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Manny the Movie Guy Talks with Chris Cooper

Manny the Movie Guy talked with Chris Cooper during the Remember Me press junket. They talked about his character Officer James Craig and his new project Baryo.

Movies Online Interview with Robert Pattinson

Movies's Shelia Roberts sat with Robert Pattinson and talked about his role as executive producer, working with Pierce and Ruby, filming with the crowds, his music and playing an American.

Robert Pattinson talked about his role as executive producer on “Remember Me,” what it was like working with Pierce Brosnan, and his upcoming film “Bel Ami” which he is currently shooting in England. Here’s what he had to say:

Q: What was it like to be an executive producer on this?

RP: I’m glad Nick’s (Nick Osborne) not in the room anywhere. I mean, I can’t really claim to be a proper producer. I only really came on towards the end of the movie. I was always completely on the same page with Allen (Coulter) and Nick about how they wanted to make it, and then I just wanted to make sure, as much as I could help, to protect the process. I consulted and I talked to them and stuff but I don’t want to claim any kind of creative input.

Part of this interview contains spoilers, so beware!
For the rest of this interview, please click here:

Robert Pattinson Talks Tyler in Vancouver Sun Article

Here is an article in which Rob talks about Tyler and his next project.

Pattinson revels in playing the rebel in 'Remember Me'

By Bon Thompson

MONTREAL - The consensus is that Robert Pattinson has mastered the James Dean art of brooding as the sullen poster boy for the latest generation.

Pattinson's heartthrob status has been defined by his portrayal of the conflicted vampire-in-recovery Edward Cullen in the popular Twilight film series, based on the Stephenie Meyer novels.

There was Twilight in 2008, New Moon last year, and Eclipse is set for release, to a great deal of anticipation, on June 30. Breaking Dawn, the finale, is expected to be released as two movies over the next few years.

In other words, the British actor is committed to the Edward sulk for at least another few films. But that doesn't mean he's become self-entitled or satisfied with his accomplishments.

His latest effort to expand on his brooding horizons is Remember Me, which opens Friday. Pattinson plays Tyler, a rebellious young New Yorker who clashes with his overbearing father (Pierce Brosnan) in the aftermath of his brother's sudden death.

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Vancouver Presents "Behind the Scenes" Footage

ColliderVideos has released three "Behind the Scenes" videos. The scenes included are those which are part of the Collider's clip collection. There are additional scenes in Part #1 and Part #2.

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Insignificant Things: Remember Me Challenge

Our guest blogger Britta Kirk is back again with a new article.

Insignificant Things: Remember Me Challenge

Because sometimes we all need a little reminder.

Grab someone & ask them to come out with you.
Place: Anywhere you want

Rule #1: Celebrate

Rule #2: Be Present

Reading Remember Me greatly inspired me to put together this challenge for myself.
I noticed a lot of similarities about Tyler and myself: a kind of boredom about the lives we lead. You wake up, you have to be strong, so you pretend you don't need anyone, vulnerability is a trap, and no one can touch you. Experience taught you to be this way, but you usually end up stuck. You want to change it, but sometimes you feel like nothing you do will change anything.
Then I noticed Ally, and how no matter how hard she was knocked down, she went after life with zest. She sought the 'best' things in life first, and taught Tyler to do the same. There's something about literally grabbing life by the throat!
I'm so tired of living life in some sort of cave, like I'm just going through the motions just to do it all over again tomorrow. I want to gain a sense of celebration for seemingly no reason, because if anything is worth celebrating, it's life, my friends and family. When I was little, my mother would choose any day of the week to make pink pancakes for me, or blue ones the color of the Smurfs in the cartoon. And I looked forward to it each time because I didn't even know why the day was special, it was just fun!
So this challenge is really simple: Go out with some people you love, even some new people you want to get to know, and have fun. Celebrate them, celebrate yourselves. Celebrate the fact that its Thursday. Wear party hats and go mental in the streets! Whatever you want. As long as you're creating a memory. The Gandhi quote basically says that the things you view as insignificant are the most significant.
How will you choose to be remembered?

if this challenge inspired you,
please feel free to save this graphic
and add it to your page!
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Thanks Britta for sharing with us!
Ink Blot Book Blogspot

Fan Trailer and Poster Friday

Here are two very beautiful and nicely done Remember Me videos that you can watch while you are waiting to leave for the theaters!! Or in the theaters waiting for Remember Me to start. Or doing something involving Remember Me and theaters.

