessed a few weeks ago that September 11, 2001 was going to be the "twist ending" everyone was talking about. I was hoping to God I was wrong, but alas... Also, for the record, I never read the script or engaged in any discussion about the plot of the movie, but I connected the dots (Damn you Matt Lauer).

My feeling could change, but I believe, as many critics did, that the ending was unnecessary. The characters and the extreme difficulties they face having lost family members was strong enough to give depth to the characters and movement in the plot. By creating a modern Greek tragedy, with a quick sequence of coincidental events seemingly destined by the fates, it diminished the core of the film, founded on the relationships between Tyler and his family and Ally and their individual internal conflicts. It was simply too much. I may also feel this way because of the fact that I, like Caroline, am the youngest and only daughter with two older brothers. That kind of loss is unimaginable to me. I could go on, but I will choose to look at it as Betsy Sharkey from the LA Times wrote,

What some will see as a sucker punch, I found more of a footnote, for what ultimately matters in "Remember Me" is all that comes before.

Setting that blunder of a finale aside, the film was enjoyable. The acting was well done and the dialogue was filled with a good balance of heartbreaking, endearing, and humorous moments. I laughed a lot more than I thought I would, that's for sure. I particularly loved the scene in which Tyler is walking Caroline home and he starts speaking in mock French - sacre bleu!

I have to talk about some of the other issues I had with the plot. Aidan's suggestion of getting back at Emilie's father is the first. While he and Tyler were in jail, Aidan (who tended to annoy me in general) blabbered on about Tyler being stupid to mess with the cop. So what does he do? He turns around and tells Tyler it would be fun to add the daughter to the mess, just to screw around with the cop. That's an unsound transition, for me at least. Sure, the revenge/betting scenario isn't new, but it didn't fit with the progression of the movie, although it could be explained by Aidan's erratic personality. Also, I am still confused about the whole fight scene. I couldn't really understand what was going on. All I kept wondering is, "Do those guys have Irish accents? Is there an Irish mafia in New York?" There are a few other minor details that I felt didn't incorporate well, but I'll wait for my second viewing to see if those concerns dissipate.

The most startling scenes were those involving Ally's father: the scene in which he slaps Ally and when he chokes Tyler. I was very curious to learn more about Ally and her father's relationship. She tells Tyler that she trusts her father, so I'm wondering if there were any moments of abuse in the past. The scene in which she comes home and he's using steel wool to clean a non-stick pan was a great way to show the mending of their relationship.

Despite Will Fetters' slightly convoluted plot, I loved the dialogue between the characters and thought the humor was smart, especially the line Tyler gives when Ally claims the alias Anonymous -- "Is that Greek?" -- Priceless!

Remember Me is a film worth seeing and discussing. It attempts to explore universal themes of love and loss, to which everyone can relate. In addition, the ensemble of characters showed the variety of issues and challenges that each individual member of a family face. The main characters are carefully crafted enough to care for them and want to understand their past and hope for their future. I hope these successful aspects of the film won't go unnoticed, and people can begin to see Rob for his work and maybe even give his fans a little more credit for admiring him for that, rather just passing it off as a girlish fancy.


Countdown to DVD Release - Favorite Quotes

Quote #6

"I know you're not here for me ,but I just wanted you to know I think you're incredible"

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Remember Me DVD Fan Giveaway Part 2

#RememberMeDVD is coming on June 22. Get ready to see it again!

The Remember Me DVD / Blu-ray release is only one week away and we are all getting excited to have our own copy(s) so that we can watch it anytime we want!

First of all, congratulations to AmoreBella88 who was the winner of the Week 1 Remember Me DVD.

We have one more chance for you to win the choice of a Remember Me DVD or an Itunes download of either the Remember Me movie or the Remember Me score or the Remember Me soundtrack.

The second giveaway starts today, June 15th at 1:00PM EDT and runs through June 19th at 11:59PM EDT. You can enter one of two ways, either via email, or on Twitter.

We need to make sure that everyone is aware that Remember Me goes on sale next Tuesday.

2. Tweet the following comment: #RememberMeDVD is coming on June 22.Get ready to see it again! You must make sure that you are following me @remembermefilm and include the tag #RememberMeDVD and @remembermefilm.

