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If You Had One Question to Ask!

If you had one question to ask Emilie about Remember Me, what would that question be? Be creative!

If You Had One Question to Ask

What if you could ask Rob one question about Remember Me? What would that question be? Be creative!

Remember Me Countdown

Reason #13

Tyler and Caroline!

I can't wait to see RM for Tyler/Caroline and Rob in as a totally believable and relatable character - BrittaKirk

Tyler's realtionship with Caroline. - CatherineFeb

Looking forward to the bigbro / little sis relationship - looks so endearing - dpflughoeft

We get to see Rob act like a big brother (makes my heart melt) - LiveLoveLaugh15

And I can't wait to see all the cute scenes with Tyler and Caroline - sonerica07

The relationship between Tyler and his little sister Caroline. Very sweet!:) - Heidi6572

Well who I'm I kidding I love all the scenes w/ Tyler & Caroline. - AZ

The backpack scene with Ruby. - PinkStarlett84

"Ask Emilie" Now Up on Official Remember Me Facebook

The "Ask Emilie" feature is now up on Facebook!! Emilie answered some fan questions about her character in the film, Ally Craig. Here is one question and answer:

What does "Remember Me" have that makes it different from common romantic stories?
- John Sikovaris

The characters are so beautifully unique and their relationships break the norm. It's a reality driven piece that depicts so many parts of a relationship. Not just Ally and Tyler's but their relationship with their families and in turn, how that effects them.

For the rest of the questions, please check out the Official Remember Me Facebook page here:
Official Remember Me Facebook

Remember Me Round-Up

Rob Pattinson will appear on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on March 2nd. The Daily Show is on Comedy Central.

The Tufts Daily, an independent student newpaper has rated Remember Me as the sixth most anticipated film for the spring season.

6. “Remember Me” (March 12): In this new romantic drama, Robert Pattinson plays Tyler, a young New Yorker whose brother’s suicide has led to a strained relationship with his father (Pierce Brosnan) and a life of not caring. Soon after Tyler unexpectedly falls in love with Ally (Emilie de Ravin), their relationship is tested as they are forced to deal with hidden secrets and tragedy. As much as people may hate to admit it, this being the vampire Edward Cullen and all, Pattinson actually looks like he has some potential in this film.

There is also a poll where you can vote for your most anticipated film.
To vote, click here: Tufts Daily
Thanks to Spunk Ransom for the tip.

More International Posters Spotted
Remember Me Poland Poster

Remember Me Bulgaria Poster

TwilightBulgaria via
Robsessed Blog

Clint Morris at previews Remember Me!
Saw "Twilight" heartthrob Robert Pattinson's new movie, "Remember Me" yesterday. Didn't quite know what to expect - though the apt support cast (Pierce Brosnan and Chris Cooper in particular), and Allen Coulter's ("Hollywood") anointment as director, indicated that it might be something less mush and more meat. And that's exactly what it was. It's Pattinson riding in Coach, as opposed to First Class (the smooth, trouble-free ride that offers a prettier, but not always stunning, view), and you know what? I think he proves his worth here. He's actually pretty bloody good.

To read the rest of the article, please click here:

Friday, February 26, 2010

Public Service Announcement - Spoilers

If you are still trying not to be spoiled, please do not go to either The New York Mag or Perez Hilton's site to read what they are writing about Remember Me.

Major spoilers of the ending posted on both sites.

Any other publications that post spoilers that I hear about, I will also list and will tweet about them posting spoilers in case you don't want to know to much before you see the film in the theaters.

Remember, the ending is only a small part of this movie...the story in itself is an emotional, powerful one.

Remember Me Countdown

Reason # 14

Seeing Caroline's drawings. - Pat

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Seventh "Ask Rob" Video on Facebook

The seventh "Ask Rob" video was released today. He is asked a question about his co-star Emilie de Ravin? Rob answers a question from Tierney Hamilton : "Emilie de Ravin is a great actress. In the preview it looks like you have great chemistry with her. Did you connect well with her."

Visit Facebook to hear Rob talk about his connection with Emilie.

