Saturday, April 24, 2010

Remember Me DVD - UK Ordering Information

If you live in the UK, you can now pre-order the Remember Me DVD or blu ray disc. Just click here for ordering information and more details. DVD Blu ray

Countdown to DVD Release - Favorite Quotes

Number #59

"Yea, Tyler, can we make this a non-smoking statue?"

Friday, April 23, 2010

Countdown to DVD Release - Favorite Quotes

Number 60

"I guess it was just here to tease me."

Box Office Update

In Wednesday's sales, Remember Me pulled $6,846 in domestic Box Office.

Total Domestic Box Office to Date:

Some of the international box office numbers have been updated with receipts through 4/18. There are also a few countries that have not posted results yet.

Total International Box Office to Date

International Box Office Reported - New Openings:


Total New Openings Markets - $18,992

International Box Office - Held Over:
(Updated 4/18)

Czech Republic.....$170,378

Total Held Over Markets Updated: $23,848,668

These markets do not yet have updated figures from last week.
(Updated 4/11, 4/4 and 3/28)

Australia....$1,216,554 3.28
Egypt...........$44,818 4.11
Greece.........$500,641 4.4
Italy........$2,358,049 4.4
Lebanon.........$47,688 4.11
Malaysia........$71,301 3.28
Netherlands....$529,728 4.11
New Zealand....$243,671 4.11
Philippines....$210,317 4.4
Portugal.......$414,690 4.11
S. Africa......$234,504 4.4
Switzerland....$701,504 4.11
Taiwan.........$124,326 4.11
Thailand.......$123,862 4.11
Ukraine........$185,332 4.4
UAE............$106,814 4.4

Total Held Over Markets Not Updated: $7,006,985

Total International Box Office (not totally updated)

Total Worldwide Box Office:

***Last week, Box Office Mojo reported a total international box office as $27,785,083. Incremental sales added from last week equals $4,425,779 which would bring the total to $32,211,582. That total BO would be $51,056,410. I'm not sure which is most correct, so I am going with what the numbers add up to.

Box Office Mojo

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Looking at Remember Me - The Theme of Two

Spoiler Warning!!

Today, we are looking at another theme that seems to run through Remember Me.

All the thanks goes to Mils1234, Nautiluswirl, Tedracat, AZ, Calendos, VAgirl and everyone else who took part in the discussions for these fabulous insights into the artwork and the significance.

It will be very interesting to listen to Allen Coulter's commentary on the DVD! I can not wait for that.

Check out the theme of "2" throughout - from the age 22 (Tyler was originally supposed to be 23 in the script and Michael was 22 when he died) to objects grouped in twos, to the way AC shoots characters side by side in 2 shots, to 2 towers, to 2 graves. Even the candles on Tyler's cake are two 2's, side by side. It's interesting to note that Nostradamus's references to "the two brothers" falling was interpreted by some to infer the Twin Towers...

When Tyler blew out his candles he missed the 22 and 3 candles around it. This could foreshadow the twin towers being the 22 and the 3 surrounding buildings being the other 3 candles not blown. When he blew them, they automatically went out, sorta like the ending did when the twin towers were hit.

Other things in twos:
Two glass obelisks on Charles's desk
Two sailboats in the pond at Central Park

What else did you see?

Thoughts on Remember Me 35

Remember Me is an amazing film a must see for anybody it was good - FuDirector09

Everyone go and watch Remember Me. It is the BEST movie I have ever seen. Put aside previous RPatz assumptions and watch this movie. Now. - TopherDaniel

shares a silent, subtle, deep, confusing, compelling, lovely, moving and in the end a perfect must see, watch "Remember Me"! :) - carlocacho

I do not see why people made a big deal about the #RememberMe ending. the movie was great, and the roles played stunningly. - ataglance20079

Just saw #RememberMe .. Makes me appreciate the ppl in my life so much more.. Always tell the ones you love that you love them. Don't wait. - cassieleblanc

Remember Me... simply a beautiful movie. Live in the moments. - brybet

You all need to go see Remember Me. I promise it will shatter all expectations. - YouMeandKat

Just saw "Remember Me." An unflinching, stunningly profound screenplay beautifully filmed and marvelously acted. I give it 10 out of 10. - LFotF

Just went to see Remember Me, and I feel like a more intelligent person to be honest. It was quality. - savingmandyy

Wanna know something about #RememberMe? 140 characters are not enough to describe it! One of the best movies I've ever seen! - deb_evan

#RememberMe was fantastic..not at all what I expected. Can't wait to go again..Robert Pattinson can definetly act! - tesa31