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Keep posting or tweeting everyday for more chances to win. You can enter once a day for the five days of the giveaway's duration. The winner will be chosen at random and announced on Monday June 21th and receive either a twitter DM from @remembermefilm or an email from

Contest is open to US residents age 18 and over. Under 18 must have parent permission to enter. See official rules for details. Not responsible for any submissions that aren't received due to entrant error or if the entrant failed to properly submit themselves based on the rules of entry that have been established.

Our Remember Me Reviews

Friday I went to see Remember Me with my 16 year old son. I am an avid Rob Pattinson fan, and my son thinks Emilie de Ravin is hot. I didn't think he would like it as much as I would because its a love story, what I didn't expect was my sons reaction. He really liked the film, he said it felt real, like he was actually seeing someones real life. In his opinion, most love stories are fake and don't take place under real life circumstances. He was disappointed with the ending(no explosions), but he did cry, not something I expected my tough guy son to do(he tried to hide it of course).

I felt the electricity during the confrontation between Tyler and Charles in the conference room. That was fantastic. I love the chemistry between Rob and Ruby. It really felt like a big brother little sister relationship. Although I really loved Rob in the movie, I have to admit that Tate Ellington aka Aiden Hall was great too. He provided wonderful comedic relief that was prefect for this film and made Robs performance really shine. Rob is definitely here to stay. I can't wait to see him in his three upcoming movies(and of course Eclipse, but that's besides the point). The more he experiments with new roles the better he is going to get.

I saw it twice on Friday and plan to go again while the kids are at school this week. Can't get enough of Robert Pattinson!


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Quote #7

"Just give me the word and I'll steal their bicycles."

Monday, June 14, 2010

Remember Me and Robert Pattinson Nominated for Teen Choice Awards

Remember Me has been nominated for a Teen Choice Award for best drama and Robert Pattinson has been nominated as best actor in a drama for his portrayal of Tyler in Remember Me. Katie Perry will host the Teen Choice Awards which will air Monday August 9, 2010 at 8:00 p.m Eastern time on the Fox Network. Voting is open for teens, ages 13-19 and you can vote once a day.

Be sure to vote here:
Teen Choice

Remember Me Coupon Now Available

The $8 off coupon is now available! It is good for both the DVD and the Blu-ray.

Just click here to download your coupon.

Remember Me By The Numbers - DVD Edition

With the DVD release, we won't have the Movie Exchange or the Variety Top Ten Online Film Trailer Play List to judge the interest the film is generating. But we can still look at the IMDb MOVIEmeter ranking to check on the interest level. And it looks like people are beginning to check the film out again. With a little more than one week until the DVD is released, can we get it higher? The highest Remember Me rose before was to spot #4 the week prior to release.

The IMDb MOVIEmeter ranks films based on a proprietary algorithms that uses several measurements to rank the popularity of a film, with the primary measurement being the "pageviews" given to a title by the over 57 million monthly visitors to The MOVIEmeter is updated weekly. The MOVIEmeter rankings are only available to IMDb Pro users.

MOVIEmeter Ranking
w/e 6.12.10 #12 Up 26 places from LW.
w/e 6.5.10 #38 Up 124 places from LW.

Take a look!
Remember Me's IMDb Main Page

Our Remember Me Reviews

Remember Me Movie Review ~ Spoilers

The movie is about two families, both dealing with the loss of a loved one, each coping with said loss differently, some for the worst.

Tyler, (Robert Pattinson) is a 21 year old NYU student who muddles through life. He goes out of his way to be a big part of his little sister Caroline's (Ruby Jerins) life while both try to cope with the loss of their older brother, Michael. Tyler tries, at his mother Diane's (Lena Olen) urging to get his father, Charles (Pierce Brosnan), to be more involved in Caroline's life.

Ally, (Emily de Ravin) is a 21 year old NYU student living with her father police officer, Neil (Chris Cooper). They are both dealing with the loss of Ally's mother.

Aidan, (Tate Ellington) talked Tyler into asking Ally out on a date, a sort of revenge on the officer, Neil, who had wrongfully arrested Aiden & Tyler.

Rob's performance was extremely moving and well acted. Rob's acting skills have come a long way since his part as Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter film "Goblet of Fire". As I predicted, Rob's portrayal of Tyler was very different to his Twilight character, Edward Cullen. The tenderness and love Rob portrays Tyler showing his sister and the love and passion he shows Ally was even better than I had envisioned it would be when I read the script. Rob should receive rave reviews from critics and I believe this movie is deserving of several awards. I also predict Rob will receive an Oscar in the future given the caliber of his performance and choices in the scripts he has made.