The first one was created by LyndaPattinson!

The second one was done by RayneAtTwilight.

Thanks to LyndaPattinson and RayneAtTwilight for sharing their work with us!

My Remember Me Review

***Spoilers in the Comment Section*** (You know what to do.)

Ever since I first read the script last spring, I had been anticipating seeing Remember Me. I started this site in order to try to get others out there interested in seeing this film and keeping people up to date with the latest information.

Invited to a press screening on Saturday night in New York City, I jumped at the chance to go and finally see Remember Me for myself and to see if justice was done to the script that I had fallen in love with almost a year ago.

Remember Me was everything that I had hoped it would be and much more.

The film has been described as a romantic drama, but it is so much more than that. While the thread of Tyler and Ally's romance is what binds the film together and drives the plot, it is the other relationships, those of father / son, father / daughter, brother / sister that adds so much of the richness to this story. It’s also a story about how two different families react and deal with grief, who learn about each other, take care of each other, make mistakes, learn about each other and finally to appreciate and understand each other.

Tyler, along with his family, has been trying to cope with his brother’s death. His parents have split and it seems like the job is more important than the family to Tyler’s father. His little sister can’t understand why her father isn’t that interested in her. His father can’t understand why Tyler is lacking motivation. Tyler is angry with his father. His mother just wants everyone to get along and be happy. Tyler is taking life for granted and doesn’t seem to be enjoying it as much as he could. The anniversary of his brother’s death seems to have an affect on Tyler, making him introspective and withdrawn.

One night Tyler does the right thing at the wrong time, which will lead him to Ally for all the wrong reasons. Ally, a strong, independent yet vulnerable girl from Queens, is not too impressed by Tyler when they first meet, but she falls for him…and him for her.

Ally’s mother was killed when she was a child. Her police officer father is very overprotective, afraid to lose her too. Ally is more apt to see where life leads, but will her father ever let her.

Remember Me pulls you in from the opening scene. It is intense and emotional and sets the stage for the emotional roller coaster you will be on for the next 2 hours.

Robert Pattinson, as Tyler, more than proves to us that he can act. His portrayal of the angry son, the loving, protective big brother and the first hesitant, then loving boyfriend is spot on. In the scenes where he goes up against veterans Pierce Brosnan and Chris Cooper in two separate, but extremely emotional scenes, he more than holds his own. In most of the film, his emotions are so visible on his face. You will always know what Tyler Hawkins is feeling.

Emilie de Ravin is very convincing as Ally bringing both a toughness and vulnerability her character. Her scenes with father Chris Cooper let me see another dimension of her that I had not seen before. Her chemistry with Rob is more than there and they make an extremely believable onscreen couple.

Pierce Brosnan is quite at home in the role of the workaholic, seemingly nonchalant Charles Hawkins.

Tate Ellington adds some lighten the mood moments to the film as room-mate and best friend Aidan Hall.

It is evident that newcomer Ruby Jerins is a young actor to watch for in the future. She was wonderful in her role as young Caroline really nailing the precocious young girl who is confused about her father and an outsider at school. The scenes with Ruby and Rob are some of the most touching in the film.

And Chris Cooper was simply amazing as the angry, yet almost lost Officer Craig turning in, in my opinion, the strongest performance of this wonderful cast.

Rounding out the cast, Lena Olin plays a very convincing concerned mother with Gregory Jbara a steady presence in his scenes. Another relative newcomer, Peyton Lane does the spoiled, mean schoolgirl quite well.

The score, written by Marcelo Zarvos, is hauntingly beautiful. The music adds to and helps channel into the more emotional parts of the film and fits the scenes perfectly.

I also liked the “feel” of the film. It had a down to earth, gritty, organic feel. It’s not a shiny new toy type film at all. And I loved the lighting, how some scenes are more bluish and emotionally intense, while others are golden and warm.

This is a film that hits you hard and continues to hit you long after you have left the theater. It hi-lights why it is important to really live each day or your life, but how terribly important each of us is to the others in our lives.

Remember Me Countdown

We are all excited to see Remember Me today! The countdown clock is now at zero as Remember Me opens in theaters across North America, Australia, Brazil, Greece, Indonesia and Russia! In anticipation of today's viewing pleasure, as an appetizer, take another look at the trailer! I hope that everyone loves Remember Me.

