Thursday, March 11, 2010

Review - Miami Herald

Review: ''Remember Me''

by Rene Rodriguez

Aside from raking in billions in cash, the Twilight franchise has brought its three leads thriving acting careers. Taylor Lautner has become the highest-paid young actor in Hollywood seemingly overnight. Kristen Stewart will star as Joan Jett in a film due in April, and Robert Pattinson has earned enough clout to produce movies such as Remember Me for himself.

But Remember Me, which is more complex and ambitious than the formulaic romance its TV ads promise, is no mere star vehicle. Yes, there's an element of vanity in Pattinson's James Dean-ish turn as Tyler, an angst-filled New York City university student at odds with his powerful father (Pierce Brosnan). Tyler smokes cigarettes, quotes poetry, sits alone in diners scribbling in his notebook and runs his fingers through his hair.

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