Go see #RememberMe staring #robertpattinson it is an amazing, intelligent movie. You will leave the theater affect by this movie! - kyleberns

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thoughts on Remember Me 34

Can't stop thinking about rememberrr me such a beautiful story line - EllieFranchesca

Chris Cooper was incredible as always. God he's intense! - Madam Thang

See it with someone u don't think will like it....They'll thank u for it! ;) - Kelly8964

omg I saw remember me!!! Soooo amazing I cried:( rob is a VERY good actor and shouldn't be just remembered for twilight xx - funkyfanatic

Remember me is so sad! But I love it anyway! - weall loveDemi

tonight i watch remember me for the third time. Do you know why? Because i so loved that movie! - KStewismyqueen

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thoughts of Remember Me 33

Remember Me was brilliant!!! Rob and Emilie (and the whole cast :)) were awesome!!! If you want to know more GO TO SEE THE MOVIE! - JuditMC

This was the best movie I have seen. Ever! And I'm dead serious. - heartkbitch

Just saw it & my God. One of the most fantastic & moving movies I have ever seen. Never have I cried so hard in my life.... - AngelofMusic465

I just saw RM and even I'm speechless ... wonderful movie, wonderful work that Rob does, I need to see it again!!#RememberMe - RobsessedSpain

Actually had 5 friends with me at Remember Me. They all cried and told me I'm not allowed to pick movies anymore. But they LOVED it! - frompster

We saw it in glasgow yesterday and we're going again at 4pm LOVED IT! - ChristineCx

DVD Extras Announced

Summit has released information on the extras that are to be included on the Remember Me DVD / Blu-ray discs.

Audio Commentaries by:
Allen Coulter - director
Robert Pattinson and the cast (believed to be Pierce Brosnan and Emilie de Ravin)

Also included will be a "Making of Remember Me" feature. Technical specs are still pending.

The dates that the DVD is available are:
USA..........June 22
UK...........July 26

High Def Disc News

Monday, April 19, 2010

Thoughts on Remember Me 32

#rememberme was a precious little gem.The acting of all involved is fantastic.The ending...speachless.Worth seeing. Well done - pionirka

I like Remember Me. It`s very interesting film and grievous. Thanks!! Robert is surprize - sovsem_inaya

i just saw RM. most amazing movie ever! Robert was so good! and i had to cry at the end :') but just wow. it was awesome <3 - iSupportFrankie

robs performance blew me away. Beguiling! - Michalala

I saw the movie five times.. each time more amazing than the first. This movie is amazing and one I will never forget. - jarielynn

Call all RPatz fans, If you haven't seen RM yet, GO WATCH IT!!! Awesome!!!! - Nehnahrr

Went to see Remember me yesterday. It was brilliant and yes I cried, great ending Rob pattinson is gorgeous!!!!! - facinelli1fan

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Looking at Remember Me - Tyler's Internal and External Conflicts

This article takes a look at some of the additional conflicts that Tyler is dealing with.

All the thanks goes to Mils1234, Nautiluswirl, Tedracat, AZ, Calendos, VAgirl and everyone else who took part in the discussions for these fabulous insights into the artwork and the significance.


Given the pummeling Tyler gave the guy in the alleyway, we know that he's capable of fighting the good fight yet he offered little resistance to Neil in the apartment. Why? Is Tyler self destructive enough to let asphyxiation take him as it did Michael?

One explanation may be that Tyler did initially resist, but buckled because he knew that what he did to Ally was horrible and he deserved what Neil was doing to him.

I think Tyler actually intentionally provokes Neil Craig into beating him up due to guilt. Tyler, as evidenced by his willingness to defend (the guys in the street, his sister, Ally) has a strong sense of justice. In doing what he did to Ally, he went against his own moral code, thus, in his mind, he should be punished. That's why the fight was the breaking point for him and he confessed to Ally immediately afterward. And as we know, he also faces anger and guilt (as many family and friends of suicide victims experience) from Michael's death, which compounds the situation. Tyler and Neil Craig are actually a lot alike.

Just before the alleyway ruckus, one hears a woman's ghost-like voice call out "Michael ... Michael... " which summons Tyler into action to prevent working class lads from being beaten down by someone with more recalling his brother's situation with his father; the lingering guilt - maybe Tyler could have prevented his brother's suicide if he did something, and anger spurs him into reacting now.

I love how the fight scene was done with the disembodied "Michael!" Not only did it distract Tyler, but it also showed how little he is existing in the present (as Aiden does) and how much in his own thoughts/emotions. So well done.

And of course the fact that the two guys coming out of the building that got beaten up were musicians echos Michael as well. So in a way, sure, he was reacting with Michael in mind.