Cinema Talks to Allen Coulter

Katey Rich from Cinema sat down with Allen Coulter to talk about Remember Me.They discussed casting, and his work on developing the film.

Allen Coulter admits he's not exactly a young man anymore-- he's a Hollywood veteran with TV directing credits stretching back to the 80s, and the 2006 drama Hollywoodland to his name. But when he got the script called Memoirs, about a young man's intense first romance with a working-class girl in New York CIty, Coulter saw the opportunity to tell the kind of love story you don't see anymore, one that really captures the nature of all-consuming first love.

The result is now titled Remember Me, starring Robert Pattinson as the angsty young man and Emilie de Ravin as the girl he starts dating, at first, to get revenge on a cop who arrested him. I talked to Coulter recently about his inspiration for taking on the film, what he saw in Robert Pattinson well before Twilight mania, and the one time he snapped at the paparazzi while filming on the streets of New York. Check out everything he had to say below. Remember Me opens this Friday

To read the rest of this article, please click here:

Review -

"Remember Me" Is Beautiful And So Is Robert Pattinson

by k-ron

WARNING: If you have a weakness for introverts or men with a mysterious personality, you will get weak in the knees for Robert Pattinson's intellectual, nihilistic character, Tyler Hawkins, in Remember Me.

Robert Pattinson is beautiful in this film, but you didn't really need me to tell you that. After all, you’ve seen this guy before. For all you Twi-hards out there, you should know that he doesn't need to be Edward Cullen to have total sex appeal. Team Jacob will soon realize that R. Pattz proves his worth as an actor and a stud without having supernatural powers. I don’t want to give away too much of the plot, but this movie is really about love, the importance of family, and living a passionate life like each day is the last.

No Spoilers
To read the rest of this review, please click here:

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Memorable Quotes from Remember Me

Finally...after months of waiting, Remember Me opens in theaters across the US tomorrow. To celebrate, we are exploring some of the gems that were sent our way during the movie's promotion. We put up a new quote each day until the release, and now we have come to our last quote. Enjoy Remember Me. Open your heart to its message!

Thursday, March 11, 2010:

"Live in the Moments."

Thanks to @monicapachorek for collecting the quotes for us!

Each quote will mean something different to every person who sees this film. What does it mean to you? Please comment below.

Rob Pattinson and Allen Coulter Talk About the Challenges of Filming Remember Me

Dennis King from NewsOK participated in a round table discussion during the Remember Me press junnket weekend. In this article he writes about the issues filming with some many people hanging around.

‘Remember Me’ star Robert Pattinson won’t forget what ‘Twilight saga’ has created for him

By Dennis King

Robert Pattinson is understandably a little fidgety and distracted these days. Everywhere he goes, it seems, he’s followed by lightninglike flashes and shutter-clicking hordes of paparazzi. When word gets out that he’s in town — and, somehow, it always does — screeching gaggles of young female fans gather nearby and swoon over his every move.

So it is that the hunky, 23-year-old British star of the hot teen vampire films "Twilight” and "New Moon” seems a bit preoccupied as he is ushered into a midtown hotel suite to discuss his new movie, "Remember Me,” during a recent press event hosted by Summit Entertainment.

To read more from the roundtable, please click here:

Additional Remember Me Release Date Information

Even though Remember Me has opened in some countries already and will be opening in the US in about 3 hours, new opening information is still coming in.

Remember Me will premiere in the UAE on April 1. (Some scenes will be edited).
Thanks to Jo Harvey for the tip!

Remember Me will be opening in Venezuela on June 4 per the distributor Cine Unidos.
Thanks to Maria for the tip! (And I'm so glad she's going to be able to see it!)

Unofficial Remember Me Site's Videos from the Red Carpet

Here is the second part of my questions and conversations for the cast and filmmakers of Remember Me. Today's videos are with producer Nick Osborne, screenplay writer Will Fetters and actor, Robert Pattinson. Please enjoy!

Will Fetters ***Will talks about the ending***

Nick Osborne

Robert Pattinson

Remember Me Countdown

Reason #1 Why we are excited for Remember Me!!

Rob. Rob. and more Rob... and then a little more Rob.
- CathyHJ, lizelleb, Poohbear0429, RPAustralia, _beccaspage_, iLuvRPattzXx, Marisabel16, doreenwings, flying099, AZ, PinkStarlett84, vampypiano,

I just can't wait to see rob play a charactor with some emotions! - sweet_admiration

want to see all Rob's films - Poohbear0429

Rob in normal, everyday role - princess_andrea, shellk1984

We get to see Rob be in a realstic relationship - LiveLoveLaugh15

Red Carpet Interviews Transcribed (pt.1)

Text version of the interviews Kat did at the Red Carpet for the New York Premiere of Remember Me. Literally every person we talked to had something nice to say about the blog, and we are so flattered. But here is what they had to say about the movie.

