Monday, June 14, 2010

Remember Me By The Numbers - DVD Edition

With the DVD release, we won't have the Movie Exchange or the Variety Top Ten Online Film Trailer Play List to judge the interest the film is generating. But we can still look at the IMDb MOVIEmeter ranking to check on the interest level. And it looks like people are beginning to check the film out again. With a little more than one week until the DVD is released, can we get it higher? The highest Remember Me rose before was to spot #4 the week prior to release.

The IMDb MOVIEmeter ranks films based on a proprietary algorithms that uses several measurements to rank the popularity of a film, with the primary measurement being the "pageviews" given to a title by the over 57 million monthly visitors to The MOVIEmeter is updated weekly. The MOVIEmeter rankings are only available to IMDb Pro users.

MOVIEmeter Ranking
w/e 6.12.10 #12 Up 26 places from LW.
w/e 6.5.10 #38 Up 124 places from LW.

Take a look!
Remember Me's IMDb Main Page


jessegirl said...

So, are you saying that the ranking would go up if we look up the film at IMDB, even if we are not IMDB pro users, Kat?

kat said...

Any hit to the main page counts. Doesn't matter of you have IMDbPro, or even an IMDb account.

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

I'll be checking it everyday:))!
There's lots of discussion threads over there. Some trolls too. Some nasty things. But we've already read every pro/con comment there are to read about RM I guess.
Som commenters are going to eat their words one day...

LTavares2010 said...

"Som commenters are going to eat their words one day... "

I LOVE IT !!! (lol)

I`ll be checking too!

jessegirl said...

Thanks, Kat, for the info. I'll give it more hits for sure. I don't normally go there. Any way you can steer people back over here legitimately too? *hugs*

It is weirder over there. Rum, you might have read all the nasty comments when you were doing your research some time ago, but I did not. They still shock me. But I don't take the bait, much as I am tempted. I know where that leads. You can't win against irrational prejudices and opinions mouthed without the intelligence to back them up.
I applaud you for exposing yourself to it, but now you can cleanse yourself at a couple of sites too. *hugs*

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

jessegirl _ yes, i did some research tehre long ago, but I mainly read the reviews. I didn't see the discussion threads. I've just clicked on some out of curiosity, but as you say, it's weirder. Most commenters know how to behave, but some are there to attack and do harm. Bur then, it's like that in most discussion threads about everything, not only movies. People feel kind of freer to insult others. Now that time has passed it's a bit sickening to read the same old arguments over and over again, and not very interesting any more. You are right, we musn't take the bait. I'll pass!

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