Friday, June 18, 2010

Countdown to DVD Release - Favorite Quotes

Quote #4

"It's OK, it's OK!"


jessegirl said...

He’s come back, raw, from the fight with his father. She’s been waiting, supposedly trying to open a window as Tyler lurches in, staggering on rubbery legs and tripping as he tries to set down his bike. (Where is Caroline’s picture? Rum, did you notice?) His is not a victory dance; he feels vanquished, like a kid who has been banished even by his motherly surrogate, Janine, who has shouted at him: “Tyler, get out of here!” (I think it’s significant that she hasn’t said anything to Charles during the whole boardroom exchange. Actually, her relationship with Charles would be an interesting on to speculate on.)

We’ve touched on this scene before, the angry sex, the testosterone needing an outlet, the young man having to prove to himself that he is a man, after the defeat he feels he’s experienced at the hands of his father. I think we have to deal with the roughness here, Tyler’s anger, pain, resentment, sorrow, callousness all mixed into an explosive cocktail ready to go off on the nearest object. Because, Ally’s motherly soothing only serves to ignite him. He needs her, wants her, but her doesn’t want a mother at that point. He wants validation but she’s giving him god-damn consolation. The prize, for the conquered, is consolation, to be consoled, soothed, as Ally is doing. I think the issue of Tyler’s ‘manhood’ is the point here. He takes her, uses her, to prove that. He wants to fuck. She’s game, let’s face it, because he’s still irresistible and we all imagine his version of rough sex would just be, er, well, um...heaven. (Okay, I admit I speak only for myself.) He wants to conquer something, and for a man, having sex still has that connotation, on an instinctual level. And Tyler is running on fumes and animal instinct now; he’s both running scared and fighting for his life. He’s a mess and taking a woman seems like the quick fix outlet.
Now Ally is extremely supportive. I rather thought she’d berate him for his statement before he left for the boardroom, when he actually pushed her away (didn’t he? God I need that DVD NOW!). But Ally sees, right away when he stumbles in the door, how distressed he is, and she takes womanly action immediately. She must heal her man. “It’s okay,” she croons, trying to comfort him. She loves him and wants him to be okay, so saying these magic words couldn’t hurt. And when he lunges at her and shoves her against the wall, other womanly instincts take over. Yeah, she wants to assuage his pain and she feels that when he goes for her, but all rational thought leaves and the pure urge to connect with him on the deepest physical level possible is what she wants too. She probably needs the sexual release as much as Tyler does because supporting this guy is an exhausting job. So, let’s make out and it will be okay.

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

Wow what a beautiful analysis jessegirl! Nothing to add except I don't know what happened to Caroline's picture - I imagine it stayed in the boardroom. I just want to add that Ally is probably still very angry, look at how she's trying to pry the window open when he comes in. I see them both equally angry in their lovemaking - they almost seem to be fighting each other. It's just my impression though.

LTavares2010 said...

"It's OK, it's OK!"

This scene is hot! One of my favourite, it is tense, dramatic, delicate, sex. It must have required a lot of the actors both physically and emotionally. I love the way how Ally gives her support to Tyler. She perceives exactly what he needs at this moment and she is there to comfort him, to love him with intensity, with passion. Rob and Emilie are superb as always.

jessegirl said...

Oh, LTavares, did I forget to mention? Hot, hot, hot!
I know, Rum, I went a little overboard again. But, to quote Ally: ‘It’s okay.’

InstantKarmaGirl said...


I think he leaves the picture on the table in the boardroom.

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