Saturday, January 16, 2010

Additional Remember Me Opening Information

Remember Me has been reported to open in New Zealand on March 11, 2010.
Kino Films

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We have added Remember Me Saturday as our sister site! ...Remember Me Saturday. Please visit their facebook page to see how we, the fans, can help make Remember Me successful! You can also follow them on Twitter by clicking here: @RMSaturday

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Remember Me Countdown


Pensive Tyler writing in his journal. Repeatedly. - DwideSchrude

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Remember Me Countdown

Reason #56

Remember Me is a love note to New York City! - Nautiluswirl
Seeing New York City landmarks in the backdrop to the film - gardenlover43

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fan Trailer, Poster and Artwork Friday

TGIF!!!!! Being Friday means that it is time for another installment of Fan Trailer, Poster and Artwork Friday!!

First up today, we have a wonderful new Remember Me video that FP from Thinking of was willing to share with us.

CandyKizzeS24 created our next gorgeous piece of artwork!

And last, but not least we have a beautiful new piece of artwork designed by IloveTwilightBR!

Big thanks to FP, CandyKizzeS24 and IloveTwilightBR for this week's art!

If you have created something or know of something good and would like to see it shared, please let me know at I will pick one or two each week to post.

Please watch the spoilers. I won't post any posters with spoilers and if I post a video with a spoiler, it will be labeled as such. I want everyone to have the option of remaining spoiler free!

New Remember Me Stills

Summit Entertainment released 4 new Remember Me stills today on! In addition to Rob and Emilie, these stills also give us a glimpse of Ruby Jerins and Chris Cooper.

They are all gorgeous! March can not get here soon enough!

Source: / Trailer Park

Remember Me Countdown

Reason #57

Marcelo Zarvos' score. Listened to Taking Chance score and it was hauntingly beautiful. - AZ

Remember Me is Discussed in Online Blog

Online had written a very nice little article about Remember Me. The wording is a little interesting, but other than that it is quite a nice read.

Love is most pious thing in the world. But some times it has built in to movies very funny way. Recently we could see many romantic comedy movies. This time it is time to watch serious love story Remember me. The movie title also hears to be very serious. It is all about love which many people talk daily and experience daily. It will be marvelous flick where The Twilight movie series actor Robert Pattinson shows his colors. After the huge success of The twilight saga: new moon movie he teamed up with the director Allen Coulter. It will be fine attractive drama romance movie which express high emotional feeling. Remember me is one of marvelous love story which success to bring tears in to eyes. It is about true love and family impacts. Many people will watch Remember me movie with its release on March 12, 2010. Thanks to the director and distributing company, Summit Entertainment, LLC, wide spread audience can watch it. Normally people think drama genre movies are boring. But fortunately this movie can awake audience as it renders immaculate love story. Remember me will be some one’s story who falls in love with some one.

For the rest of the article, click on blog

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Remember Me Countdown

Reason #58

Seeing the many complex relationships between family, friends, and lovers played out onscreen. - Deanna from IMDb

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Emilie de Ravin talks about Robert Pattinson talked with Emilie de Ravin today about her experience working with Robert Pattinson on Remember Me.

Emilie de Ravin took the stage at today's TCAs in Pasadena where she answered questions with all her Lost castmates before their last season starts Feb. 2. After the panels, we snuck in one question about, who else, Robert Pattinson, who she worked with on the upcoming Remember Me. It's one of the movie's we're most looking forward to this year, especially after the latest hot poster and here's what she had to say. On working with Rob on Remember Me vs. her Lost leading men.

"Every experience with whoever you work with is always different. I had a great time working with him. We really made a point of working on our characters and their relationships and such. He's a really easy going and nice guy to work with, which is always refreshing."


Belgium Release Date Change? Maybe

According to, the Belgium release of Remember Me has been pushed back from March 10, 2010 to April 7, 2010.

The distributor, Belga Films, still has the release date of March 10, 2010.

For the time being, I am going to keep the March 10th date because that it what is being reported by the distributor, but mark it as tentative.

***Update***Belga Films now has the release date listed as April 7, which is how it is now listed.

Remember Me Countdown

Reason #59

I want to see the actors (especially Rob) bring the script to life on big screen. :D - samsymarie from Twitter

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Another Round-Up of Remember Me News

The Remember Me trailer has surpasses the one million view mark on Youtube!

This doesn't include other versions of the trialer on Youtube which include those sub-titled in different languages.

Myspace's Trailer Park version has also surpassed one million views at 1,061,147!

And who knows how many views the trailer has on sites such as Apple Trailers and IMDb (where it has ocassionally been featured on their homepage), in addition to us who downloaded it from I-tunes so we can take it with us whereever we go!

The New York Times has listed Remember Me in their Highlights of Hollywood's 2010Movie Line Up

Winter and Spring
REMEMBER ME: ''Twilight'' star Robert Pattinson and ''Lost'' co-star Emilie de Ravin cope with romance amid adversity. With Pierce Brosnan.


Will Fetters to Receive Full Script Writing credit for Remember Me

Some people have noticed that on the Remember Me one sheet that was released by Summit Entertainment last week, that only Will Fetters was credited as writer. Will is the writer of the original Remember Me script previously entitled Memoirs.

Will's name is included alone on the poster because of the very complicated rules from the screenwriters' guild that specify that a writer has to provide a certain percentage to the script in order to get credit.

Jenny Lumet's name will not be in the end credits for the movie either, if I understand correctly. This is being billed as Will's story, and he is getting all the credit. And this is how it will be marketed.

We are all really proud of Will for this accomplishment, which is not to diminish Jenny's role in making changes in any way.

For more on the manner in which the WGA determines crediting:
Writers Guild of America, West

New Remember Me Stills?

Word on the street says that there may be some brand new Remember Me stills released this week!

Keep your eyes open for them on the MySpace!

Let's Start the Remember Me Countdown

In 59 days and some amount of hours, Remember Me will finally be opening in theaters!! A couple of weeks ago, I asked what was your reason for being excited to see Remember Me. I've compiled those reasons and for the next 60 days, will be counting down the 60 top reasons why you can not wait to see Remember Me!

Reason #60

Because I love this kind of film, the cast is excellent, the story and because Rob will be the protagonist. - rbddulker from IMDb

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Remember Me -- Fan Campaign

Remember Me-- Fan Campaign, Saturday, March 13, 2010

*This campaign came about due to the great ideas thrown around on the RM IMDB board...Deanna, Mils, Patti (Kitkattz), AZ, Calendos, Jux, Tracy, Pink and many more who came up with this.

As some of you know from reading on the RM IMDb board, we have been planning a campaign to try and help Remember Me open at #1. This is a completely fan-driven event and the only way the word will get out and things will happen is if you guys who want Rob to succeed in his first movie outside of Twilight can help.

*Note -- We will be adding campaigns for the other actors including Emilie, Chris, Pierce and Tate ASAP.

The first part of the campaign is in support of Rob and getting his fans to bring family and friends and see Remember Me on March 13, 2010 as a National Fan Support Event. Yes, I'm sure as a Rob fan you'll be seeing it on Friday. You won't be able to help yourselves! But that doesn't mean you can't take another friend, a brother, a parent, your husband, your sister, etc. and drag them out to the theater on Saturday to help pull this fan event off. I'm sure another two hours of Rob won't be harmful to your health.

So, how can YOU help?

Do you have a Twitter? Are you on Facebook? Start talking! Join us on Facebook here

Follow us on Twitter at:
RM Saturday
and start tweeting!!

Tell your friends, contacts, anyone you know who would be a candidate to see Remember Me opening weekend. Let us know if you have any ideas for promotion. Be a proactive fan and be heard!!

Support Rob --
Remember Me Saturday, 3/13/10
A National Fan Support Event -- Bring your friends and family to support Robert by seeing Remember Me on Saturday, March 13, 2010. Let's get Remember Me to open at #1!!

Remember Me Mexico Release

The release date for Mexico has been announced by the film's Mexican distributor Corazon.

The date of release is April 12, 2010.

To see the Remember Me page, click on the link Corazon Films, type Rememeber Me in the box by Buscar, then click on Recuerdame.