Friday, March 4, 2011

Remember Me Discussion - Outside the Film

Is there an underlying theme of violence in Remember Me? How does violence affect each of the characters.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Remember Me Premiere Flashback - Remember Me Countdown

One year ago today, Remember Me premiered at the Paris Theater in New York City. Here is a re-post of some of the things that we were excited about and looking forward to last year on this day.

Reason #11

Rob at the premiere for his first film outside the Twilight bubble - Twinkle

I'm excited about the chance for Rob to really carry a movie with his own name. It will be a big moment in his career. - ChasingCarsforFun

To see Rob coming into his own and stepping out the Twilight shadow - steph_h456

It's his first movie outside the saga. - PinkStarlett84

I love seeing his career develop - VAgirl

Watching Rob change people's minds about what he's capable of - Twinkle

Seeing Rob promote a movie he actually really likes. - Calendos

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Thinking of

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Remember Me Artwork

Our sister site, Regards Sur le Film Remember Me has given us permission to post these two beautiful pieces of artwork featuring Tyler and Ally!


Don't Be a Stranger

deviant - blueabyss17404
Tyler's portrait
Ally's portrait

Thanks Rum!

In respect to the artist, please do not re-post.

Date for Remember Me Premiere on Showtime

Remember Me will premiere on Showtime on April 15th at 9:00PM EST. Make sure your taxes are completed early and tune in to watch it again!

For their full viewing schedule, please click here:
Remember Me on Showtime