Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thoughts on Remember Me 6

Saw #RememberMe today. What an amazing and emotional story. Absolutely LOVED it! Will be seeing it again on Sunday. :) - aprilcampos

this movie was amazing. it was SO much more than I expected. Emile and Rob did an outstanding job. LOVED it. So. Much. - frontiercity_

just left the movie. Acting was amazing. the story was compelling and thought provoking. Ending has left me w/ heavy heart! - StarNoble13

#rememberme is simply perfect. Rob is incredible. LOVED, LOVED! - blendaV

#RememberMe was outstandng! The acting was amazing by everyone involved and the story was so moving. GO SEE #RememberMe !!!I am telling everyone I know to go see it. - Lisa7474

Friday, March 19, 2010

Thoughts on Remember Me 5

Awesome film guys it's a must movie to see this year. Great performances. Can't wait to see it again tomorow. - kc2cnc

A-MAZING ;) #rememberme emilie and rob both did AMAZING. that's the best word I have for it - AmberjWhatev

Such a great movie!! Saw it at midnight then went again at 1pm! Blew me away! Better the second time! - gdwitkow

Saw #RememberMe today. What a wonderful film, the actors' performances were all top notch. I was watching Tyler, not Rob. - Locheneileen

I just got back from seeing #RememberMe.It is amazing.Rob is awesome (as always) I cried. - Rob_ward_Fan

Remember Me Openings

Remember Me opens in the following countries this week-end!

Bulgeria, Poland, Portugual, Russia, Singapore and Vietnam.

Hope you love Remember Me!!

Digital Spy talks to Nick Osborne, Emilie de Ravin and Robert Pattinson

Digital Spy UK interviews Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin and producer Nick Osborne about Remember Me on the red carpet at the UK premiere in London.

To watch the video, please click here:

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Attention Deficit Takes a Look at Remember Me

Bryan Reesman writes a must read article that takes a look at the controversy swirling around Remember Me.

“Remember Me”: Stirring Up Controversy And Emotions

by Bryan Reesman

Yesterday I submitted an essay to Moviefone about the ... new film Remember Me, directed by Allen Coulter, written by Will Fetters and starring Robert Pattinson (Twilight) and Emilie de Ravin (Lost). A topical Moviefone story can often pull in one or two dozen comments. Some have topped 100. This one reached 300 within 12 hours of being posted. At one point last night, I was literally receiving one comment per minute, and during one hour alone, the post received 78,000 views, easily making it the post of the night and landing it a top spot on AOL’s main page.

To read the essay, please click here:
Attention Deficit

UK Red Carpet Photos

One of our followers, CeliaBG attended the UK premiere of Remember Me and took these photos of Emilie de Ravin and Robert Pattinson on the red carpet.

Thanks to Celia BG for sharing her photos with us.

Thoughts on Remember Me 4

remember me was amazing. defiantly cried like a baby. but wow, just too good for words. - je_manzon

#RememberMe is an amazingly beautiful movie. Rob's performance was raw, powerful and real. Leaves you breathless. - BellasMommy86

The movie is amazing. The score was fantastic. I loved it. I am sure I will go see it again sometime this weekend! <3 - roccs87

It was so FANTASTIC. I'm still shaking cause it was so emotionally raw. Totally powerful. LOVED IT. :') - europeanlovers

WOW! Remember Me was SO good. Exceeded my expectations! Fantastic acting by Rob, Ruby, and Pierce. Incredible. - SRuthie

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Remember Me's UK Premiere

The UK premiere of Remember Me took place on Wednesday March 17th at Odeon Leicester Square Cinema in London. Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin were in attendence.

Photo Source:

SkyNews Interview with Robert Pattinson on the red carpet.

Robert Pattinson on the red carpet.

Kevin Hughes from 98.5 CapitolFM interviews Tom Felton (Harry Potter films), Emilie de Ravin and Robert Pattinson on the red carpet.

Rob and Emilie introduce Remember Me!

