Friday, March 12, 2010

Cinema Talks to Allen Coulter

Katey Rich from Cinema sat down with Allen Coulter to talk about Remember Me.They discussed casting, and his work on developing the film.

Allen Coulter admits he's not exactly a young man anymore-- he's a Hollywood veteran with TV directing credits stretching back to the 80s, and the 2006 drama Hollywoodland to his name. But when he got the script called Memoirs, about a young man's intense first romance with a working-class girl in New York CIty, Coulter saw the opportunity to tell the kind of love story you don't see anymore, one that really captures the nature of all-consuming first love.

The result is now titled Remember Me, starring Robert Pattinson as the angsty young man and Emilie de Ravin as the girl he starts dating, at first, to get revenge on a cop who arrested him. I talked to Coulter recently about his inspiration for taking on the film, what he saw in Robert Pattinson well before Twilight mania, and the one time he snapped at the paparazzi while filming on the streets of New York. Check out everything he had to say below. Remember Me opens this Friday

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