Saturday, February 13, 2010

More Billboards and Posters Sighted

In addition to the billboard in Times Square and the billboard at Venice and La Brea in LA, photos of newly sighted billboards and posters have been coming in! I really love seeing these!

Three more have been sighted in LA and one more has been seen in New York.

HardyloveRP took a photo of this billboard that she spotted in North Hollywood.

Teamtwilighters spotted this billboard in Venice and took a photo.

And erikamelgar snapped a photo when she saw this billboard at the corner of San Vicente and Beverly.

Finally, this last billboard was spotted by cybermelli in New York on the Long Island Expressway.

And finally we have a photo of a really big poster spotted by jbhonneebee in Northridge, CA.

Thanks to everyone for their photos!

Does Remember Me Test Robert Pattinson's Marquee Value?

Anne Thompson from muses about the success of Remember Me.

Twilight’s Pattinson Tests Marquee Value with Remember Me
by Anne Thompson

A fellow-Hollywood scribe (who tends to like a lot) has seen Summit’s Rob
Pattinson romance Remember Me and says it’s strong. (I’ll see it soon but can’t
write about it yet). This “family” trailer (below) is much better than the last

How the movie opens March 12 will be a true test of Pattinson’s
marquee power outside the Twilight franchise. Will women flock to see him
playing a regular guy who isn’t Edward Cullen? The fact that it’s a sincere
romance with father/son conflict (and not a formula romantic comedy) should work
in its favor, along with a solid ensemble including Lost‘s Emilie de Ravin,
Pierce Brosnan and Chris Cooper. I don’t have a handle on director Allen
Coulter, who fumbled Hollywoodland but boasts strong TV credits (Damages, Rome,
Nurse Jackie, The Sopranos, Sex and the City). While I have always been on Team
Pattinson, so far his extra-curricular work has been in the less than inspiring
European art films Little Ashes and How to Be.

Yes Anne, we will flock to this film. For Rob, for Emilie, for Pierce, for Chris, for Lena, for Gregory and for Will Fetter's story that Allen Coulter has brought to life.


Remember Me Premiere Location

The location for the premiere for Remember Me is the Paris Theater in New York City.

The Paris Theater, which is located directly across from the Plaza Hotel and is close to Cental Park, was the first theater in Manhattan that was constructed post-WW2 and is the oldest continuously operating arthouse theater in the United States. It has also been known as the Fine Arts Theater.

The Paris opened to the public on September 13, 1948, and is currently operated by City Cinemas. The interior style is Art Moderne and is very luxurious. The walls are blue velvet and there is plush seat seating on both the main floor and in the scalloped balcony. The staff is well attired and very helpful.

In addition to hosting premieres, the Paris Theater is known for showing arthouse and foreign films, especially French films.

Photo Sources:
p0ps Harlow

Fandango Releases 3 Additional Stills has released three new Remember Me stills in time for the long week-end.

"Happy Valentine's Day weekend! Here's a V-Day treat courtesy of our friends at Summit Entertainment (the folks behind the whole Twilight Saga movie phenomenon) - a few new, exclusive stills featuring the one and only Robert Pattinson in his next non-Twilight related starring role...the upcoming Remember Me, out in theaters March 12th, 2010"

For the rest of their article and to let them know that you WILL be checking out Remember Me, please click here: Movie Blog

Remember Me Saturday - A Remember Me Primer

Let's take a look today at the character Les Hirsch, who is being played by Greg Jbara.

Les Hirsch is Tyler and Caroline's step father and is married their mother Diane Hirsch. A college professor, he is a calming presence within the family.

Gregory Jbara – Actor (American). He is portraying Tyler’s step-father Les Hirsch. He completed his BFA in acting at the Juilliard School. Best Known Role – Jackie Elliot in the Broadway play Billy Elliot. Gregory won the Tony Award (2009) for his role as Jackie Elliot.

For a more in-depth look at Gregory Jbara's career, please check out this link.
Gregory Jbara

Also, please make sure you check out Gregory Jbara's official website. It is chock full of information about all of Gregory's roles both on stage and screen. It also has links to videos and interviews, photos, reviews and quotes.

If you are not familiar with Gregory, you can see him prior to seeing Remember Me on the March 8 episode of Law and Order on NBC. He guest stars as the character of Oscar.

Remember Me Countdown

Reason #27

Will wrote a "good" stepfather character in Les, hoping for some sweet scenes between Les & Caroline. - Pat

I love the character of Les... what an amazing guy!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Remember Me Producer Tweets Praise

This is Deanna, sneaking in here to guest blog again, because I know Kat won't post this, and she should! Today, Nick Osborne, producer for Remember Me, tweeted some sincere praise for this website. He has no idea how much work goes into maintaining it, but obviously he is happy with the results.

More so than the gorgeous fan art, updates, clips, stills, and cast info she provides, I appreciate that Kat is a person of integrity and character. The respect she shows for the filmmakers, actors, fans, and fellow bloggers is a model for us all. Thanks Kat. It is an honor working with you!

Remember Me Countdown

Reason #28

So we can figure out exactly what Tyler is thinking about.

Fan Trailer, Poster and Artwork Friday

What a week this has been for Remember Me! The promotion of the film has started full force with the debut of the Official Remember Me Site, some new stills, the release of two TV spots and premiere of four clips. Throw in a billboard or two and everybody is starting to talk about Remember Me.

It's Friday and we have some more beautiful artwork for your enjoyment! You can click on each piece to view them larger!

First up is a lovely piece by CandyKizzeS24 entitled Dessert First.

Next is a wonderful piece created by Jovichic

And finally we have a gorgeous piece designed by Neesie31.

If you have created something or know of something good and would like to see it shared, please let me know at I will pick one or two each week to post.

Please watch the spoilers. I won't post any posters with spoilers and if I post a video with a spoiler, it will be labeled as such. I want everyone to have the option of remaining spoiler free!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fun Promotional Stuff

Posters of Remember Me are popping up all over the place!
Eariler this week Nick Osborne, the film's producer, tweeted about the Remember Me billboard was up in Times Square at the Westin Hotel. Thanks to LauraManiscalco who took this photo for us.

Another Remember Me billboard has been spotted in Los Angeles! This billboard can be seen at the NE corner of Venice and La Brea. Thanks to Tracey for the tip and to caseythea for the photo.

And LauraManiscalco, who took the above photos of the Times Square billboard, also took a picture of the Remember Me poster she saw at the train station!

And in Brazil they are using life-size standees of Rob and Emilie to promote the film.

Brazil Sources:
Thinking of
mariajardim from Twitter

New Remember Me TV Spot

Summit Entertainment has released to us a new TV spot for Remember Me. It is entitled "Family". Please enjoy!

Remember Me Countdown

Why are we excited for Remember Me?

Reason #29

We will be able to see how all these clips work into the fabric of the story and what happens next!

Access Hollywood Releases Cab Scene Clip

Wednesday, February 10, 2010 Releases Extended "Shower Scene" Clip has released the extended Shower Scene clip! They also wrote a wonderful preview for the film!

by Mike Scalise
It's been a long time since we've taken angry young men seriously in the movies.

The formula for coming-of-age films these days is that a) they feature dorky guys getting beautiful girls, and b) they include a cast that's somehow related to the 'Freaks and Geeks' world of Judd Apatow (see 'Adventureland', 'Knocked Up', anything with Michael Cera). Whatever happened to the young, brooding rebel? The dangerous guy girls' parents like to hate?

Well, in the upcoming 'Remember Me', Robert Pattinson is bringing that guy back.

For the rest of the article and to view the clip, please click here for's Remember Me clip

Thanks to Roxxvamp and alaskanlove72 for the tip!
Youtube video source: JuditMC

New Remember Me Clip--Dessert First

MySpace Movies premiered an exclusive clip for Remember Me this evening!

Remember Me Exclusive Clip

Trailer Park Movies MySpace Video


Youtube version for those of you who are outside the US.

CullenNewsCom at Youtube

Remember Me Timeline of Events

Here is a list of happenings and events surrounding Remember Me . This list will appear on the sidebar and all other updated will be done there.

FEBRUARY 9 ** ET/Entertainment Tonight, Rob and Emilie, Clip from RM

FEBRUARY 23 ** VOGUE Magazine, Rob and Emilie Phootshoot

FEBRUARY 23 ** DETAILS Magazine, Rob Cover and Photoshoot

MARCH 1st ** Premiere NYC (tentative)

MARCH 1st ** Robert Pattinson on Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon (NBC)

MARCH 2nd ** Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin on The View (ABC)

MARCH 12th ** REMEMBER ME in theatres

Thanks to AZ for compiling this information for us!