Pierce Brosnan's performance as Charles, a Brooklyn highborn executive who is indifferent to his children, was spot on. I was a very big fan of Mr. Brosnan long before his days as James Bond so for me to slightly hate Charles while watching the movie tells you that he did an excellent job.

Emily de Ravin was an excellent choice for the role of Ally. Remember Me marks her biggest movie role to date. You become connected to her portrayal of Ally. While she falls in love with Tyler, so does the audience. She is very deserving of this role: it's a shame she has received hate mail for simply accepting it. I hope she knows not all Twi-Fans feel that way. Emily was an excellent choice for the roll.

The other person I must give high praise to is Ruby Jerins. For someone so young, she pulled off an incredibly moving performance. Her acting was far beyond her years. Many people, much older than she, would not have been able to do as good of a job. Her acting is along the same caliber as Meryl Streep. I was lucky enough to give her my praise in person while she, along with her parents, exited the theater after the premiere. I tip my hat to this young amazing actress.

The director's, (Allen Coulter) cinematic approach to the ending was gut wrenching and tastefully done. The images were very much true to life. Many a person, including men, walked out with tears in there eyes. I cannot go into further detail without giving too much away but just be warned, have several tissues on hand when seeing this movie.


I've lived in NYC for the past six years. I live with the scars that were left behind every single day. I drive down the streets that have been renamed for those who were lost on that day. I go to get a cup of coffee and I walk buy a painted memorial to never forget 9/11. I look up to see the firetrucks drive down with decals on all of the trucks that has a picture of the Twin Towers that says never forget. I go to the grocery store and the person who rings me up is a widow from that day. So I must live with the memory every single day of my life but most Americans are suppressing the memory and that is dangerous.

Many advert their attention from things that are painful but doing that will lead to history repeating and we can not have that happen again. As in the title of the move, we must Remember. Remember the ones that were lost, Remember to stop to appreciate the flowers that grow, Remember the ones who say they love you each and every single day, Remember the ones who have left you behind. Ultimately we need to Remember as a nation, no the world needs to Remember as a whole.

Many have been upset for them ending Tyler's life in the 9/11 attack. In my opinion, this was not a cop out. This movie is making us talk again about that day. How can that be wrong? How can Remembering the ones who passed be bad? They gave their life unknowingly to our nation. Even on Veteran's Day, I visit Ground Zero to give homage. They were civilians, yes but they still gave their lives in a war we now fight. They were the first casualties of war.

Some have said poor things that the main actors aren't American. How can an Englishman, Irishman and Aussie understand the meaning of that day? It wasn't just Americans lost that day. Jamaicans, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Frenchmen look, I can go on and on. New York City is called a melting pot for a reason. The point is they acted well in the movie and they made you FEEL. The sign of an excellent actor that has given an excellent performance. I gave the movie a standing ovation at the premiere and I have been going everywhere I can to promote this film. Simply because I love the actors and the movie has a story that needs to be heard. So please join me in Remembering.

Hollywood2Brooklyn ~ Alicia

Countdown to DVD Release - Favorite Quotes

Quote #8

Let me check my book. Abso-freaking-lutely! I'll be there a day early. I'll camp out!

"Why I am Excited" for the Remember Me DVD

Our final list of why we are excited for the Remember Me DVD!

I am excited for the dvd release because I didn't get to see it when it was in theaters and I love Robert with every fiber of my being!!! I heard what a fantastic job he did and need to see it.

I am so excited for this to come out because I watched from afar from Florida the Youtube's when this movie was shot. I would literally come home from work and go online to see the pictures and footage everyday . It was a roller coaster because of the Papz towards Rob but the filming was terrific like the script. Then I did something I have never done....I traveled to NYC for the premiere...I just had to be there! It was perfect trip and I got to get Rob's autograph at the today show!

When the movie came out I saw it 10 times...unfortunately it did not last as long as the Twilight movies in the theaters but I am grateful to see it 10 times. I know the movie was online but I did not watch or download due to what I do in business....I just can't do it! So I have been waiting for this DVD to come out much more so than when New Moon came out. The entire movie was wonderful and I am so looking forward to watching this over and over at home! I am so proud of Rob for what he accomplished in this filming despite all the papz on the set.