Rob only: Err, we were told not to say anything, um and we wanted to complain that we had to buy popcorn, so err I hope you had to buy your own popcorn & that you enjoy the film, and err everyone Im very proud of is here and its a very interesting different film,I think that... Emilie what are we proud of? [laughs] (emilie speaks)
Rob: its a thriller and funny... I really can't think stuff up, no ones going to stop me alright? [laughs]

Red Carpet Footage - Part 1

Red Carpet Footage - Part 2

For more videos, please check out:
Thinking of

Remember Me Box Office Update

Remember Me's box office receipts jumped 10.3% on Tuesday. Grossing $735,630, the jump was the largest daily % of the top films. The average change for the top 7 grossing films, day over day, was +1.5%. (Remember Me grossed #5).

Monday's day over day sales was much the same. While the average of the top 7 grossing films dropped -65.9% vs Sunday sales on Monday, Remember Me dropped a smaller 59.7%. Remember Me grossed $664,516 on Monday.

Is this word of mouth at work? Are people who had not heard about Remember Me or people who we have been telling to see this wonderful movie going to see it? Is it a trend? Maybe. Two days does not a trend make, but it is a start.

So keep telling people about Remember Me. Suggest that they see the film for themselves and make sure you see it again yourself. And for those of you who live where it will be released this weekend, make sure you see it.

Total Box Office to Date:
Domestic - $9,489,295
Interntl - $1,770,000
Total - $11,259,295

Thoughts on Remember Me 3

loved #RememberMe so much going to see it again today - radrhon

yeah I saw the movie at the NYC premiere :) it's amazing can't wait to see it tonight again!! N tomorrow ! - leydylaura

I Loved @remembermefilm. I cried a lot. It was a great movie. - renatabaesse

just saw the movie, the acting was solid! Rob portrayed Tyler perfectly & Ruby was so precious! cant wait to see it again! - IceAngel34

just got back frm watchng RememberMe it was amazing & evn my bf liked it not a dry eye n the theatre so proud of Rob&Emilie - yvetteBETCH

PopSugar's "I'm a Huge Fan" Contest Winner's Remember Me Experience

A couple of weeks ago, in conjunction with Summit Entertaiment ran the "I'm a Huge Fan of Robert Pattinson" contest where the winner would win a trip to the premiere of Remember Me, complete with a spot on the red carpet. There the winner would be able to interview Robert Pattinson and other members of the cast. These three videos documented the winner, Tracy's trip to New York City and her great experience!

Part 1 Tracy Learns that she has won the contest!

Part 2 Tracy Visits some of the Filmimg Spots in Remember Me.

Part 3 - Tracy Meets and Interviews Robert Pattinson on the Red Carpet!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ropes of Silicon Talks with Will Fetters About Remember Me Ending

Please make sure to read this article if you have seen the film. I am so glad that Brad Brevet of Ropes of Silicon took the time to get in touch with Will and to write this article. There are spoilers, so in Brad's words, If you have not seen it (Remember Me) yet, not only do I urge you to head to the theater, but you also may want to skip reading this interview until you have.

Reacting to 'Remember Me': An Interview with Screenwriter Will Fetters

by Brad Brevet

Anyone that read my review of Remember Me already knows I enjoyed it, and was one of the select few. In fact, I have strong opinions of the film, not from the perspective of how great the acting is or whether director Allen Coulter turned in a tour de force bit of filmmaking navigation, but merely at the idea behind the film and its intentions. However, it's intentions, it seems, have been largely lost on the critical community.

Remember Me has been painted as a romance story by the majority, but is it? I saw it as something entirely different. As a result, it became a case of reading review after review and saying to myself those most cliche and pompous of all phrases, "They just don't get it." But instead of writing some all-encompassing editorial of how I thought I was right and everyone else was wrong I decided to go to the source. I contacted Summit Entertainment and requested interviews with first-time screenwriter Will Fetters and director Allen Coulter. Coulter, as it turns out, is on vacation for a week, but Fetters was available for a conversation and our discussion ended up being more than enough when it came to realizing my intentions of the piece.

