Saturday, March 6, 2010 Interview with Robert Pattinson has released an interview with Robert Pattinson in which he talks about Tyler, the story, his co stars and director.

Remember Me Saturday - Remember Me Primer

Today we will take a closer look at Ally Craig, who is played by Emilie de Ravin.

Ally Craig is the daughter of police detective James Craig. Ally and her father live in Queens and she attends New York University. Having dealt with a terrible tragedy early in her life, she has a toughness about her. Ally is not immediately impressed with Tyler when she first meets him.

Emilie de Ravin – Actor (Australian). She is portraying Ally Craig. She studied acting at the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Australia. Best known role – Claire on ABC’s Lost. Emilie shared in the win of the SAG award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series for Lost. (2006).

For a more in-depth look at Emilie de Ravin's career, please check out this link.
Emilie de Ravin
For additional information on Emilie, you can also check out these Emilie Fan Sites:
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Emilie de Ravin Fan

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Tyler and Ally!

More Remember Me Promotion

Different types of Remember Me banners and posters are still popping up all over the world!

Here is a photo taken by pattinsonladies of a poster in Athens, Greece. Thanks to RPattzFanGR for the tip!

Next we have a Remember Me floor poster spotted and photographed by SarahSmiff in Portugual.

Finally we have a few more looks at the giant poster from Indonesia photographed by anggiacullen.

Russian Remember Me Trailer Now in English

A few weeks ago, a second Remember Me trailer surfaced that was dubbed in Russian. Here is that version of the trailer in English.

Thanks to JuditMC2

Teen Interview with Rob Pattinson

Lynn Barker at Teen interviewed Rob Pattinson at last weekend's Remember Me press junket. They talked about filming, Tyler and how it was working with some of the other members of the cast.

Robert Pattinson's New Romance!
Between Twilight films, gorgeous, hot actor Robert Pattinson tries to take on other roles that challenge him. No matter what the story is, he likes to play "intense" characters! Now, in New York, Rob is telling us that his character Tyler, in the new romantic drama Remember Me, a volatile NYU student trying to cope with a family loss and reaching out to the daughter of the man responsible reflected his own need to grow up and mature. He admits he was "a bit of an idiot" when younger and his "actorly" swagger tended to make people want to beat him up!

Robert confides that he's known a lot of troubled teens in his life and really seems to "get" it. Rob's leading lady, "Lost's" Emilie de Ravin was very impressed with him saying that he brought "all these intricate details" to the role. She thought, "how do you come up with these things?" One of those "things" was literally beating himself up in frustration on camera.. but the moment was cut from the film. Rob says he was thrilled to be out of his pale vampire make-up for a while but admits that all the crowds gathering in New York to see him shoot "drove me insane" for a while until he learned to just mentally block them out in order to focus on his character. When asked if he is worried about continually playing brooding, worried young men, he just kids that 'maybe I am brooding and wounded'.

To read the rest of the question and answer session, please click here: Teen

Friday, March 5, 2010

Remember Me Score and Soundtrack Available on March 9

The Remember Me Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and Original Motion Picture Score will both be available on March 9 in the MP3 downloadable form on

The soundtrack album playlist is as follows:

1. Alien Lover... Luscious Jackson... 3:52
2. Play On... Kottonmouth Kings... 4:53
3. Kandles... National Skyline... 4:59
4. Soft Shoulder... Ani Difranco... 6:06
5. Have Mercy... Two Ton Boa... 5:10
6. Hanging With The Wrong Crowd... Ed Harcourt... 3:42
7. Why Did We Ever Meet... The Promise Ring... 4:05
8. You Can See Me... Supergrass... 3:38
9. Sea Of Teeth... Sparklehorse... 4:29
10. Andvari... Sigur Ros... 6:36
11. Parasol... The Sea And Cake... 5:25
12. Soul Brother... Us3... 4:00
13. Open Wide... Long Hind Legs... 3:10
14. The Sun Keeps Shining On Me... Fonda... 4:06
To preview the soundtrack, click here: Remember Me Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The score was composed by Marcelo Zavros. For more on Zarvos, please click here: Spotlight on Marcelo Zavros
The score playlist is as follows:

1. Opening... 2:07
2. Summer... 2:11
3. I Know You Can Hear Me... 6:42
4. Tyler... 1:36
5. Angry Ride... 1:39
6. Morning Montage... 7:43
7. Wake Up Call... 2:12
8. Craig Worries... 4:11
9. Caroline... 2:18
10. Remember Me... 6:25
11. Subway Ride... 3:03
12. Don't Be A Stranger... 4:52
To preview the score, please click here: Remember Me Original Motion Picture Score

MySpace Artist on Artist - Robert Pattinson and Pierce Brosnan

The actors talk to each other about filming, their scenes together and future roles.

