Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thoughts of Remember Me 33

Remember Me was brilliant!!! Rob and Emilie (and the whole cast :)) were awesome!!! If you want to know more GO TO SEE THE MOVIE! - JuditMC

This was the best movie I have seen. Ever! And I'm dead serious. - heartkbitch

Just saw it & my God. One of the most fantastic & moving movies I have ever seen. Never have I cried so hard in my life.... - AngelofMusic465

I just saw RM and even I'm speechless ... wonderful movie, wonderful work that Rob does, I need to see it again!!#RememberMe - RobsessedSpain

Actually had 5 friends with me at Remember Me. They all cried and told me I'm not allowed to pick movies anymore. But they LOVED it! - frompster

We saw it in glasgow yesterday and we're going again at 4pm LOVED IT! - ChristineCx

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