For the rest of this must read article, please click here:
Ropes of Interview

To read Brad Brevet's review, please click here:
Ropes of Review

Remember Me Saturday Part 2

Often times a small, thoughtful and complex movie like Remember Me would debut at a film festival and be lucky to see limited release throughout the United States. With thought-provoking subject matter that asks the audience to think and feel things that are sometimes simple, sometimes profound and sometimes uncomfortable with how closely they mirror real life joys and sorrows, Remember Me debuted on 2,212 screens this weekend and brought in a thoroughly respectable $8,089,139 million. Going up against the monstrous Alice in Wonderland and the heavily marketed, big budget Matt Damon vehicle, Green Zone, among other more widely released films, Remember Me had a huge amount of competition.
  • Metacritic user rating 80/100
  • Rotten Tomato user rating 79%
  • Yahoo users rating A-
  • Boxoffice mojo user rating B
As Scott Mendelson pointed out in his article on the Huffington Post yesterday, "We must recall that a movie like this wouldn't have made $1.75million without the drawing power of Pattinson."

With a drop off over 20% less on Saturday than any of the Twilight movies, the fans helped to make a difference by showing up and bringing friends and family back to see Remember Me on Saturday, March 13th. But Remember Me still needs our support. The fight isn't over. While critics have been exceedingly split on the film, audiences have not; Rated the #1 film right now on Fandango, Remember Me has resonated in the hearts of those who have seen it -- So much so that word of mouth is building all over the Internet and offline including message boards, movie sites, AP articles and more. It made the front page of AOL today, the Huffington Post continues to cover it, new glowing reviews have come in the past 24 hours and the sound is getting louder.

"Remember Me is a touching love story, but its broader take of familial relations packs a greater emotional punch." - USA Today

Remember Me is worth the Fight!

"The fact is, "Remember Me" is a well-made movie. I cared about the characters. I felt for them." - Roger Ebert

Robert Ebert, who gave Remember Me 3 out of 4 stars in his review last week, Tweeted yesterday that he's heard audiences are showing affection to this film and he's right...Audiences are saying this is one of the best films they've seen in ages and recommending it to their friends and family and colleagues. Clearly critics -- at least in this case -- are out of touch with what the American movie audience is ready for when it comes to the movies they watch. Popcorn movies are fun and have their place but Remember Me has proven audiences like to think, too. They like to be challenged and they like to walk away from a film wanting to discuss it long after the credits have rolled.

"Coulter wants to explore the act of mourning as a theme, and how death sometimes reminds us that every minute of life should be savored. On that level, Remember Me certainly succeeds." - The Miami Herald

Of the top five films this week, Remember Me ($16M budget, 2,212 theaters)
actually came in THIRD for Average (PTA), behind AIW ($200M budget,
3,728 theaters) and GZ ($100M budget, 3,003 theaters).
As some of you might already know, we started the Remember Me Saturday campaign to help the film's box office as much as possible as well as unite fans in support of a film we all hoped would make a mark. And so here we are on the second week and the fan's support is just as important as it was last week for opening weekend -- Maybe even more important. As word-of- mouth builds, we need to keep pushing and so we're calling on you once again to head out to the theater and bring your friends and family along this Saturday, March 20th. Does this mean you should stay away during the week? Of course not! See Remember Me as many times as you'd like. But be there March 20th, too, and let's show Rob and the rest of the good people who worked hard to bring us this wonderful film that we're in fighting form and ready to show our unified support.

"For those looking for the rare romantic youth drama without vampyric overtones or other gimmicks, Remember Me should satisfy and it works as a much-needed change of pace for the talented Pattinson who remains one of the most watchable of our young stars."- Box Office Magazine

We need major Rob & Twilight sites/blogs/Facebooks/Twitters, etc. to keep putting the word out and we're asking you to continue actively promoting this Fan Supported Event as much as you possibly can.