Allen Coulter

Did the final product turn out to be very similar to how you foresaw it when you originally read the script?

Allen: Yes. Yeah, things change, because you know, you realize something doesn’t work or something needs to be clarified or whatever. But to me it’s very true to the script I read very long ago.

How did you get involved with the film?

Allen: Nick Osborne, the very tall gentleman whose family is here, spoke to my agent, because he had seen a movie I had made called “Hollywoodland” and he liked that, and so he wanted me to do it. So I got on the phone with Nick and with Will Fetters, who wrote the script, and must have said I liked it, and that was it.

Was it difficult to get in the smaller details of the time period while trying to keep it very subtle?

Allen: You know what we found is that no matter how bold we were, people still didn’t get it. But, it’s a good question, and one of the few original questions for me. It wasn’t so difficult… I mean, it was for the prop people. It was more just painstaking. “No, that cell phone came around later,” and “no, they would never have had that thing on the cars.” But amazingly, no matter what we did, people still… [waves hand had over head] and we actually had to put the year up. The music—all the music is period correct.

Gregory Jbara

The father figure of Les seems to be a calming figure for the whole family. How did that work for you?

Greg: There were a few moments where I got to be a bit of a diffuser, when there were some issues with Ruby’s character (Caroline), when she has crises at school. But it was nice just to be… because there is quite a contrast from my Broadway job, where I’m quite a menace. So it was nice to just let my heart show, and to be able to hold Lena Olin’s hand, that’s kind of really nice, actually. And the cast—you know, they are amazing, beautiful actors. So it was really easy, it was an easy job. Plus this man, as director, Allen Coulter—he fills in all the gaps for you, so you never have to worry about jumping into a scene and not having all the “T”s crossed or the “I”s dotted, so it was a really safe place to work. Definitely.

Tate Ellington

How did you handle being a comedic type of character in such a dramatic film?

Tate: Me and Allen had talked initially about not letting him get too wacky, sidekick… he sort of is, but we still didn’t want it to be so severely like, “I’m just here for screwball laughs. And so that was it, we just kept trying to keep it… we got to improv a whole lot to try and trying to keep it as real, doing it different each take. Just sort of stay where it wasn’t getting so “clever” right on the button, basically. So that was it. I screwed around the entire time, and they let me do it, so I was like “Alright!”

And you had a good time?

Tate: Oh yeah, I had a blast. It was the best time ever.

What do you think Aidan as a character learned, or how did he grow during the film?

Tate: Well that was the thing, I think basically as a character, he starts off—he’s had some bad experiences in his life, it was kind of discussed that he’s had just as many sort of dark things as Tyler, but basically he just hid them better by being… you know, that’s just how he deals with them, by his comedy and just laugh about it. But I think by the end, he’s a different person. I do think you can see some of that light that’s in his eyes is gone just a bit. He’s had a very severe dose of reality, and I think that shows. I was happy that came across, and I think he’s grown up a little bit too. He’s not as—he’s a little bit more of an adult, I think by the end. Of course, in a depressing way.

And a few more pictures. Check back later today for more interviews from the red carpet, including one with that guy...what's his name... Pattin-something?!!

Below: Peyton List, Lena Olin, Ruby Jerins, and Emilie De Ravin

Below, press on the red carpet

Review - Roger Ebert

Remember Me


"Remember Me" tells a sweet enough love story, and tries to invest it with profound meaning by linking it to a coincidence. It doesn't work that way. People meet, maybe they fall in love, maybe they don't, maybe they're happy, maybe they're sad. That's life.

The fact is, "Remember Me" is a well-made movie. I cared about the characters. I felt for them.

