Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Remember Me Box Office Update

Remember Me's box office receipts jumped 10.3% on Tuesday. Grossing $735,630, the jump was the largest daily % of the top films. The average change for the top 7 grossing films, day over day, was +1.5%. (Remember Me grossed #5).

Monday's day over day sales was much the same. While the average of the top 7 grossing films dropped -65.9% vs Sunday sales on Monday, Remember Me dropped a smaller 59.7%. Remember Me grossed $664,516 on Monday.

Is this word of mouth at work? Are people who had not heard about Remember Me or people who we have been telling to see this wonderful movie going to see it? Is it a trend? Maybe. Two days does not a trend make, but it is a start.

So keep telling people about Remember Me. Suggest that they see the film for themselves and make sure you see it again yourself. And for those of you who live where it will be released this weekend, make sure you see it.

Total Box Office to Date:
Domestic - $9,489,295
Interntl - $1,770,000
Total - $11,259,295


Rafaela said...

remember me hasn't opened in many countries and I hope people talk about the movie, and perhaps this will be like "The Blind Side" , the critics said horrible things, but the movie was a success among the audience!

Aeren said...

great notice, thanks

Anonymous said...

Have seen RM twice interesting thought provoking film a must see.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what's behind the graybeard wave of negative reviews for Remember Me. Pattinson is wonderful. My son and I saw it on opening night. I am a Pattinson fan already, my son - not. However, we both were.......moved by the movie, by Pattinson's performance and cast. When I read the majority of the movie critic's reviews, I feel like I'm watching a nationally televised debate on CNN. CNN's summary and translaton of the speakers is absolutly nothing like what is actually said. The critic's inturpretation is all wrong. The reviews are so off base, I'm left wondering what is truely behind them. I look forward to the projects I believe Pattinson will make. I recommend you go see Remember Me for yourself without any preconcieved notions. It's different, engrossing, and you will think about it long after the lights come up. "The demise of man is they forget." I'm glad my son and I were reminded, yet again, of the frailty and incredible miracle of life. It's precious and should be lived to its fullest.

Anonymous said...

I saw the movie with an open mind and disregarded those critics that were negative about it. The movie got good reviews from some of the more respected critics, like USA today and Roger Ebert, to name a few. Anyway, the movie was brilliant and my take on it was that it was a beautiful love story and a very touching tribute to the events of the day, a reminder that sometimes we get lost in numbers and forget that each and every individual that was taken that day had their own personal story. Robert's acting was amazing as was the other cast members. From those that have seen it such as myself there is about an 80% or higher approval rating. If you haven't seen it yet GO.

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