Monday, April 19, 2010

Thoughts on Remember Me 32

#rememberme was a precious little gem.The acting of all involved is fantastic.The ending...speachless.Worth seeing. Well done - pionirka

I like Remember Me. It`s very interesting film and grievous. Thanks!! Robert is surprize - sovsem_inaya

i just saw RM. most amazing movie ever! Robert was so good! and i had to cry at the end :') but just wow. it was awesome <3 - iSupportFrankie

robs performance blew me away. Beguiling! - Michalala

I saw the movie five times.. each time more amazing than the first. This movie is amazing and one I will never forget. - jarielynn

Call all RPatz fans, If you haven't seen RM yet, GO WATCH IT!!! Awesome!!!! - Nehnahrr

Went to see Remember me yesterday. It was brilliant and yes I cried, great ending Rob pattinson is gorgeous!!!!! - facinelli1fan

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