To read the rest of this review, please click here: Roger Ebert at Sun

Review - Flick

Remember Me (review)
Unvarnished Romance

by Mary Ann Johanson

But it doesn’t. Remember Me turns out to be quietly charming and coarsely handsome, a sensitively observed story about young people in love seen through a keen eye for the unglamorous side of New York City that we don’t often see on film these days. (If Martin Scorsese had made this movie in 1977, it might look like this, splendidly sated with the dirty, cluttered, human city.) Its tale skips over all the clich├ęs, except when it touches lightly upon them in order to gently laugh them away. So we have Aidan (Tate Ellington), the best friend and roommate of our hero, Tyler Hawkins (Pattinson: Little Ashes, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix), snarking in a half-joking, half-serious way about Tyler’s “brooding” and the “poetic crap” that renders him so attractive to women (it works as sly commentary on Pattinson’s Twilight appeal, too), which isn’t at all what draws in Ally (Emilie de Ravin: Lost, Public Enemies), his fellow student at NYU: she’s all but ready to dismiss him entirely before reluctantly agreeing to a date because, well, why not? He’s cute and funny and, well, why not?

No Spoilers

Review - Miami Herald

Review: ''Remember Me''

by Rene Rodriguez

Aside from raking in billions in cash, the Twilight franchise has brought its three leads thriving acting careers. Taylor Lautner has become the highest-paid young actor in Hollywood seemingly overnight. Kristen Stewart will star as Joan Jett in a film due in April, and Robert Pattinson has earned enough clout to produce movies such as Remember Me for himself.

But Remember Me, which is more complex and ambitious than the formulaic romance its TV ads promise, is no mere star vehicle. Yes, there's an element of vanity in Pattinson's James Dean-ish turn as Tyler, an angst-filled New York City university student at odds with his powerful father (Pierce Brosnan). Tyler smokes cigarettes, quotes poetry, sits alone in diners scribbling in his notebook and runs his fingers through his hair.

Spoiler Free
To read more of the review, please click here:

Review -

Remember Me Preview: An important step for Robert Pattinson

By Kate Campbell

“Remember Me” is about to hit the big screens in many parts of the world. This is a very important step for our Robert because it represents his first film after it scored a surprise boom worldwide with the Saga. Sinembargo is also considered by many a piece of “evidence” for him to measure audiences and most importantly their ability as an actor and what he could add new characters and stories.

With the opening of Remember Me, and we know we must be prepared to read all kinds of comments, some good, some goals, some that provide growth for him as a relative newcomer in this type of global pressure to which it is subjected, but too must prepare for never unjust people will miss his critical forces within the bias they have with their previous character and some would despise his work on Remember Me. So a lot of comments have good and bad, just and unjust, but all were part of this incredible experience that as fans we are about to experience.

Spoiler Free
To read more of this review, please click here:

Review - Box

Remember Me - Robert Pattinson channels James Dean (it was going to happen eventually)

by Pete Hammond

Drifting far from his Vampire mode in the Twilight films (but not too far), Robert Pattinson proves he doesn’t “suck” in a straight dramatic role and affectingly portrays a tortured young man with family issues who finds love with an equally wounded young woman in a romance underlined by past and impending tragedies. The name of Pattinson above the title will guarantee a large femme turnout for this brooding, PG13 drama, and although it’s no Rebel Without A Cause or Splendor In The Grass for a new generation, it has enough tender and genuine moments of youthful angst and romantic discovery that opening weekend figures should be sweet, word of mouth decent and a healthy afterlife on DVD assured.

Mild Spoilers
To read the rest of the review, please click here: Box

Review - Many the Movie Guy

"Remember Me" Movie Review! How Many Kisses Does Robert Pattinson Get?

by Manny The Movie Guy

Confession Time – I was never a fan of Robert Pattinson. I am basing that assessment on the actor’s most famous role to date, the lovelorn vampire Edward in the “Twilight” films. I thought he delivered wooden performances in both movies.

But after watching Pattinson in the new film “Remember Me,” I can now honestly say, I’m intrigued by this actor. He carried the movie from its shaky start to its heart wrenching conclusion.

Unlike his “Twilight” co-star, Taylor Lautner, Pattinson is making brave career choices. While Lautner will soon be busy working on standard thrillers like “Abduction” or sure-fire blockbusters like “Stretch Armstrong,” Pattinson will bury himself in art-house films like “Bel Ami” and “”Water for Elephants.”

Taking a cue from Johnny Depp, Pattinson peppers his resume with iconic roles such as Edward, and memorable characters like the one he played in “Remember Me.” He stars as Tyler, a rebel with a cause who has serious daddy issues.