I'm so excited for the release of this DVD because sadly I haven't seen it yet. I'm a huge huge Rob fan, but I couldn't go see it. Can't wait.

I am extremely excited for this DVD to come out because I absolutely LOVE this movie!! Robert plays Tyler so well. I feel so connected to this movie and would watch it over and over again and not ever get tired of it. I've felt like I've known Tyler all my life after watching the movie. I have recommended it to all my friends and family and getting the DVD will help me spread the word around about Robert's excellent performance in this movie.

I'm soooo happy for the DVD because it's an amazing story & I can't wait to watch it a million times more.

I didn't get to see it in Theaters because of school. but I'm stoked to be able to watch it alll the time!

Why am I excited? Want to see the movie again and again..and extras,Rob´s comments.....

I am excited about the #RememberMe DVD release cause Will Fetter wrote a great story &ROB:)

I'm so excited for the DVD release because I can't wait to be able to lay in bed & watch Rob whenever I want.

This movie is flawless, and its life lessons should be told to everyone.

I am excited for the #RememberMe DVD cuz I puffy heart rob!!!!!

I'm excited for RM because its one of my favorite movies!

I am very excited for the release of #RememberMeDVD because Robert does such an outstanding job in this movie. <3.

I'm soooo happy for the DVD because it's an amazing story & I can't wait to watch it a million times more.

Remember ME DVD - Features Menu and some Quotes from the Commentary

A photo of the features menu from the Remember Me DVD has been posted on. She also has watched the cast commentary and tweeted some comments from it. The commentary was done by Rob, Emilie and Ruby.

Here are some of the comments from the cast:
Watching RM w Commentary.. Its Rob, Ruby and Emily. Rob's giggling alot.. very cute

Ruby loved Eddie's Sweet Shop!

He said when he was putting the books away at the Strand that he was reciting the alphabet to keep the books in order... lol

Rob had the most fun shooting the fight scene... no choreography involved apparently.

Aww.. the scene where Ruby tells Rob about the art show was improv'd

Birthday scene had 5 PAs blowing out the candles at the same time

Rob enjoyed watching the Oak room scene in NY because everyone got the baseball jokes and he didnt.

Rob loves the RM soundtrack

Emilie was told to just attack n kiss Rob on beach... he was taken by surprise

They had to research if flat screens were around in 2001 which they were but extemely costly

There are other comments if you would like to read more of them! Please click here:
Strictly Robert to see the rest. There are some spoilers.

Strictly Robert

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rob mentions Remember Me in French Premiere Magazine Interview

Mathieu Carrat from the French magazine Premiere, interviewed Robert Pattinson for the latest issue of the magazine. During the interview, they talked a little bit about Remember Me.

P: You know how to keep the suspense going… I’d like to come back to Remember Me, which surprised me by its severity and maturity. Do you think the darkness of the movie played a part in the timid success at the box-office?

R: Remember Me was never made as a blockbuster like Twilight, it was always a small film with a low budget and that there would be no major promotion. In total it brought in 60 million dollars worldwide: not bad for a movie that cost 16. I’m happy that it wasn’t a huge flop, but at no time did I worry about the box-office.

P: It’s been said that the movie was a test regarding your movie star status which seemed pre-mature for me…

RP: I know! I read all these articles that spoke about Leonardo DiCaprio, and how fans followed him after Titanic. But for me, Twilight has nothing to do with this. Fans go see the movies because they love this story. I never felt like I had a role in the success of it all. Like I’ve always said, it’s the character that people love, not me. I hope to be able to reach out to people due to the quality of the films that I make and not because people will hope to see a new Twilight as soon as my name is in the end credits.

P: We heard all types of stories surrounding the filming of Remember Me, like those of paparazzi that came out of the water when you were shooting the beach sequence. You’re changing their entire profession.

RP: No one can really understand this situation unless you’ve lived it. The Remember Me crew was hallucinating when they saw 40 cameramen trying to steal pics of the set. Most of the actors hadn’t seen one Twilight movie and didn’t understand what was going on.

P: They were asking you why you paid so many photographers to show up on set?

