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Looking at Remember Me - Tyler's Internal and External Conflicts

This article takes a look at some of the additional conflicts that Tyler is dealing with.

All the thanks goes to Mils1234, Nautiluswirl, Tedracat, AZ, Calendos, VAgirl and everyone else who took part in the discussions for these fabulous insights into the artwork and the significance.


Given the pummeling Tyler gave the guy in the alleyway, we know that he's capable of fighting the good fight yet he offered little resistance to Neil in the apartment. Why? Is Tyler self destructive enough to let asphyxiation take him as it did Michael?

One explanation may be that Tyler did initially resist, but buckled because he knew that what he did to Ally was horrible and he deserved what Neil was doing to him.

I think Tyler actually intentionally provokes Neil Craig into beating him up due to guilt. Tyler, as evidenced by his willingness to defend (the guys in the street, his sister, Ally) has a strong sense of justice. In doing what he did to Ally, he went against his own moral code, thus, in his mind, he should be punished. That's why the fight was the breaking point for him and he confessed to Ally immediately afterward. And as we know, he also faces anger and guilt (as many family and friends of suicide victims experience) from Michael's death, which compounds the situation. Tyler and Neil Craig are actually a lot alike.

Just before the alleyway ruckus, one hears a woman's ghost-like voice call out "Michael ... Michael... " which summons Tyler into action to prevent working class lads from being beaten down by someone with more recalling his brother's situation with his father; the lingering guilt - maybe Tyler could have prevented his brother's suicide if he did something, and anger spurs him into reacting now.

I love how the fight scene was done with the disembodied "Michael!" Not only did it distract Tyler, but it also showed how little he is existing in the present (as Aiden does) and how much in his own thoughts/emotions. So well done.

And of course the fact that the two guys coming out of the building that got beaten up were musicians echos Michael as well. So in a way, sure, he was reacting with Michael in mind.


WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

Thanks for this excellent analysis - I had come to the same conclusion, but was wondering if I wasn't over-analysing or reading too much into the film. This shows that everything has been done with the utmost care in RM, in a very subtle way. Thanks for posting this!! I can't wait for other posts.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. I enjoy this site so much. I love that there are others who can see deeply into this movie.

I agree with all of the above, and thing that Tyler let the scene with Neil play out that way because 1) he knew he did wrong, 2) Neil is the physical manifestation of the pain he will have caused Ally, 3) In the moment he probably did want to expeirence what his brother's last moments in life were like, and 4) Tyler just doesn't have much will to live.

Also, LOVED the comment about Tyler living in the past and hearing the echos of it.

I CANNOT wait until this is on DVD. I plan on watching it often.

Thanks for this website.

Melissa said...

I love all the subtle hints in this movie. Added all up, they make for a very intelligent, meaningful movie. I don't think I've ever seen a movie so realistic and full of meaning in my life. Great job to all involved! And definitely a great start for Robert Pattinson's after-Twilight career!

kat said...

I think that even with everything we see, Allen is going to amaze us with the details he put into this film!

jessegirl said...

Great site!
Until I read this post I hadn't thought about why Tyler allows Neil to practically choke him to death. I think I was wincing too much at his humiliation.
But you're right, he did it to punish himself and used Neil as his weapon--actually, I should have thought of that as I'd long ago put a chapter like that into my own novel.
You've gone one better linking the choking to Michael's death.
I did hear the name 'Michael' being called out in the alley myself (after the 5th viewing, hah).

LTavares2010 said...

ITA. Michael, is a strong presence in the story, I can see him with Tyler`s eyes. Michael is there all the time. A hard work for Rob but he is successful, showing a beautiful and sensitive performance. By the way, I saw your comment on the other site. Kisses.

jessegirl said...

@LTavares...Oh man, I'm getting mixed up about which sites I'm on. Thanks though.
I'm happy 'Rum' sent me here, but I'm not sure how much I'll contribute.

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