Saturday, November 28, 2009

Remember Me Trailer on Apple and I-tunes

You can now download the Remember Me trailer on I-tunes. Get it now and watch it whenever you want!! And of course, show it to everyone you meet.

Remember Me on

And here are two Remember Me I-Phone / I-Touch wallpapers created by CandyKizzes24 to go along with the trailer!

Thanks to CandyKizzes24 for her work!

Screencap Source
Twilight Brittany Fan Site

Friday, November 27, 2009

Fan Trailer, Poster and Artwork Friday

Happy Friday!! I hope anyone coming back from Black Friday shopping got everything that they wanted.

We have quite a few pieces of artwork today.

First up is a wonderful poster created by DreamySim1.

Next is a beautiful poster made by Jovichic.

Finally, we have two gorgeous posters/wallpapers designed by CandyKizzes24.

This one is entitled "Through the Looking Glass".

Thanks to CandyKizzes24, Jovichic and DreamySim1!

If you have created something or know of something good and would like to see it shared, please let me know at I will pick one or two each week to post.

Please watch the spoilers. I won't post any posters with spoilers and if I post a video with a spoiler, it will be labeled as such. I want everyone to have the option of remaining spoiler free!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More On-Line Articles Featuring Remember Me

Remember Me, Robert Pattinson, overshadows New Moon

by Sean Callahan - Post Production Examiner for Philadelphia
November 24, 2009

As the New Moon breaks records, attention should be brought to a trailer with a release date in March of 2010. No, not Eclipse, but rather Remember Me, a film which could legitimize Robert Pattinson as an actor and not just a Teen Beat cover boy.

Remember me is filled with an amazing cast: the impeccable, Academy Award winner Chris Cooper, Pierce Brosnan and Lena Olin. Robert is enlisted to play Tyler, a poetic misfit, who wants to be his own man but does not know how to find the path to becoming one. His father, portrayed by Brosnan, does not know what to do with him, which only leads to Tyler’s greater alienation.

To read more of this article, please click Philadelphia

On- Line Articles Featuring Remember Me

With the release of the trailer, Remember Me is beginning to be noticed and written about in various on-line articles. Here are some of those articles.

tMF Featured Trailer: REMEMBER ME- Robert Pattinson plays rebel, romances Emilie de Ravin!

Written by Jed Medina
Friday, 20 November 2009 03:58

While doing some finishing touches to my Twilight: New Moon review, I got the chance to watch the trailer for Robert Pattinson's upcoming modern drama entitled Remember Me. The first thing I noticed - not the acting - but the music. I love it!

Director Allen Coulter appears to be trying to create a refreshing new take of the tired and old formula of 'bad boy loves good girl' theme, throwing in, what appears to be, a difficult relationship between father and son. I'm pretty sure Rob Pattinson can match Brosnan, who plays his Dad, in the acting department. They even look 'related', so it's good casting on the part of Coulter.
To read more of this article, please click here for the Movie-Fanatic

Robert Pattinson's 'Remember Me' Trailer Is Released
By: David Ciminelli for
November 19, 2009

Robert Pattinson's next non-vampire movie doesn't open for another four months but that didn't stop Summit Entertainment from riding on 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon' buzz and releasing the trailer for his romantic drama 'Remember Me' a few days before the Nov. 20 release of the latest big screen offering from Stephenie Meyer's best-selling series.

The British heartthrob puts his charisma and good looks to use as a brooding, misunderstood rebel without much of a cause except to reconnect with his distant father (Pierce Brosnan) following a family tragedy, and, of course, to get the girl.
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