And above all, keep talking about Remember Me where and whenever you can. Write reviews, tell everyone you meet about the film, rate it on the movie sites and express what it is this film has meant to you, personally. The people who have seen Remember Me are the best advertising out there. There's nothing better.

"Remember Me" is a smart, engaging drama about young love flourishing amid sadness and loss." - The Hollywood Reporter

Won't you please help?

Please contact RememberMe Saturday at for any questions or help in setting up a banner or an article about the Remember Me Saturday fan event. Anything you need or want, we're here to help.

Thoughts on Remember Me 2

I just finished watching rm and o my gosh i loved it my sister loved it #remembermefilm - hardylovesRP

simply WONDERFUL! #RememberMe Loved Rob, Pierce, Emilie, Tate, Ruby OMG! Loved!!! - IloveTwilightBR

Just saw RM. Only words I have are VERY MOVING & BEAUTIFUL. (cont) - GO SEE THIS MOVIE! LOVED IT!! - AndieBullock

I saw #RememberMe today, it is an amazing movie that will be remembered for a long time. - Landymar

WOW!!!!! @RememberMeFilm was really good. I love Rob Pattinson! Wasn't expecting the ending....WOW...just WOOOOOW - ItsMeMarilyn

Box Office Numbers

Box Office Mojo is reporting the final week-end domestic numbers for Remember Me to be $8,089,139. Shown in 2212 theaters, the average per theater take was $3,657.

Remember Me also opened in Australia with $467,800 in 173 theaters and in New Zealand with $90,893 in 43 theaters.

Total international sales totalled an estimated $1,770,000 from 530 theaters.

The total weekend take for Remember Me was $9,859,139. In a total of 2,742 theaters that is an average of $3596 per theater.

On the Red Talks Remember Me with Robert Patttinson

George Pennacchio from On the Red Carpet sat down with Robert Pattinson during the Remember Me press junket.

Rob talks about his role as an executive producer and what he did behind the scenes in Remember Me,his future products and how the ending makes people think. (He does not give details, just talks in general terms)

To watch the video, please click here:
On the Red Carpet

Remember Me Actors and Filmmakers Weigh in on the Ending with

Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cooper and Allen Coulter weigh in on the ending with's Eric Ditzian.

The entire article is a spoiler.
Please click here to read the entire article:

Monday, March 15, 2010

Clevver TV Interviews Robert Pattinson about Remember Me

Clevver TV presents a three part video interview with Robert Pattinson about Remember Me.

Part 1 - Rob talks about the film , Tyler and Ally's relationship and Tyler.

Part 2 - Talks about filming Remember Me in New York City.

Part 3 - Rob talks about connecting to the story and working with Allen Coulter.

Remember Me in the UK

Spotted on the London Undeground

Thanks to Intaglioartist for the photo!

The British Board of Film Classification has rated Remember Me 12A. A 12A rating restricts the film for children under the age of 12 unless they are accompanied by an adult.

The premiere of Remember Me will take place this Wednesday March 17th at Odeon Leicester Square Cinema in London. Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin will be attending. jenbirtles and keogirl will be tweeting live from the premiere.

If you live in the UK, support Remember Me by taking part in Remember Me Saturday UK. Like Remember Me Saturday in the US, Remember Me Saturday UK is a national fan support event to help Remember Me to open at #1. For more information on the UK event, please click on these sites:
RMSaturdayUK Facebook
RM Saturday UK Blogspot

Producer Nick Osborne is Interviewed by the LA Times

24 Frames writer Steven Zeitchik sat with Remember Me producer Nick Osborne and discussed the issues getting the film made, casting Robert Pattinson and working around the paps.