Screencap Source: Remember Me Facebook

Remember Me Advertising Popping Up on IMDb

Remember Me keeping popping up in IMDb page promotional inserts. I think they are on rotation with some others. Sometimes you catch one, sometimes you don't. This one on the Remember Me page, while I also saw it on Rob Pattinson's home page. Clicking will take you to the official Facebook page.

Remember Me IMDb page

Rob Talks Accents with The Advertiser

Rob talks in an interview with The Advertiser about how Emilie adopted her Queens accent.

Speaking the Lingo, Mate

by David Murray

Robert Pattinson's Aussie co-Star in the drama Movie Remember Me, Emilie de Ravin, had just four days to adopt the accent of a working class girl from New York's Queens.

"We went to Queen's for a little bit and tried to pick up something," says Pattinson.

"It's nothing like her Australian accent. Her Australian accent, I can't even describe it, it's just's the most Australian out of every-one I've met."

The movie tells the story of two lovers whose newfound relationship is threatened as they try to cope with family tragedies. Melbourne actress de Ravin, 28, a star of hit TV series Lost, was cast in Remember Me because of the instant chemistry with Pattinson.

"I read with a tonne of girls for the part and watch loads of auditon tapes. She was the last person who came in," Pattinson says.

"It's so funny, the script is written for a Spanish girl from the Bronx, and she's the total opposite of it. Bust she did have it, as soon as she walked into the room.

"She was just really spunky and she had a real hard-core attitude about her."

The Advertiser Thursday,Febuary 25,2010, The hit liftout, page 03
Robert Pattinson Life via jess_not_ie &hearts at Pattinsonlife

Remember Me Countdown

Reason #15

Rob playing the guitar. - Heidi6572

Holding A Gee-tar - PureROBlectation

Screencap Source:
Greek Remember Me Facebook Page

Remember Me Round Up

Bits and Pieces of Remember Me news and information from Wednesday, February 24.

There have been announcements for advanced screening of Remember Me in selected cities. I don't know what is still avaliable, but you can check here for your city. It looks like the screening will be on March 10th.

Metromix Cleveland has listed Remember Me as one of their Top 10 Movies to see before Summer. Check ou their list and preview here: Metromix Cleveland

Another international release date! Remember Me will open in Latvia on March 26th.
Thanks to Spunk-Ransom for the tip!

Rob Pattinson was confirmed as being on the Today Show by the Today Show on twitter.
To those who have been asking, Robert Pattinson will be on @todayshow
on 03/01

A Remember Me promotional post card from Greece!

Postcard Source:

Much Music Talks Remember Me has a published a nice pre-review about Remember Me.

Robert Pattinson gets serious in “Remember Me”

Can’t wait until March 12th to see Robert Pattinson’s new film? Fret not, Twihards, because we’ve got the scoop. We had a chance to attend a preview screening of Remember Me yesterday and can safely say that it will please existing Pattinson fans while – dare we say it – also introduce him to a whole new audience.

To read the rest of their article please click here:

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Where's That Scene? Alice in Wonderland Sculpture

The Alice in Wonderland sculpture, which is featured in some of the Remember Me scenes between Tyler and his sister Caroline, can be found in New York City’s Central Park.

The sculpture, which is 11 feet high, features characters from Lewis Carroll’s 1865 classic novel Alice in Wonderland. Children of all ages are able to climb on the mushroom and touch such characters as Alice, the March Hare, the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat and the Dormouse.

The statue was crafted by the well known Spanish born sculptor Jose de Creeft. De Creeft studied sculpting at the Academie Julian in Paris, France. He moved to New York City where he taught sculpture form many years at the Art Students League in New York. He also created sculptures using many different materials, most notably stone.

The bronze sculpture was cast at the Modern Art Foundry of Long Island City in Queens. The figure of Alice was inspired by the artist’s daughter Donna, while the other characters were based on the illustrations by Sir John Tenniel.

Inscriptions from the book can be seen around the stone base of the sculpture. They were placed there by the project’s architect Hideo Sasaki and designer Fernando Texidor.

Commissioned by philanthropist George Delacorte in honour of his late wife, Margarita, the statue was dedicated on May 7 1959 by Robert Moses, the New York City urban planner and builder.

It is located at the east side of the park at the northern end of the Conservatory Water, which is also known as the model boat pond.

