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Remember Me Movie Review ~ Spoilers

The movie is about two families, both dealing with the loss of a loved one, each coping with said loss differently, some for the worst.

Tyler, (Robert Pattinson) is a 21 year old NYU student who muddles through life. He goes out of his way to be a big part of his little sister Caroline's (Ruby Jerins) life while both try to cope with the loss of their older brother, Michael. Tyler tries, at his mother Diane's (Lena Olen) urging to get his father, Charles (Pierce Brosnan), to be more involved in Caroline's life.

Ally, (Emily de Ravin) is a 21 year old NYU student living with her father police officer, Neil (Chris Cooper). They are both dealing with the loss of Ally's mother.

Aidan, (Tate Ellington) talked Tyler into asking Ally out on a date, a sort of revenge on the officer, Neil, who had wrongfully arrested Aiden & Tyler.

Rob's performance was extremely moving and well acted. Rob's acting skills have come a long way since his part as Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter film "Goblet of Fire". As I predicted, Rob's portrayal of Tyler was very different to his Twilight character, Edward Cullen. The tenderness and love Rob portrays Tyler showing his sister and the love and passion he shows Ally was even better than I had envisioned it would be when I read the script. Rob should receive rave reviews from critics and I believe this movie is deserving of several awards. I also predict Rob will receive an Oscar in the future given the caliber of his performance and choices in the scripts he has made.

Pierce Brosnan's performance as Charles, a Brooklyn highborn executive who is indifferent to his children, was spot on. I was a very big fan of Mr. Brosnan long before his days as James Bond so for me to slightly hate Charles while watching the movie tells you that he did an excellent job.

Emily de Ravin was an excellent choice for the role of Ally. Remember Me marks her biggest movie role to date. You become connected to her portrayal of Ally. While she falls in love with Tyler, so does the audience. She is very deserving of this role: it's a shame she has received hate mail for simply accepting it. I hope she knows not all Twi-Fans feel that way. Emily was an excellent choice for the roll.

The other person I must give high praise to is Ruby Jerins. For someone so young, she pulled off an incredibly moving performance. Her acting was far beyond her years. Many people, much older than she, would not have been able to do as good of a job. Her acting is along the same caliber as Meryl Streep. I was lucky enough to give her my praise in person while she, along with her parents, exited the theater after the premiere. I tip my hat to this young amazing actress.

The director's, (Allen Coulter) cinematic approach to the ending was gut wrenching and tastefully done. The images were very much true to life. Many a person, including men, walked out with tears in there eyes. I cannot go into further detail without giving too much away but just be warned, have several tissues on hand when seeing this movie.


I've lived in NYC for the past six years. I live with the scars that were left behind every single day. I drive down the streets that have been renamed for those who were lost on that day. I go to get a cup of coffee and I walk buy a painted memorial to never forget 9/11. I look up to see the firetrucks drive down with decals on all of the trucks that has a picture of the Twin Towers that says never forget. I go to the grocery store and the person who rings me up is a widow from that day. So I must live with the memory every single day of my life but most Americans are suppressing the memory and that is dangerous.

Many advert their attention from things that are painful but doing that will lead to history repeating and we can not have that happen again. As in the title of the move, we must Remember. Remember the ones that were lost, Remember to stop to appreciate the flowers that grow, Remember the ones who say they love you each and every single day, Remember the ones who have left you behind. Ultimately we need to Remember as a nation, no the world needs to Remember as a whole.

Many have been upset for them ending Tyler's life in the 9/11 attack. In my opinion, this was not a cop out. This movie is making us talk again about that day. How can that be wrong? How can Remembering the ones who passed be bad? They gave their life unknowingly to our nation. Even on Veteran's Day, I visit Ground Zero to give homage. They were civilians, yes but they still gave their lives in a war we now fight. They were the first casualties of war.

Some have said poor things that the main actors aren't American. How can an Englishman, Irishman and Aussie understand the meaning of that day? It wasn't just Americans lost that day. Jamaicans, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Frenchmen look, I can go on and on. New York City is called a melting pot for a reason. The point is they acted well in the movie and they made you FEEL. The sign of an excellent actor that has given an excellent performance. I gave the movie a standing ovation at the premiere and I have been going everywhere I can to promote this film. Simply because I love the actors and the movie has a story that needs to be heard. So please join me in Remembering.

Hollywood2Brooklyn ~ Alicia


InstantKarmaGirl said...

Thank you for this. I don't think it's a cop out and quite frankly I don't understand how people can say so.

It's a reminder that asteroids can happen. It's a reminder to love people while you can because planes can fly into buildings and change your lives forever.

jessegirl said...

Yes, Alicia, many of us feel as you do and have commented everywhere we can to promote this film. It's easy to become an advocate for a film which is this special.

imloco2 said...

Great review. It's a movie that should surprise a good many people now that it will be available on dvd. They might come across it by accident or decide to finally give it a try, but my guess is they'll be taken aback at how good the movie is and how touched they are especially after the bad reviews it's gotten. I expect to see more people confused as to why it got a bad reviews when it is obviously a gem of a story and deserves praise not ridicule. At least I'm hoping that being on dvd will give RM the chance it never had at the theater. Fingers crossed.

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