Saturday, December 19, 2009

HDNet's Utlimate Trailer Show

HDNet's The Ultimate Trailer Show with film critic Richard Wilonski took a look at the Remember Me trailer.

"So let's bring things back to a more comtempory period with with someone I'm sure you are anxiously awaiting to see in a film that is not named Twilight. This would be Robert Pattinson in Remember Me. It looks to be a Romeo and Juliet tale starring the likes of Chris Cooper and Pierce Brosnan as the fathers respectively of the young man and young woman who fall in love even though they are both terribly lost and alone and afraid of life in the big city or something like that. Will you remember it when it opens in theaters? Probably. It is called Remember Me."

You can catch it on HDNet again on Monday December 21 at 5:30 EST.

Thanks to Indians42 on IMDb for bringing it to our attention and enabling me to watch the trailer in glorious HD!


Remember Me gets a shout out from talks a little bit about Remember Me. The buzz is really beginning to get around!

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CelebTV at

Friday, December 18, 2009

Fan Trailer, Poster and Artwork Friday

Happy Friday!!! We have some wonderful artwork this week!

First, we have a beautiful piece created by Neesie31.

Next, there is a lovely piece made by DreamySim1.

Next up is a colorful interpretation by CandyKizzes24 of the Remember Me poster we have seeing recently. Very nice!

Finally up is a gorgeous wallpaper designed by CSI_Kat at In the Land of Fantasy

Thanks to Neesie31, Dreamy Sim1, CandyKizzes24 and CSI_Kat for sharing their work!

If you have created something or know of something good and would like to see it shared, please let me know at I will pick one or two each week to post.

Please watch the spoilers. I won't post any posters with spoilers and if I post a video with a spoiler, it will be labeled as such. I want everyone to have the option of remaining spoiler free!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Remember Me - One of the Movies to See in 2010 rates Remember Me as one of the movies to see in early 2010.

"Remember Me is being released March 12th and stars Robert Pattinson, Emilie De Ravin, Chris Cooper, and Pierce Brosnan. Everyone will be eagerly watching to see if Pattinson is capable of playing anything other than a sparkling teen heartthrob."

Check out the rest of their comments on their site

Great to see all the publicity for Remember Me!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Remember Me Roundup for December 16

Normally I wouldn't post a news round-up for a certain day, but quite a few little bits and pieces came out today. So rather than do a couple of little posts, I've combined them all together here.

First up, SND-Films, the French distributor of the film tweeted today:

C'est donc officiel, SOUVIENS-TOI DE MOI, le prochain film avec Robert Pattinson, sortira le 07 avril ! ! !

Roughly translated it reads, It's official, Remember Me, with Robert Pattinson opens April 7th.

Aurum Films updated their site with a Spanish poster and header.


In an editorial in, writer Lexi Feinberg puts Rob Pattinson and Remember Me on her Watch List for 2010.
Robert Pattinson. The handsome young star of the Twilight films can brood with the best of them, but can he act? The March 2010 release of Remember Me, which he executive produced, will determine if he's another flash in the pan or a junior Johnny Depp.

And finally, the trailer for Remember Me has shown up on a couple of entertainment sites in the UK! Great news that the trailer is getting out there and giving people who have not heard of the film a taste of what it is about.

E1 Entertainment have just given us the new International trailer for Robert Pattinson’s new movie. It’s not Twilight Eclipse I’m afraid RPatz fans but a movie called ‘Remember Me’ which also stars Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cooper, Lena Olin and Emilie de Ravin. It’s directed by Allen Coulter and we think it’s going to be released some time in May 2010. Check out the synopsis below and then the trailer beneath that and tell us what you think in the comments below.

From Digital Digital

Opening in UK cinemas on April 2, Remember Me stars Robert Pattinson as a rebellious young man who experiences a turbulent relationship with his father (Pierce Brosnan). Click 'play' below to watch the trailer for the New Moon star's latest film, which also features Oscar-winner Chris Cooper and Lost actress Emilie de Ravin.

Check them both out if you need another excuse to watch the trailer!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Vogue Photoshoot for Rob and Emilie

Rob and Emilie will be appearing in Vogue Magazine in March 2010 just ahead of the release of Remember Me.

Marc Malkin from E-Online reported that they were at the Los Angeles County Museaum of Art on December 15th where they were photographed in various locations both inside and outside of the museum. "The theme is a date at LACMA".

A multiple page spread is being planned, with Rob mostly in suits and Emilie wearing "high fashion but sort of tattered looking". They were photographed by Norman Jean Roy who has shot for Vogue, Men's Vogue, Glamour, Vanity Fair and GQ.

For some examples of his past work, please look here at The Fashion

Marc Malkin Exclusive at

Thanks to Nautiluswirl for the NJR photo link.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Do You Have a Question for Rob?

Is there a question about Remember Me that you would love to ask Rob? Now is your chance. Exclusively on the Remember Me Official Facebook page, they are taking questions for Rob to answer.

"Ask Rob" Facebook Exclusive!! Rob Pattinson wants your questions for REMEMBER ME! Exclusive to the Facebook page, Rob will answer select questions from you via video. Submit your question about his upcoming romantic drama REMEMBER ME in the comments below. Questions will only be accepted by fans of the REMEMBER ME Facebook page.

You will have to have a facebook account and add the Remember Me Facebook page as a fan.

If you are trying not to be spoiled, please don't read the comments. There are some questions that contain some big spoilers!

Here is the link to the Remember Me Facebook page.
Remember Me Facebook

The questions were closed on December 15. Stay tuned to Facebook for the answers!

Release Date for Spain

The Spanish distributor, Aurum announced today on their online site, that Remember Me will open in Spain on March 19, 2010.

There is also a couple of goodies on their website, including the Spanish poster for Remember Me and a trailer which is slightly different than the one that we have all seen countless times.

Spanish Trailer

Thanks to JuditMC for the information!
Aurum Productions

Fandango Remember Me Alerts and Listings

Remember Me has been listed on the US movie ticket site Fandango, but no date for ticket pre-sales have been announced. You can sign up with them for the FanAlert email to be notified once a date has been set. Remember Me

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Remember Me Release Dates

For the most recent list of Remember Me release dates worldwide, please check the sidebar. The dates for each country will be listed right under the Remember Me countdown clock as soon as the information becomes available.

Rotten Tomatoes Show Anticipates Remember Me

The Rotten Tomatoes Show and their Anticipatron looks at the Remember Me trailer and says "bring it", their highest rating for a trailer. We concer. He wants to see if Robert Pattinson can act? We say "bring it" and see!

This is wonderful news and great advertising for the film!

Rotten Tomatoes

Pierce Brosnan talks Remember Me and Robert Pattinson

Pierce Brosnan was interviewed by Rick Fulton from the Daily and this is what he had to say about Remember Me and Rob.

Of course, to younger film fans, the most important thing is that he's worked with Robert Pattinson, the heartthrob star who plays Edward in Twilight.

"I think when you see Remember Me, you'll see Robert giving a fantastic performance. He's really working hard to work on his performance and acting and who he is."