Photo Source

Artist on Artist Interview - Pierce Brosnan and Rob Pattinson is having Rob and Pierce interview each other as a feature in their Artist on Artist section.

They are looking for questions for the actors to ask. You can submit your questions in the comment section of their post by clicking here:

Remember Me Countdown

Reason #16

Chocolate cake as an appetizer. - texasreina Remember Me Preview has posted a short preview for Remember Me!

Pattinson branches out from the world of vampires with this interesting looking film, about a couple who begin a relationship despite the objections of their, extremely different, folks. Looks like he gets a chance to stretch his acting muscles, and coming from HBO veteran, and director of the underrated Hollywoodland, Coulter, this could silence his critics.


Picture House On-Line Auction for Remember Me Premiere and After-Party

Online-only auction for the new Robert Pattinson film and party!

The Picture House is auctioning two tickets to the WORLD PREMIERE and AFTER-PARTY of REMEMBER ME, starring Robert Pattinson (TWILIGHT), Pierce Brosnan (MAMMA MIA!), Academy Award winner Chris Cooper (ADAPTATION), Academy Award nominee Lena Olin (CHOCOLAT), and Emilie de Ravin (ABC's LOST). Both the screening and party are in New York City.

This is a ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY to see these incredible stars in person and to be the very first to see this highly-anticipated film! The premiere takes place on MONDAY, MARCH 1 AT 7:00PM. The film will be released on Friday, March 12.

THE AUCTION BEGINS NOW. Email with your bid. The bidding starts at $1,000. The first round of bidding closes on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 24 AT 12:00PM. Only those who placed a bid during the first round will be eligible for the additional rounds of bidding, so MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR BIDS IN BY WEDNESDAY if you want to win! We will notify the winner on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 26 AT 5:00PM.

NOTE: There is no guarantee that the named actors and actresses will be at the premiere or party, though all are expected to attend.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Moviefone is Looking for Your Questions for Remember Me Cast and Crew is getting a chance to interview some of the cast and crew of Remember Me on Saturday, February 27th and they are looking to the fans for ideas! You can go to their site and post your questions for Rob Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cooper and Allen Coulter. They will be posting videos of the Q and A on Monday, March 8.

The fact that Robert Pattinson plays the lead in Allen Coulter's 'Remember Me' shouldn't imply that this romantic-drama is anything like the obsessed-about 'Twilight' franchise. On the contrary, with racier scenes (watch an exclusive clip of Pattinson's shower scene with co-star Emilie de Ravin) and darker, adult themes, 'Remember' is a welcome distraction from vampire and werewolf love spats.

On Saturday, Feb. 27, we will be interviewing the entire cast of 'Remember Me,' including Emilie de Ravin, Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cooper and, of course, Robert Pattinson. So if you're wondering what it was like for Emilie to film with the media frenzy surrounding Robert, or if Brosnan ever experienced the same reaction from his lady fans, now's your chance to ask them for yourself! Really, you can ask anything you want, just make sure to submit your question before Friday, Feb. 26 in the comments below and to include your name and location. Come back on Monday, March 8 to watch the video interviews and to see if your question made the cut!

To ask your question, please click here: Inside Movies at Poll - Which March Release are You Most Looking Forward To is conducting a poll on which March movie are you most looking forward to see.

Please visit them and vote for Remember Me!

The film is currently in 4th place behind Alice, The Green Zone and Hot Tube Time Machine with 7.3% of the vote.

Sixth "Ask Rob" Video on Facebook

The sixth "Ask Rob" video was released today. What about filming in New York City this summer? Rob fields a question from Dawn Whitt : "It is clear that NY will serve as a character in this film. Were you able to connect with and enjoy aspects of New York?"

Visit Facebook to hear how Rob felt about filming in New York.

Screencap Source: Remember Me Facebook

Remember Me Pre-Review Review

Popcorn Biz writer Bryan Alexander has written a mini pre-review for Remember Me.

Pattinson is sharp in this beautifully shot film, and one-time James Bond Brosnan is in top form. Their thick onscreen New York accents might slip a bit in the heat of their constant arguing, given Pattinson's a Brit and Brosnan an Irishman. But Pattinson makes coming out on the wrong end of cop fights and cramped student living in New York look appealing, while the polished Brosnan looks perfectly at home in his big business surroundings.

