Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Box Office Numbers

Box Office Mojo is reporting the final week-end domestic numbers for Remember Me to be $8,089,139. Shown in 2212 theaters, the average per theater take was $3,657.

Remember Me also opened in Australia with $467,800 in 173 theaters and in New Zealand with $90,893 in 43 theaters.

Total international sales totalled an estimated $1,770,000 from 530 theaters.

The total weekend take for Remember Me was $9,859,139. In a total of 2,742 theaters that is an average of $3596 per theater.



Anonymous said...

Put Remember Me in more theaters and I would go and alot of other people would to. Do not want to travel over 100 miles to see. Please I want to see Rob. Love Them... HappySue

kat said...

Unfortunately, it's the theater owners that decide what movies they are going to play in hteir theaters. I wish it had opened in more theaters too!

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