Monday, February 28, 2011

Remember Me Premiere Flashback - Remember Me Countdown

One year ago today, Remember Me premiered at the Paris Theater in New York City. Here is a re-post of some of the things that we were excited about and looking forward to last year on this day.

Reason #11

Rob at the premiere for his first film outside the Twilight bubble - Twinkle

I'm excited about the chance for Rob to really carry a movie with his own name. It will be a big moment in his career. - ChasingCarsforFun

To see Rob coming into his own and stepping out the Twilight shadow - steph_h456

It's his first movie outside the saga. - PinkStarlett84

I love seeing his career develop - VAgirl

Watching Rob change people's minds about what he's capable of - Twinkle

Seeing Rob promote a movie he actually really likes. - Calendos

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Anonymous said...

unfortunatly it will take a long time for reporters not to keep refering to the saga and edward.and possible relationships hes in.
he really enjoyed working with the cast he also said the general way it was filmed etc was much easier and relaxed.
due to 9/11 it will take him far longer again to receive positive and respectful and fair reviews they will be taking any opportunity to discredit him and his work . he is very proud of wfe but they are only concentrating on the gossip in a radio interview he was talking about watching documentaries of the eara and people involved in making it true the time period but I havnt seen this reported in any article.the razzies have put him as worst actor for remember me they wrote an article basicaly saying due to rm he will be remembered negativly for a long time
I really wish him all the best for the future and hope he gets proper support I m worried that even if wfe does well , remember me was recorded as being a flop when i looked at individual reports it has made a profit of $50 m if dvds are included yet its on numbers as making $30m ($16 making $56 gross box office domestic and foreign $12m dvds) which is very desent considering its limited release and the negative press ,and he will be judged against actors over ten years his senior who have won oscars which shows what amazing opportunities hes had but too much pressure

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