Artist on Artist with Robert Pattinson and Pierce Brosnan

Artist on Artist MySpace Video Artist on Artist

Robert Pattinson and Filmakers Chat Podcast

Second Podcast is now up!

Apple i-Tunes is presenting a free podcast featuring Rob Pattinson chatting with the filmakers of Remember Me. The podcast, entitled "Pattinson & Filmaker Chat" will be released in three parts, the first two parts are available now.

To download and to subscribe to the audio podcasts, please click here:

Get Your Remember Me Tickets Now!!

ADVANCE TICKET SALES are a VERY BIG DEAL! Anything we fans can do to get the advance sales hoppin' is a good thing. Let's get out there and buy our tickets early, encourage others to do the same, and SELL OUT THOSE MIDNIGHT SHOWINGS!!!

There have been reports of midnight showings in NYC(4), LA(4), Chicago(2), Pittsburgh(1), Miami(1), Boston(2), Phoenix, Michigan, and Ontario, CA to name a few.

Hey, we're gonna go anyway. Why not get the tickets now? Join AMC Moviewatchers, and you can get your tickets online without a surcharge, if they are available through that site in your area!

I know that there are quite a few places out there that are not showing any Remember Me theaters yet, but please be patient. Alot of theaters are slow on getting the times up (and it's not just Remember Me)

Here is a list of sites which sell movie tickets on-line:

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he looks like a rebel in the trailer - justvictoria

saw the previews and it looks good. You know the other reason. - katelindley

Please Tweet:
Friday is post the #REMEMBERME TRAILER day! FB,Myspace,Twitter,everywhere! Post the RM Trailer for Rob!

NY Breaking News Reviews Remember Me

'Remember Me' review: Robert Pattinson is here to stay!

Teen heartthrob Robert Pattinson's latest movie 'Remember Me' is a romantic drama. Those who loved him in the Twilight series will not know what to expect in a very different genre of movie of his. Well, good news is that Robert Pattinson can act and act really well. You girl fans out there, your Twilight Hunk is truly something else. Fans went crazy seeing Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart at the 'Remember Me' premiere and they will not be disappointed with their Twilight star in his latest movie. Twilight or no Twilight, he is here to stay as an actor.

The film is about a 22 year old deep, alone and brooding kind of guy seemingly at war with the whole world. The film also stars Pierce Brosnan and Emilie de Ravin and is directed by Allen Coulter based on a script by Will Fetters. The movie is a great package as a whole with great performances. The story is captivating as well as touching. Clint Morris has rightly said of R-Patz that this movie will turn him from a movie star to an actor.

To read the rest of the review, please click:
NY Breaking
Very Mild Spoilers

Emilie de Ravin Talks to PIX11

Emilie de Ravin visited the studio of NYC's PIX11 to talk with Tamsen Fadal about Remember Me, her casting and the crowds.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin on Jimmy Fallon's Late Show

Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin were both guests on The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon eariler this week. In addition to the regular interviews, Jimmy did a "Robert Pattinson is Bothered" skit with the real Robert Pattinson dropping by.

Jimmy Interviews Emilie

Emilie in the Green Room

Jimmy interviews Rob

"Robert Pattinson is Bothered"

Robert Pattinson On John Stewart's The Daily Show

Rob Pattinson made an appearance on Comedy Central's The Daily Show with John Stewart on Tuesday night. You can see it for the first time or see it again here!

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Robert Pattinson
Daily Show
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Rob Pattinson and Filmakers Chat Podcast

Apple i-Tunes is presenting a free podcast featuring Rob Pattinson chatting with the filmakers of Remember Me. The podcast, entitled "Pattinson & Filmaker Chat" will be released in three parts, the first part which is avaliable now.

To download the first and to subscribe to the audio podcasts, please click here:

#Tyler Thursday

Traveling put me a little behind on #Tyler Tuesday, so this week let's try #TylerThursday!

In keeping with the Tyler and Ally theme for this week, today's #Tyler Thursday has the pair at the fair.

Please make sure to remember to tweet #TylerThursday today.

Remember Me Saturday

Yesterday Rob tweeted about Remember Me Saturday and his wondeful fan support!

For all of you who want to know what you can do to help with Remember Me Saturday, I have re-posted these articles. If you have any other ideas, please we would love to hear them!

Our sister site, Remember Me Saturday Blogspot, is looking for your help! Will you please join in promoting this fan supported event?

Do you own or run a Robert or Twilight site and/or a related blog? Do you run a Twitter or a Facebook fan page or group? Do you want to see the movie Remember Me open as big as possible the weekend of March 12 and you'd like to do something to help that happen?

We need your help!
And we need it TODAY!