RP: That’s it: “Hey Rob, I didn’t know that you needed that much of an ego boost!” (Laughs)

Translated by:
Thinking of

Tyler's Journal

Jessegirl, who previously wrote the article "Oscars and Remember Me", has written an article that focuses on Tyler's diary in Remember Me. The article, first posted on our sister site Regards Sur Le Film Remember Me was written in reponse to a challenge to write something about an illustration. To see the original illustration, please click here: Tyler's Diary and Illustration

Tyler's Journal
By Jessesgirl

In general, we can say that journaling is a way of coping with loss. Loss provokes introspection, which, in turn, uses the written word to acknowledge what cannot be spoken. One must, after the death of a loved one, communicate with that one, and with oneself. If one has an artistic outlet, music or visual art, that might be the route one takes, to express the inexpressible. But for those with few skills in those areas, words must do, must be enough. And so, Tyler ‘talks’ to Michael. He journals.

Off the top, I’ve thought of three purposes for Tyler’s journal and they bleed into each other. They are Tyler’s need to process the tragedy, his need for privacy while doing so, and his need to honour and pay tribute to his brother.

We needed time to think, to discuss, and to blog after we saw this film.
This allowed it to seep into us and then to sit inside us, while doing its alchemical work. So Tyler needs the journal, to process his loss, to ponder and help him understand, and ultimately forgive Michael. The journal is the way to make the journey. Grief is a journey.

While Tyler merely audits his outer life—school, job, relationships—he engages fully in his inner life. There, he takes on gruelling studies, constantly testing himself, always pondering at the deepest level. That’s the place Michael must have gone, to the place where one goes to find the meaning of life and to act on what one finds there. Tyler, too, has to delve into himself and act on what he finds there. And it is one scary place, like the underworld.

Tyler has to find Michael there and like any seeker in the place of the dead, Tyler is afraid. He knows only that he must find his brother, rail against him, question him, find answers, cry for him, love him and forgive him. Tyler knows all that and it is extremely daunting work. It is the great unknown, and Tyler goes there fearing only that he might not be able to return. And it is excruciating work, like cutting an open wound, exposing his worst terrors.

Tyler goes anyway. He has to. He is compelled. He must ferry himself down into the depths of his soul, explore, find answers or some resolution, and then come back up again. Or die. It is exactly that significant. It is a matter of life and death.

And when, or if, he returns, he will be transformed. Nothing short of that will allow Tyler to return and engage in ‘real life’ again. The journal is his tool, his pen the pick axe which will excavate these inner recesses of his soul so that he can bring them to light. At this point in his grief he needs that journal like he needs air. Have you noticed how he carries it around with him, how he secures previous pages with elastic bands, how it is there with him in his father’s office that day?

We don’t know what is in the journal except when we hear Tyler’s voice over, for example, when he addresses Michael about the son castrating the father, or when he tells Ally he needed to tell ‘someone’ about her. Aiden doesn’t ask, or, probably doesn’t want to know. Janine jokingly wonders whether he’s writing anything bad about her, but respectfully, she doesn’t really pry.

As with many diary-type journals, Tyler’s is very private. Getting a good look at it would be getting a look at not just his thoughts, but also his soul. He sits there in the diner, a regular, and the waitress brings him something and instructs him to ‘eat’. You don’t think of things like eating when you journal that way. Time gets away from you because you are totally absorbed. The world around you, even in a busy diner, with people talking, coming and going, with the noises of cutlery and dishes, with the cacophony of sounds from the city street intruding, all is just white noise. You don’t hear or see it. You are in the underworld with your brother, groping in that dark, hoping you can hear his song, him strumming his guitar. You are in a private world. That is your real world and the outer one recedes in a blur.

I’ve always thought that Craig’s intrusion into both Ally’s journal and Tyler’s was violation, never mind its purpose. Imagine Tyler coming home to find Craig not just inside his home, not just inside his bedroom but inside his journal, inside his most private life. How much did he read, I always wonder? How much does he know of Tyler’s ranting, his secrets thoughts and feelings, all uninhibited and uncensored as they would be in a journal? For this adversary to violate his privacy like that must have mortified Tyler. For this man to see his soul, his wound.

For in that journal would be things only meant to be between Tyler and his God. The journal is the womb for Tyler’s transformation. In it is the fragile embryo which must stay hidden until it can survive the light of day. It contains nothing less than the new life which will come out of Tyler’s grief. It is that powerful.