For the rest of the review, please click on NBC Bay Popcorn Biz and be sure to stay tuned for his full review closer to the release date.

Remember Me Saturday Campaign Gets Noticed by OK

Sometimes OK Magazine can get it right!! This is one of those ocassions!

Looks like there are some serious Robert Pattinson fans out there that want him to know they love him as Rob, and not just as Twilight’s Edward Cullen. A nationwide fan campaign has been started called "Remember Me Saturday" to push for bigger box office results for his new post-Twilight film!

"The basic plan is to push for this National Fan Event on Saturday, March 13th due to the fact that Friday and Saturday are the days weekend box office estimates are based on," the Remember Me Saturday blog states.

As the release date gets closer the fans are pushing even harder for more support to make Rob’s new film a huge success. Their recommendation is after you see the film on Friday take your friends and family with you again on Saturday!

"C’mon Rob fans! Let’s show him he’s much more than Edward to us!", the fans Tweeted on their RM Saturday account.

If you want to help out too, please click here:
Remember Me Saturday


Thanks to Spunk for the tip!

#Tyler Tuesday

Today's #TylerTueday has Tyler in the scene we all love! He is in Central Park at the Alice in Wonderland Statue with his little sister Caroline!

Please make sure to remember to tweet #TylerTuesday today.

Remember Me Countdown

Reason #17

Tyler and Caroline climbing on the Alice in Wonderland statue. - AZ

Screenshot Source:
Thinking of

Monday, February 22, 2010

New Remember Me TV Spot

Summit has released another TV spot for Remember Me on the official Facebook page.

Entitled, "Understand", you can view it here:
Official Remember Me Facebook

Remember Me Poster in Chinese

Here is the Remember Me poster in Chinese!

Thinking of Rob

Emilie De Ravin to Appear on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Emilie is scheduled to appear on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on March 3rd. Fallon is on NBC. Please check your listings for the exact time in your area.

Thanks to Roxxvamp for the tip!

Hollywoodcrush Exclusive Remember Me Clip - Tyler Wins a Panda

MTV's Hollywoodcrush has released a new, exclusive clip for Remember Me.

by Jocelyn Vena
There are only 18 days left until Robert Pattinson's newest flick, "Remember Me," hits theaters (and for those of you keeping track at home, that's also 18 days until the very first "Eclipse" trailer premieres), so in order to keep your RPattz buzz going, MTV News has gotten access to an exclusive clip.

**Note** the Eclipse trailer will be released online earlier in the week

To read the rest of the article, please click here:

Remember Me - By the Numbers

The IMDb MOVIEmeter ranks films based on a proprietary algorithms that uses several measurements to rank the popularity of a film, with the primary measurement being the "pageviews" given to a title by the over 57 million monthly visitors to The MOVIEmeter is updated weekly. The MOVIEmeter rankings are only available to IMDb Pro users.

MOVIEmeter Ranking
w/e 2.20.10#48 Up 73 places from LW
w/e 2.13.10#121 Up 63 places from LW
w/e 2.6.10#184 Down 12 places from LW

Keep clicking on the IMDb page and help keep the ranking high!
Remember Me IMDb page

Hollywood Stock Exchange
HSX is just like the real stock market, only way more fun!
Buy shares of your favorite actors and their new movies. Watch their values rise or fall based on their success. Prices soar with a blockbuster opening at the box office and plummet with a bomb no one went to see. Hollywood Stock Exchange Value
$38.48 2/22/10 opening price
$38.98 2/15/10 opening price
$39.23 2/08/10 opening price

The price is based on what traders think a film will do in it's first four weeks of release (twelve weeks for limited-release films). For Remember Me, the four week BO is predicted to be $38,480,000. Opening week-end would be around $20,557,000.

The Variety/Visible Measures Weekly Top Ten Online Film Trailers Chart focuses on promotional campaigns for films within ten (10) weeks of official release. These campaigns consist of all film-related Internet video assets, from studio-produced trailers and cast interviews to user-generated video reviews and mash-ups.