As some of you might already know, we started a campaign to help the film Remember Me called Remember Me Saturday. The basic plan is to push for this National Fan Event on Saturday, March 13th due to the fact that Friday and Saturday are the days weekend box office estimates are based on. Sunday still counts, of course, but for perception and reporting, Friday and Saturday are the golden days. Seeing as every fan will already be seeing Remember Me on Friday, Saturday became the day chosen to hold this fan campaign and try to make a difference with the box office receipts.

The idea is for fans to go back on Saturday March 13th and take their
family and friends (or anyone they know!) and go see Remember Me again.

We're in the last few weeks before the movie opens and now is the time to push harder than ever to make this happen. We need to make this promotion as loud as we possibly can in this last leg because there are still many fans who are unaware of this event. A bigger push is required and that's where YOU come in, hopefully.

We need major Rob & Twilight sites/blogs/Facebooks/Twitters, etc. to help get the word out. We're asking you to help and join in actively promoting this Fan Supported Event on March 13th to your followers, readers, etc. -- Anyone you can tell is another person who will find out how important it is to show up to see Remember Me on opening weekend and take as many people that they can.

Won't you please help? You can promote Remember Me Saturday in a number of ways -- from a banner on your site like the one above, to a write up about the March 13th event, tweets letting your followers know, Facebook listings, etc. However small or big your contribution to this promotion, it will be truly appreciated. You are what will make this work. Just helping to get the word out will go miles in terms of making this promotion successful for Rob and for the movie.

Rob has some awesome fans who run some awesome sites dedicated to him. The same goes for Twilight fans and the sites they have out there... Let's all work together and help this movie show Hollywood that Rob is so much more than Edward for us... He's here to stay, and by getting Remember Me to open as big as possible, we can show Hollywood just that!

Please contact for any questions or help in setting up a banner or an article about the Remember Me Saturday fan event. Anything you need or want, we're here to help.

Our sister site, Remember Me Saturday is looking for volunteers who would be able to put up the Remember Me Saturday information on the for major cities. All you would need to do is to sign up for free on and post the information that she gives you. That's all unless you want to update the info if any new information comes out. It takes about 5 minutes.

Remember Me Saturday is March 13, 2010. See Remember Me again on Saturday. This is a nationwide fan event in support of Rob, Chris, Pierce, Lena, Emilie, Tate and all the people who worked on Remember Me.

She needs volunteers in major cities to help listing Remember Me on so if you live New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Philadelphia, Houston, Miami, Atlanta, Washington DC, Boston, Detroit, Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle, or hey just about anywhere, and want to give her a hand, please contact her at @RMSaturday on twitter or by email at

She will let you know what she needs you to do. Please make sure to contact her FIRST, before you sign up!

Remember Me Saturday Blogspot

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'Nuff Said - Kimpako, barnesgirl, LiveLoveLaugh15, PureROBlectation

Attention Deficit Delirium Talks with Pierce Brosnan

Bryan Reesman sat down recently with Pierce Brosnan and talked about his most recent films, including Remember Me.

Speaking of Remember Me, you’ve dealt with female hysteria as James
Bond…Not quite like Mr. Robert Pattinson. I’ve had my fair share of admirers and
long may it last, but to be part of that, that was incredible. That was unreal.
I’ve been a man of certain years and time in this business, and having sons you
want the best for this young man in every possible way. I think he is acquitting
himself grandly. I think he’s got his head on his shoulders. He’s executive
producer on that film, so grace under pressure, keep going.

For the rest of the article, please click here:
Attention Deficit

MTV Talks with Emilie de Ravin

Emilie de Ravin talks to MTV's Eric Ditzian about how well she got along with Robert Pattinson.

Robert Pattinson And Emilie De Ravin 'Click' In 'Remember Me'
by Eric Ditzian

Robert Pattinson and the minds behind the romantic drama "Remember Me" auditioned scores of young actresses for the starring role opposite the 23-year-old British heartthrob. No one was the right fit until "Lost" star Emilie de Ravin read for the part. Weeks later, she was on the New York set with a prime role in Pattinson's first big post-"Twilight" film.

All involved in the casting choice pointed to her immediate connection with RPattz as the reason she nabbed the part. How did the 28-year-old Australian actress establish that instant chemistry?

To read the rest of the article, please click here:

Tribute Magazine Interview with Rob Pattinson

Tribute Movies talks to Rob Pattinson about Remember Me, Emilie de Ravin and Ruby Jerins


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Today Show Australia Remember Me Feature Piece

Channel 9 Today Show in Australia did a feature on Remember Me this morning.

To watch the video, please click here: Australia

Thanks to Robert Pattinson Australia for the tip!

Talking Pictures Interviews Cast of Remember Me

Tony Toscano from Talking Pictures talks with Rob Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, Pierce Brosnan, and Chris Cooper about Remember Me in four seperate interviews.

Talking Pictures.TV

Tweet Remember Me Fan Giveaway BONUS ROUND!

Congratulations to to @reggaekellz who is the winner of @RememberMeFans fourth"Tweet Remember Me" fan giveaway! The prize was a $20 Fandango gift card.

We are so pleased to announce that we will be having a BONUS Grand Prize Round!!

Our prize for the final round of the Tweet Remember Me fan giveaway is a Remember Me poster signed by the cast, including Robert Pattinson!!!

Contest open to US residents age 18+, you must follow @RememberMeFans for a chance to win. One entry accepted per day. This time the rules are a little different:

This round will run for 10 days. Entries will be accepted from 8:00pm EST March 2nd through the official close at 8:00pm EST on March 11th. (This gives you a total possible 10 entries if you tweet every day!) Winner will be chosen at random on March 11th after 8:00pm EST and announced on March 12th.

Here's your part: 1. Set your Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo, MSN, Google or any other status to the following:
"I'm going to see Remember Me on opening weekend, March 12-14 and supporting Rob & the cast on Remember Me Saturday, March 13."
Some folks are even adding in some of the quotes found in the movie to keep the status interesting to your friends! (We love that idea!) Modifications that reflect your actual plans, theater locations, invitations for friends to join you, etc. are fine, and even encouraged!

2. Tweet us back letting us know that you are doing your part to support #RememberMe for the #RMFanGiveaway! Be creative. We like that! For example, you could tweet us back each day something like,
"I set my FB status to "Seeing #RememberMe next Saturday! #RMFanGiveaway"
Or something similar for your MySpace, Google, MSN, Yahoo or other network status. But tell us what you did. That's the key! Your tweet must include both tags (#RememberMe & #RMFanGiveaway) and some idea of what you did in support of Remember Me in order to count for an entry to win the signed poster. We may ask to see your network status so we can squee over the fact that you are doing your part to support Rob and the cast for this movie!

If you don't have a MySpace, Facebook, or other network in which to set a status, we recommend joining Facebook so you can become a fan of the official Remember Me Facebook.

Contest is open to US residents age 18 and over. Under 18 must have parent permission to enter. See official rules for details. Not responsible for any submissions that aren't received due to entrant error or if the entrant failed to properly submit themselves based on the rules of entry that have been established.

A special thanks to the Summit-Man and Texas-Z, who secured the poster and autographs for us at the Remember Me press junket over the weekend!

Remember Me Countdown

Reason #9

All the clever, witty, one-liner conversations between Tyler and Ally, especially when they first meet - texasreina

Screencap Source:
Thinking of

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Collider Collection of Remember Me Clips - Four New! has released a collection of Remember Me clips. New clips include "You Can't Smoke in Here" with Tyler, "I Take After My Mother" with Ally and her father, "Your Tyler's Girlfriend" with Ally and Caroline, and "Why Aren't You Riveted" with Tyler and Charles Hawkins.

Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin on The View

Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin appeared on The View on March 2nd.

(This video seems to lose sound part way through.)

Rob and Emilie's Exit Interview

Robert Pattinson on the Today Show

Robert Pattinson sat with Matt Laurer of the Today Show where they talked Remember Me, and Remember Me Saturday! Oh Matt, Remember Me Saturday is not being organized by Twihards and fans of Edward Cullen, but by fans of Rob and of the film.

Some of this interview is considered "spoilerish", so if you are trying to stay unspoiled, please do not watch.

Thanks to TwilightBritneyFan

Press Junket Roundup

MTV video taped about 5 minutes worth of interview with Rob and Emilie!

and thanks to TwilightBrittany for making the video!

Press Junket first timer Gabrielle Compolongo interviewed Robert Pattinson as part of a round table interview.
Question: Was there a time where you were sitting with Alan Coulter and the producer and something clicked for you? Can you talk about why you were attracted to this character, and about taking that step to produce?
Robert Pattinson: Well, the producing thing. (laughs) I’m kind of embarrassed about the producing thing because I wasn’t really acting like a proper producer. I only really came on after the shoot just to kind of help Alan and Nick make sure that the product was what the product in which we all wanted to make in the end. It was the summer after the first Twilight. I read it then and I met with Alan and Nick. I thought they were really great, and I talked to them for hours about it. I think basically what I commented to them about was, what shocked me was I was reading a ton of scripts and it just didn’t fall into any, the way the dialogue was written and the plot was structured, it didn’t fit into any kind of normal category. It didn’t seem very formulaic. I had just read tons and tons of formulaic scripts in one genre or another and it was just such a relief to find that. There was also something about Tyler, the way he reacted to things seemed very relatable to me, and I hadn’t seen another character like it in like 100 scripts. So that’s why when the period came up between New Moon and Eclipse, we only had two months, you can’t really do that much, it’s difficult to find a movie which can fit in such a short period. It seemed like the perfect fit.

To read the rest of the interview, please click here:

Collider has also released some new Remember Me stills! Photos