To read the rest of the review, please click here: Manny the Movie Guy

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Memorable Quotes from Remember Me

In two days Remember Me opens in theaters across the US. Fans across the country are sharing their exitement. We offer these "pearls of wisdom" as a way to connect with the film. We are putting up a new quote each day until the release.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010:

"Gandhi said that whatever you do in life will be insignificant. But it's very important that you do it. I tend to agree with the first part.”

Thanks to @monicapachorek for collecting the quotes for us!

Each quote will mean something different to every person who sees this film. What does it mean to you? Please comment below.

Unofficial Remember Me Interview Clips from the Red Carpet - Part 1

I was given a wonderful opportunity from the very good people at Summit Entertainment to be able to cover Remember Me's premiere on the red carpet. After finally figuring out how to edit videos, save them in the correct format and upload to YouTube, I am able to share them with you.

I was able to meet and to talk a few minutes with some of the cast and filmakers and ask them a couple of questions about Remember Me!

In Part one, we have three interviews with actors Gregory Jbara and Tate Ellington and with director Allen Coulter. Stay tuned for Part 2.

Gregory Jbara

Allen Coulter

Tate Ellington

Remember Me Countdown

Reason #2

Very excited to see Rob in a new non Twilight role - vanessarae1, AnnaH2013, rpexaminer, EdwardMason1901, fritzerina, RobPattDul, imloco2, Sarah_IN, wawaVG, CanadianLeaf, kirandas, sonerica07, mallora84

Rob in a dramatic role not as a vampire - Spunk Ransom, justvictoria2, _paauu_, twilight_luvers, LiveLoveLaugh15

Make-up free Rob - Recessionista, Hsquare, LadyDi4476, sweet_admiration, sonerica07, Marnye, AZ, VAgirl

Prove that Rob is much more than Edward- IloveTwilightBR, ViolaKPC, Kimpako, bonz245

Movieline Interview - Allen Coulter Discusses Ratings

In this very interesting article, Allen Coulter discusses his reaction to the PG-13 ratings and what had to be done with Remember Me so it would make the cut.

Written by S.T. VanAirsdale
Passionate sex. Cigarette smoking. Gun violence. Fistfights. Frank dialogue. Adult themes. F-bombs...... Robert Pattinson’s new film Remember Me plays out with all the salty, sultry vigor of the New York summer in which it’s set. Yet somehow, director Allen Coulter and distributor Summit Entertainment trimmed and tucked enough of that vigor to avoid the R-rating that would keep the film from its Pattinson-rabid teenage fan base. It was a job that likely meant the difference between a $25 million and a $50 million opening or maybe even more — not to mention one that, as Coulter told Movieline recently, he almost refused to do

Mild Spoilers
To read the rest of this article, please click here: Interview with Emilie de Ravin

Steve "Frosty" Weintraub talked with Emilie de Ravin in this new video. They discuss how she got involved in the film, how shw talks about the film with revealing spoilers and other future projects of hers, including Lost!

Source: Interview with Emilie de Ravin Interview with Rob Pattinson

Steve "Frosty" Weintraub sits with Rob and asks him some questions tweeted to him by his Twitter followers. They talk about his music, DVD commentary, what did he learn about himself while playing Tyler and social networking.

Source: Exclusive Video

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Third and Final i-Tunes Podcast is Up

The third and final Podcast is now up!

In this podcast, Rob talks with filmmakers Allen Coulter and Will Fetters about his on screen chemistry with Emilie de Ravin, who plays love interest Ally and Ruby Jerins who plays Caroline, his little sister.

To download the audio podcasts, please click here: Star Talk with Rob Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cooper, Allen Coulter and Will Fetters asked last week for your questions to ask the cast and filmakers of Remember Me. Here are those interviews with your questions and answers, conducted last week-end at the Remember Me press junket by Kevin Polowy.

Just click on the link below each photo for each video!

Robert Pattinson

Star Talk - Remember Me - Robert Pattinson Interview - Moviefone

Pierce Brosnan

Star Talk - Remember Me - Pierce Brosnan Interview - Moviefone

Emilie de Ravin

Star Talk - Remember Me - Emilie Deravin Interview - Moviefone

Chris Cooper

Star Talk - Remember Me - Chris Cooper Interview - Moviefone

Allen Coulter and Will Fetters

Star Talk - Remember Me - Allen Coulter, Will Fetters Int. - Moviefone


Memorable Quotes from Remember Me

Three days until Remember Me opens in theaters across the US. These "pearls of wisdom" are as intergral to the story as they are to our lives. We are putting up a new quote each day until the release.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010:

"“Every life has a meaning... whether it lasts one hundred years or one hundred seconds...”

Thanks to @monicapachorek for collecting the quotes for us!

Each quote will mean something different to every person who sees this film. What does it mean to you? Please comment below.

Remember Me Soundtrack Available Now via Download

The Remember Me Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and Original Motion Picture Score are both available NOW!

You can download the digital version via (links below) and i-Tunes.

It Appears that the CD version will be available on April 6th. You can pre-order it now on FYE's website.
(thanks to aRedi for this tip)

The soundtrack album playlist is as follows:

1. Alien Lover... Luscious Jackson... 3:52
2. Play On... Kottonmouth Kings... 4:53
3. Kandles... National Skyline... 4:59
4. Soft Shoulder... Ani Difranco... 6:06
5. Have Mercy... Two Ton Boa... 5:10
6. Hanging With The Wrong Crowd... Ed Harcourt... 3:42
7. Why Did We Ever Meet... The Promise Ring... 4:05
8. You Can See Me... Supergrass... 3:38
9. Sea Of Teeth... Sparklehorse... 4:29
10. Andvari... Sigur Ros... 6:36
11. Parasol... The Sea And Cake... 5:25
12. Soul Brother... Us3... 4:00
13. Open Wide... Long Hind Legs... 3:10
14. The Sun Keeps Shining On Me... Fonda... 4:06
To preview the soundtrack, click here: Remember Me Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The score was composed by Marcelo Zavros. For more on Zarvos, please click here: Spotlight on Marcelo Zavros
The score playlist is as follows:

1. Opening... 2:07
2. Summer... 2:11
3. I Know You Can Hear Me... 6:42
4. Tyler... 1:36
5. Angry Ride... 1:39
6. Morning Montage... 7:43
7. Wake Up Call... 2:12
8. Craig Worries... 4:11
9. Caroline... 2:18
10. Remember Me... 6:25
11. Subway Ride... 3:03
12. Don't Be A Stranger... 4:52
To preview the score, please click here: Remember Me Original Motion Picture Score

Remember Me Countdown

Reason #3

The amazing cast!

I'm excited for Rob, to have had the opportunity to work with such an amazing cast. - Jenbarn76

I want to see rob and emilie working together. - JenniferMoya

I think I may have mentioned this already, but seeing this ensemble cast working together, and maybe, just maybe, expanding the horizons of many viewers as they begin to appreciate the talent of the other actors. I think you all will be blown away by Chris, Pierce, Emilie, Lena, Ruby, and Tate!! - Deanna

Excited to see Rob hold his own with Pierce & Chris - AGameStandard

Monday, March 8, 2010

Review - Box Office.Com

Remember Me

by Pete Hammond

Drifting far from his Vampire mode in the Twilight films (but not too far), Robert Pattinson proves he doesn’t “suck” in a straight dramatic role and affectingly portrays a tortured young man with family issues who finds love with an equally wounded young woman in a romance underlined by past and impending tragedies. The name of Pattinson above the title will guarantee a large femme turnout for this brooding, PG13 drama, and although it’s no Rebel Without A Cause or Splendor In The Grass for a new generation, it has enough tender and genuine moments of youthful angst and romantic discovery that opening weekend figures should be sweet, word of mouth decent and a healthy afterlife on DVD assured.

To read the rest of this review, please click here: Interview with Robert Pattinson talks with Robert Pattinson about his role as executive producer and the boardroom scene with Pierce Brosnan.

Source: Article on Remember me

In this article Michael Avila talks about the storyline of Remember Me and discusses Rob's role in the film.

‘Remember Me’ lets Pattinson ditch the fangs
‘Twilight’ star is relieved to play a normal, modern-day human in new film

By Michael Avila

Edward Cullen may be a world-class brooder, but the actor who portrays him, Robert Pattinson, actually enjoys a good laugh.

Pattinson certainly has much to be happy about these days. His career is red-hot, with the “Twilight” films having made him a multimedia sensation. He hopes his latest picture, “Remember Me,” which opens March 12, continues his career's upwards trajectory. At the very least, it’s allowed him to do something he’s rarely had a chance to do onscreen: Smile.

Major Spoiler
To read more of the article, please click here: Interviews Remember Me Director Allen Coulter

Edward Douglas sits with Allen Coulter and talks about how Remember Me came to be, how he approached this film and about creating some of the sets. Quite a wondeful interview!


Memorable Quotes from Remember Me

Four days until Remember Me opens in theaters across the US. To celebrate the "pearls of wisdom" contained in the story, we are putting up a new quote each day until the release.

Monday, March 8, 2010:

"Some moments bring us together, Some moments tear us apart, Some moments change us forever.”

Thanks to @monicapachorek for collecting the quotes for us!

Each quote will mean something different to every person who sees this film. What does it mean to you? Please comment below.

A Quick Note on Reviews and Spoilers

Starting now, I will be posting the reviews for Remember Me. Quite of few of these reviews contain spoilers and I know that some of you do not want to be spoiled.

With these reviews, like other articles that I post, I will post an excerpt of the review and link back to the original site, so that the reviewer will get the credit for his review.

The excerpt that I post will not contain spoilers, and I will mark each review with a spoiler warning, but know that most of the reviews are containing some sort of spoiler.

Review - The Blurb

At last - an intelligent romantic drama

You have to give credit to a film which starts powerfully and grabs you by the eyeballs. That's certainly the case here. A dramatic sequence with striking camera angles and lighting makes an instant impression and sets the mood for this gritty romance about two dysfunctional families. Aided by strong acting and an intelligent script, Remember Me is a cut above most romantic films.

Some spoilers
To read the rest of this review, please click here:

Review - Boston Herald on Pierce Brosnan in Ghost Writer and Remember Me

Best ever Brosnan?

by Stephen Schaefer

For Brosnan this Hitchcockian sure to be hit is just the start. I’ve seen “Remember Me” which opens on the 12th and he’s every bit as accomplished and memorable as the rich lawyer/divorced father of Robert Pattinson’s troubled son. There’s a boardroom encounter between the two that is all snap, crackle and a huge Pop! You’ll remember it well.

Spoiler Free!!
To read more of the review / article, please click here:

Review - Variety

Remember Me


Fate sticks its foot out to trip all the characters in all the worst ways in "Remember Me," a grave romantic drama with grandiose thematic intentions. Framed in a portentous manner ... the modestly scaled film delivers some moving and affecting moments amid a preponderance of scenes of frequently annoying people behaving badly. It is precisely the young female fans of star Robert Pattinson who will react most wrenchingly to this doomed romance, which should enjoy a short but sweet B.O. life.

To read the rest of this review, please click here:

Review - Hollywood Reporter

Remember Me - Film Review

By Kirk Honeycutt

Bottom Line: A strong romantic drama in which Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin really shine.

"Remember Me" is a smart, engaging drama about young love flourishing amid sadness and loss. .... But to return to the original point: "Remember Me" is a smart, engaging drama about a romance.

With the "Twilight" franchise's Robert Pattinson topping a fine cast -- the actor executive produces as well -- "Remember Me" should attract strong opening-weekend audiences. However, it will find its legs with women young and old who will spark to a romance without the off-color humor and male boorishness that so often accompanies romantic fare these days. Summit Entertainment can expect above-average boxoffice.

Major Spoiler
To read the rest of the review, please click here:
The Hollywood

Review -

Remember Me

by Clint Morris

If Twilight is Robert Pattinson’s ride in first class - the smooth, painless jaunt with slightly-prettier views and largely grime-free surroundings, then Remember Me is the British heartthrob’s excursion in Coach - a slightly cheaper, not quite as cushy and slightly bumpier ride without the views and continuous pop music playing from surrounding speakers.

But as most usually discover when they ride coach, it’s a lot more memorable a trip, and even more so, you’re usually surrounded by great people you’ll possibly never forget (in my case, I met one of my oldest friends riding on a bus when I was about 14-years-old!). And I tell ya, you won’t soon forget the people or the plot of the terrific Remember Me either.

Some spoilers
To read the rest of this review, please click here:

Review - Matt's Movie Reviews

Remember Me (2010)

by Matthew Pejkovic

The trailers suggest a Nicholas Sparks weepie of boy meets girl standard variety, but this is much more than that. Rather, what is featured is a story of two broken families of different social and economical sectors, struggling to mend old wounds as their children fall in love with one another.

What Remember Me does promise is a workout for the eye glands: this one is a tear jerker, with many poignant and sobering revelations about the nature of love and loss, how the soul is never too far gone for redemption, and how family is a blessing not to be taken for granted.

Key in its success is the casting of two appealing actors in its lead roles.

To read the rest of this review, pleased click here:
Matt's Movie Reviews