Honouring-Finally, the journal is a place of honour. It is where the memory of Michael is realized and stored. We honour lost loved ones in various ways, with reverent acts and rituals. We etch their names onto granite on grave stones, create videos and other visual memorials, and so on. We tell each other stories. We know, instinctively, that we must never forget.

But we also honour them with our pain. The absence of the loved one hurts, and we record our suffering in journals. This is, in itself, a way of paying tribute to the dead. The last mark their presence left on you might be pain, but even that is a tribute. If that loved one didn’t matter, then it wouldn’t hurt so much. And if he or she didn’t make a difference in our lives, we wouldn’t try to remember.
The journal is not just Tyler coming to terms with his brother’s loss, with the manner of it, with his own feelings about mortality; it is his way of remembering Michael. The dead always shout: “Remember me. Don’t forget me. I lived. I mattered.”

I’ve said this before, elsewhere. Tyler is a touchstone, leading us to the kind of remembrance we all need to cultivate. The film leads us to those deep places within ourselves which we need to find, in order to become more fully human. That’s why we can’t get this film out of our heads. Exploring those places within ourselves can be painful, but this excavation is necessary. “It is important that you do it, because nobody else will.” And no one else will do it the way you do it.

It is significant that after Tyler dies, what we see in the ashes is the remains of his journal. It did its work for him, but through it, he still speaks. He knew, in the end, that his brother could hear him, so he told him the most important things:
“I love you. I miss you...And I forgive you.”

Our Remember Me Reviews

Went to a midnight screening in Los Angeles. I was supposed to go solo but my cousins (age range from 13-30) decided to come along with me to show support.
They were not Robert fans at all by any means, I was the only true fan but they were so taken by the movie. By the end we were all balling, especially me.
So don't forgot to take some tissue.

The movie had a little bit of everything: love, passion, loneliness, self-discovery but moreso heart. I read a review yesterday about this movie being like the little engine that could and I totally agree.

I had seen the previews but still didnt really know what to expect but it was such a great movie.

I've been hearing so many critics say that this is Rob's make or break role and this really upsets me. Because we (the fans) have seen and supported his other movies, we know how truly talented he is and we know he can do so much more beyond Twilight.

So I cannot wait till Monday when the numbers come in and everyone takes notice to how truly talented he is. Robert shines so brightly in this movie, he's so honest and raw. He gives himself fully in this role and you can definitely see that.

Ruby Jerins is also amazing, she has so much to offer at such a young age.
She can definitely hold her own against Pierce Brosnan and Robert.

Please don't hesitate to watch this. I think y'all will be pleasantly surprised whether you're a fan or not.So encourage your friends to go cause this is such a great movie that anyone can enjoy it because it will move everyone.

Happy viewing!


Countdown to DVD Release - Favorite Quotes

Quote #9

"Gandhi said that whatever you do in life will be insignificant, but it's important that you do it. I tend to agree with the 1st part."

"Why I am Excited" for the Remember Me DVD

Why we can not wait for Remember Me DVD!!

I am so excited to see Remember Me. Each time I was suppose to go see it...something always came up. yes I read the spoilers but I don't seems to me that its gonna be an amazing movie! Rob is an amazinf actor...but so is Emilie de Ravin. super excited to see this one!!!

I am so excited to see Remember Me. Each time I was suppose to go see it...something always came up. yes I read the spoilers but I don't seems to me that its gonna be an amazing movie! Rob is an amazinf actor...but so is Emilie de Ravin. super excited to see this one!!!
~Another Jenny

When I saw Remember Me in the theaters for the third time, I told myself I must own this as soon as it comes out on DVD.
For anyone who has not seen it, this is a must see movie. Rob is so good (not to mention so good looking) in this movie.

I am excited for the #RememberMe DVD cuz cast did a wonderful job making that movie & bringing the characters to the screen.

I'm excited for the #RememberMeDVD b/c I can't wait to share this amazing film with all my friends + family :)

I'm soooo happy is coming out bacause I cannot wait to see the extra features!

I am excited for the #RememberMe DVD release because I want to see Rob again.

I'm excited for Remember Me on dvd because then i can rewatch it over and over again!

Tate Ellington's Kodak Commercial

Priceless!! I just had to post this. I was updating with the TV on and I knew that voice.