'Remember Me' producer: Rob Pattinson a 'soulful' presence who will be a big-time actor

by Steven Zeitchik

Remember Me," Robert Pattinson's attempt to branch out from his trademark lovelorn-vampire role (to a lovelorn regular-guy role), was only a modest performer at the box office this weekend, earning $8.3 million. But the film offers several notable attributes; in addition to Pattinson's first turn as a leading man in a mainstream release not titled "Twilight," it's a mid-budget drama in a time when such films are an endangered breed. And it came from Summit, a company that has flirted with a number of genres, but never this one.

Just before the film opened this weekend, we caught up with producer Nick Osborne of Underground Management, who with partner Trevor Engelson produced the film, on the challenges of making this type of movie, the acting virtues of one Mr. Pattinson and the perils of shooting in a big city when you've got one of the most famous faces in the world on your set.

24 Frames: A lot of people look at this film and say "Rob Pattinson, Summit, of course it got made." But you toiled for a long time to get it off the ground.

Nick Osborne: It's not an easy movie to get going -- it's a dark love story set in New York, and we kept trying to get it set up at studios and no one was interested. Eventually it got to Allen [Coulter, the director], and he had interest, but we still had trouble finding an actor. There are simply very few actors in that age range who could pull a role like this off. And I was on IMDB Pro one day and put in "male stars 18-27," and he literally came up as No. 2. And we called Summit and they said, "Actually, we really like the kid, we're doing a movie with him."

To read the rest of the interview, please click here:

Thoughts on Remember Me

Over the week-end, I received hundreds of tweets from people who had just watched Remember Me and wanted to remark on what they had just seen. They were all so good and postitive, and most importantly, the thoughts and opinions of the movie goer who was kind enough to plunk down their money to watch Remember Me.

So everyday going forward until there are no more, there will be a post containing a few of the twittereviews for everyone to read.

I am also aware that there are a number of fans out there who have yet to see this film, so spoilers will be edited out. If your tweet is edited, please understand.

If you have a longer than 140 character review, and would like to see it posted here, please email it to me at .

Thoughts on Remember Me - Day 1

I saw it at midnight last night, going back tonight. It's fantastic. Rob is just phenomenal and it will stay with me. - EyesofAmberBlog

back from seeing the film, it was amazing...rob has a big future...and god did I cry..loved it! how precious is ruby!? She's such a great little girl - T_Mauricexo

Just saw it! It was incredibly powerful. .... Great job Rob!!! - LydHayes

Just saw #RememberMe I have no words...An emotional trip indeed. It was everything I hoped and more. - bonz245

I loved it. Can't wait to see it again tonight. #RememberMe - Valleegr

***Spoilers in Comments***

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sky Showbiz Interview with Robert Pattinson

Robert talks with Sky Showbiz about the crowds surrounding Remember Me, fame, acting and growing up.


IHeartradio Talks with Remember Me Cast

Chris, Pierce and Emilie talk about working with Rob

Robert Talks about Emilie de Ravin as Ally

Source: IHeartRadio Interview with Robert Pattinson

Interview: Robert Pattinson On New York And The Downside Of Fame

by Katey Rich

I admit, I wasn't expecting all that much out of Robert Pattinson. He's become very, very famous for playing men of few words, be it prettyboy Cedric Diggory in the fourth Harry Potter, the icy and wary Edward Cullen in that vampire thing, or the brooding Tyler in Remember Me, which is by far Pattinson's biggest role yet as a non-vampire. I was waiting for him to walk into the interview room in a cloud of smoke, hair tousled back and scowl on his face, simply daring us to ask any questions.

Saying I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement-- Pattinson was a funny, generous and totally relaxed interview, willing to laugh at himself and admit when his questions veered off into nonsense, and doing his best to answer Twilight questions even when the publicists hovered in the background to make sure we didn't get off track. The hair was totally normal too-- I guess his stylist had the afternoon off. Read below for our conversation with Pattinson, about what drew him to a romance like Remember Me, how he sees his character Tyler as an extension of himself, and the perils of unexpected fame. I was really impressed with how open he was in talking about what he does and doesn't like about the craziness that surrounds him on a daily basis. Really, I was impressed in general. Find out why below.

For the interview, please click here: