Sunday, March 7, 2010

Delaware OnLine Article and Interview with Writer Will Fetters

Ryan Cormier of Delaware pays tribute to Delaware native Will Fetters and lets us in on how the script for Remember Me came to be in this wonderful piece.

The new Robert Pattinson film “Remember Me” might never have happened if it were not for a bar brawl at the old Stone Balloon, in Newark.

Penned by Brandywine Hundred native and first-time screenwriter Will Fetters, the movie’s script flourished after that fateful night in 2003, which ended with Fetters spending a night in jail.
Fetters, now 28, had jumped in to break up a fight and learned that you “don’t mouth off to a cop,” he says.

“I was an arrogant kid and thought I was king of the world,” says Fetters, who had planned to be a lawyer until then. “It was horrifying because I wasn’t a bad kid and had never done anything like that. It was the wrong place at the wrong time and I said the wrong words. It was a black mark on this pristine record I tried to build to get into these law schools.

“My plan was shattered and I had to start shifting my focus, by necessity, to writing this story. It was just enough to freak me out and scare me into writing this movie.”

The day after the arrest, Fetters met his mother, Judy, at Iron Hill Brewery to explain what had happened. He thought his life was over, and he cried while telling his mom about it.

Fetters’ mother remembers that day well.

“I think he needed to process a lot of that, and writing was the way he did it,” she says. “And look what it’s led to. It’s crazy.”

One of the themes of “Remember Me” can be found in that turbulent time in Fetters’ life.
“Especially with young people, you try to control everything and the world is inherently uncontrollable,” says Fetters, who walked down the red carpet with his wife, Amanda, at the film’s premiere last week.

To read the rest of the article, please click here: Delaware There is a spoiler in the article, so beware if you don't want to be spoiled, but please make sure that you come back and read this article after you have seen the film!

Thanks to z_aminya for finding this gem!

cinematographer Jonathan Freeman, screenwriter Will Fetters and director Allen Coulter.

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