Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ropes of Silicon Talks with Will Fetters About Remember Me Ending

Please make sure to read this article if you have seen the film. I am so glad that Brad Brevet of Ropes of Silicon took the time to get in touch with Will and to write this article. There are spoilers, so in Brad's words, If you have not seen it (Remember Me) yet, not only do I urge you to head to the theater, but you also may want to skip reading this interview until you have.

Reacting to 'Remember Me': An Interview with Screenwriter Will Fetters

by Brad Brevet

Anyone that read my review of Remember Me already knows I enjoyed it, and was one of the select few. In fact, I have strong opinions of the film, not from the perspective of how great the acting is or whether director Allen Coulter turned in a tour de force bit of filmmaking navigation, but merely at the idea behind the film and its intentions. However, it's intentions, it seems, have been largely lost on the critical community.

Remember Me has been painted as a romance story by the majority, but is it? I saw it as something entirely different. As a result, it became a case of reading review after review and saying to myself those most cliche and pompous of all phrases, "They just don't get it." But instead of writing some all-encompassing editorial of how I thought I was right and everyone else was wrong I decided to go to the source. I contacted Summit Entertainment and requested interviews with first-time screenwriter Will Fetters and director Allen Coulter. Coulter, as it turns out, is on vacation for a week, but Fetters was available for a conversation and our discussion ended up being more than enough when it came to realizing my intentions of the piece.

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Anonymous said...

Will Fetters did an excellent job. Why do people have to tear it down?-chele

Anonymous said...

Really good article.Everyone did an amazing job on this movie.One of the best I've seen in a long time.Will should be proud.

Mochachino said...

This is great. Also check out this;

Will Fetters! If you are reading, please see the comments below these 3 articles. I hope you feel how much people were touched and changed by the movie.

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