Variety Top Ten Online Film Trailer Play List
Feb 12 - Feb 19
#6 with 562,361 views Up 51.8% vs LW
Feb 4 - Feb 11
#7 with 370,580 views Up 47.8% vs LW
Jan 29 - Feb 4
#10 with 249,180 views Down 21% vs LW

The more you watch the trailer, the higher it will rank!

Visible Measures Variety Top Ten Trailers

Tweet Remember Me--A Fan Giveaway

Congratulations to to @sunray16 who is the winner of @RememberMeFans third "Tweet Remember Me" fan giveaway! The prize was a $15 Fandango gift card.

Round 4 is now open!!
Contest open to US residents age 18+, you must follow @RememberMeFans to win, tweet once per day. The prize for this round is a $20 Fandango Gift Card.

This week you have to make a promise. Of course, any true fan will be seeing Remember Me on opening night, Friday March 12th. Remember Me Saturday is the fan campaign in which we are trying to boost box office by having the fans get their second showing in on Saturday, March 13th.

Friday and Saturday are the days that factor into reporting a film's opening weekend success. Lots of people put stock into weekend ranking. So getting Remember Me to open in first or second place (but we prefer first!) will help other moviegoers who don't know about it, decide to give it a chance!

What can you do to help? Pledge to see Remember me on March 13th, bring a friend, and Tweet:

I am going to see #RememberMe again on Saturday, March 13th as part of the #RMSaturday fan campaign! #RMFanGiveaway

You can enter once a day, every day from Monday through Friday, for a total of five entries for the week!

Do it for Rob! Support Emilie! Show your love for Pierce, Chris Cooper, Allen Coulter, and everyone else involved in making this movie!

No need to @ RememberMeFans, just leave the tags #RememberMe and #RMFanGiveaway. Copy, paste and send. That's it, you're entered. You can also use the twitter retweet feature.

Entries taken through Friday at 11:59pm EST. Winner is chosen at random from all eligible entries and announced next Monday before the Bonus Round begins!

Contest is open to US residents age 18 and over. Under 18 must have parent permission to enter. See official rules for details. Not responsible for any submissions that aren't received due to entrant error or if the entrant failed to properly submit themselves based on the rules of entry that have been established.

Remember Me Countdown

Reason #18

Ruby Jerins!

I think she's going to do very well - Tracygee

The film will mark the emergence of a new star, the child actress Ruby Jerins, who is like a young Dakota Fanning. - Gregory J.

She's a really good little actress. - littlewing1975

Screencap Source:
Greek Remember Me Facebook

Remember Me Top of Youtube

Remember Me is showing up at the top of the YouTube home page!!

Remember Me is showing up at the top of the YouTube page!!

Click here to get a closer look!

Thanks to KatOfDiamonds for the tip!

USA Today Talks about Rob and Remember Me

In an article dated Feb 21, USA Today looks at the Twilight star's careers after the saga. Here is what they have to say about Rob and Remember Me.

Remember Me director Allen Coulter is relieved that he had little awareness of Edward Cullen, Pattinson's bloodsucking alter ego, when he signed up the British actor. Instead, he was impressed by how bright Pattinson is and his instinctive understanding of the role.

"If I had seen Twilight," he says, "I might not have hired him. He is so limited by the kinds of traits he has to express. It's not that psychologically complex."

Not only does Remember Me offer Pattinson a chance to play a mere mortal with a keener sense of irony and humor than his oft-tortured Twilight hero ("He shows his playful side," Coulter says), he also gets to hold his own with such adult actors as Pierce Brosnan as his distant father and Chris Cooper as a hard-nosed cop who misjudges him.

Considering the New York-based drama centers on a touching love story between Pattinson's emotionally adrift young man and a fellow college student (Emilie de Ravin of Lost), Coulter isn't adverse to capitalizing on his star's status as a messy-haired, swoony-eyed sex symbol. "I hope the rabid interest in Rob as a personality helps the box office. It would be foolish to say otherwise." And, unlike the Twilight films, in which Bella and Edward's passion remains unconsummated because of his vampire issues, Pattinson is free to engage in PG-13 boudoir action.

For the rest of the article: