Friday, February 26, 2010

Public Service Announcement - Spoilers

If you are still trying not to be spoiled, please do not go to either The New York Mag or Perez Hilton's site to read what they are writing about Remember Me.

Major spoilers of the ending posted on both sites.

Any other publications that post spoilers that I hear about, I will also list and will tweet about them posting spoilers in case you don't want to know to much before you see the film in the theaters.

Remember, the ending is only a small part of this movie...the story in itself is an emotional, powerful one.


patyco said...

I'm very upset

I feel like a mother who saw someone hurting her child

They ruined something that I loved, now all believe that REMEMBER ME is a lame movie without any value, which took advantage of an important date for making money.

just the typical romance that ends badly. They do not know the beautiful story that are missing.

heidi6572 said...

It is sad the ends they will go to try to reduce the true meaning and impact of this movie. But they can't unless we let them. I have faith and confidence that RM will be an amazing, thought provoking movie which will have people talking for quite some time. In the end the haters will be forced to recognize how wonderful the story really is.

Aeren said...

It is incredible that a serious journalist do such nonsense, What ganna end the mystery out of?

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