Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Remember Me Countdown

Reason #2

Very excited to see Rob in a new non Twilight role - vanessarae1, AnnaH2013, rpexaminer, EdwardMason1901, fritzerina, RobPattDul, imloco2, Sarah_IN, wawaVG, CanadianLeaf, kirandas, sonerica07, mallora84

Rob in a dramatic role not as a vampire - Spunk Ransom, justvictoria2, _paauu_, twilight_luvers, LiveLoveLaugh15

Make-up free Rob - Recessionista, Hsquare, LadyDi4476, sweet_admiration, sonerica07, Marnye, AZ, VAgirl

Prove that Rob is much more than Edward- IloveTwilightBR, ViolaKPC, Kimpako, bonz245

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I Love Twilight Brasil said...

For all this and more I'm dying of anxiety through Friday.

Thanks for this countdown!


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