Sunday, March 7, 2010

Red Carpet Roundup

Remember Me was premiered last Monday night at The Paris Theater in New York City. All types of press were on hand to document the Red Carpet festivities.

Ruby Jerins talks about working with Rob Pattinson with Twist magazine.

BCC Interview with Rob Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin on the Red Carpet

Emilie de Ravin and Ruby Jerins talk about working with Robert Pattinson in this ABC interview clip.

Ruby Jerins, who also worked with Leo DiCaprio on Shutter Isalnd was asked to pick between Rob and Leo. Smart girl, she changed the topic! talks wit Ruby Jerins

MTV Presents Four Video Clips From the Red Carpet.
Emilie de Ravin is asked about working with Rob and Allen Coulter talks about the chemistry of his lead stars in the MTV interview.

Rob and Emilie talk about the Shower Scene.

Robert Pattinson addresses the "Shower Scene"

Emilie de Ravin discusses her chemistry with Robert Pattinson

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