ET Releases New Remember Me Clip

ET released an absolutely amazing clip from Remember Me this evening. Please take a look! It's wonderful!

Robert Pattinson gets romantic in his new movie 'Remember Me,' and we've got a first-look clip introduced by 'The Twilight Saga' star and his co-star Emilie De Ravin – in which they go head-to-head and get more than a little bit wet!

ET Online Clip

Moviefone 10 On Screen Couples for 2010 - Rob and Emilie in Remember Me has listed Rob and Emilie as one of the on-screen, first time couples that they are most excited to see!

Robert Pattinson & Emilie de Ravin
Starring In: 'Remember Me' (March 12)
Why We're Psyched: It may be difficult for hardcore Twihards to accept Edw... uh, Rob in a passionate relationship with anyone other than Kristen Stewart (who's currently busy with 'The Yellow Handkerchief' and 'The Runaways'), but the rest of us are psyched to see him paired with lovely Aussie de Ravin ('Lost,' 'Brick') -- and playing a mere mortal! -- in this drama about a rebellious New Yorker and the young woman who helps him overcome emotional scars from a family tragedy.

Now, please go to their site and vote for Rob and Emilie as the on-screen couple that you are excited about for in 2010. 10 Screen Couples

Don't forget.....Vote early and vote often!

Where's that Scene? Brooklyn Heights and the Brooklyn Heights Promenade

There are many different landmarks and neighborhoods in New York City that are hi-lighted in Remember Me. For you non-New Yorkers (like me) we are going to take a brief look at some of them.

Located close to Tyler’s mother Diane’s and step-father Les’s home, the Brooklyn Heights Promenade offers some of the most scenic views of lower Manhattan available. The Promenade consists of a third of a mile walkway along the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway and the East River. Other scenic sights include the South Street Seaport, the East River, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty.

In the mid 1940’s, Robert Moses and the New York City Planning Department decided to split the neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights by building the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (BQE) through the area. The Brooklyn Heights Association was opposed to this idea and petitioned to build a link over the expressway. The 1,826 foot long Promenade was built and was opened to the public in October 1950.

The Promenade is a great place for jogging, taking pictures, relaxing on the benches or for taking a romantic walk with the one you love. The summer will find it full of families and couples and in the winter, the promenade is both peaceful and magical. At night, the views are absolutely breath-taking.

Leaving the promenade to the north will lead you to the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge and leaving to the south will lead you into Brooklyn Heights, a neighborhood of cobbled tree-lined streets and townhouses in a variety of architectural styles from Federal style to Gothic Revival. This neighborhood was the first New York commuter town when in the early 19th century when a steam ferry provided daily, reliable transportation to Wall Street. The area is also part of Brooklyn’s First Historic Preservation District.

Thanks to Nautiluswirl for her wonderful NYC information!

PPS,org Parks, Plazas and Squares Brooklyn Heights

Remember Me Countdown

Reason #30

RM promo interviews with Rob, various costars, and the director - interested in seeing their interactions - Mils1234

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Robert Pattinson Talks about the Casting of Emilie de Ravin for Remember Me

Today's goodies just do not stop! released a short clip with Rob discussing Emilie's casting!

Robert Pattinson's Remember Me Memories

'The Twilight Saga' star Robert Pattinson gets romantic in his new movie 'Remember Me,' and he's talking to ET about his first impression of sexy co-star Emilie De Ravin!

In theaters March 12, 'Remember Me' follows Robert as he struggles to win the attention and respect of his father (played by Pierce Brosnan) and falls headlong into a romantic affair with an extraordinary, eccentric girl, played by Emilie.

Tune into ET Wednesday night for a first-look clip from the movie!


More Remember Me Billboard Pictures

Here are some additional photos of the Times Square Remember Me billboard. Included is a beautiful one at night time!

Thanks again to Nautiluswirl for the pictures!

#Tyler Tuesday

I'm sorry that this is so late today, but with the billboard and the TV spot, I think we were all happily occupied!

It's #TylerTuesday! Please make sure to remember to tweet #TylerTuesday today.

Everybody loves Tyler carrying the pink sleeping bag!

Thanks to IloveTwilightBR for her pink sleeping bag #TylerTuesday contribution!