Thursday, March 11, 2010

Red Carpet Interviews Transcribed (pt.1)

Text version of the interviews Kat did at the Red Carpet for the New York Premiere of Remember Me. Literally every person we talked to had something nice to say about the blog, and we are so flattered. But here is what they had to say about the movie.

Allen Coulter

Did the final product turn out to be very similar to how you foresaw it when you originally read the script?

Allen: Yes. Yeah, things change, because you know, you realize something doesn’t work or something needs to be clarified or whatever. But to me it’s very true to the script I read very long ago.

How did you get involved with the film?

Allen: Nick Osborne, the very tall gentleman whose family is here, spoke to my agent, because he had seen a movie I had made called “Hollywoodland” and he liked that, and so he wanted me to do it. So I got on the phone with Nick and with Will Fetters, who wrote the script, and must have said I liked it, and that was it.

Was it difficult to get in the smaller details of the time period while trying to keep it very subtle?

Allen: You know what we found is that no matter how bold we were, people still didn’t get it. But, it’s a good question, and one of the few original questions for me. It wasn’t so difficult… I mean, it was for the prop people. It was more just painstaking. “No, that cell phone came around later,” and “no, they would never have had that thing on the cars.” But amazingly, no matter what we did, people still… [waves hand had over head] and we actually had to put the year up. The music—all the music is period correct.

Gregory Jbara

The father figure of Les seems to be a calming figure for the whole family. How did that work for you?

Greg: There were a few moments where I got to be a bit of a diffuser, when there were some issues with Ruby’s character (Caroline), when she has crises at school. But it was nice just to be… because there is quite a contrast from my Broadway job, where I’m quite a menace. So it was nice to just let my heart show, and to be able to hold Lena Olin’s hand, that’s kind of really nice, actually. And the cast—you know, they are amazing, beautiful actors. So it was really easy, it was an easy job. Plus this man, as director, Allen Coulter—he fills in all the gaps for you, so you never have to worry about jumping into a scene and not having all the “T”s crossed or the “I”s dotted, so it was a really safe place to work. Definitely.

Tate Ellington

How did you handle being a comedic type of character in such a dramatic film?

Tate: Me and Allen had talked initially about not letting him get too wacky, sidekick… he sort of is, but we still didn’t want it to be so severely like, “I’m just here for screwball laughs. And so that was it, we just kept trying to keep it… we got to improv a whole lot to try and trying to keep it as real, doing it different each take. Just sort of stay where it wasn’t getting so “clever” right on the button, basically. So that was it. I screwed around the entire time, and they let me do it, so I was like “Alright!”

And you had a good time?

Tate: Oh yeah, I had a blast. It was the best time ever.

What do you think Aidan as a character learned, or how did he grow during the film?

Tate: Well that was the thing, I think basically as a character, he starts off—he’s had some bad experiences in his life, it was kind of discussed that he’s had just as many sort of dark things as Tyler, but basically he just hid them better by being… you know, that’s just how he deals with them, by his comedy and just laugh about it. But I think by the end, he’s a different person. I do think you can see some of that light that’s in his eyes is gone just a bit. He’s had a very severe dose of reality, and I think that shows. I was happy that came across, and I think he’s grown up a little bit too. He’s not as—he’s a little bit more of an adult, I think by the end. Of course, in a depressing way.

And a few more pictures. Check back later today for more interviews from the red carpet, including one with that guy...what's his name... Pattin-something?!!

Below: Peyton List, Lena Olin, Ruby Jerins, and Emilie De Ravin

Below, press on the red carpet

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