Thursday, March 11, 2010

Remember Me Countdown

Reason #1 Why we are excited for Remember Me!!

Rob. Rob. and more Rob... and then a little more Rob.
- CathyHJ, lizelleb, Poohbear0429, RPAustralia, _beccaspage_, iLuvRPattzXx, Marisabel16, doreenwings, flying099, AZ, PinkStarlett84, vampypiano,

I just can't wait to see rob play a charactor with some emotions! - sweet_admiration

want to see all Rob's films - Poohbear0429

Rob in normal, everyday role - princess_andrea, shellk1984

We get to see Rob be in a realstic relationship - LiveLoveLaugh15


heidi6572 said...

Can you all believe that it's almost time? Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! :)

Maria said...

Hey Kat - it's Maria from RPAU. OMG can I just say I saw RM on Wednesday nite and I'm still coming down from the high. This man does NOT disappoint - his most phenomenal performance to date and believe me - the trailers and clips don't do it justice. Am not gushing because Mr Pattinson has definitely ARRIVED and the haters and critics just will have to eat that humble pie.

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