Friday, March 12, 2010

Insignificant Things: Remember Me Challenge

Our guest blogger Britta Kirk is back again with a new article.

Insignificant Things: Remember Me Challenge

Because sometimes we all need a little reminder.

Grab someone & ask them to come out with you.
Place: Anywhere you want

Rule #1: Celebrate

Rule #2: Be Present

Reading Remember Me greatly inspired me to put together this challenge for myself.
I noticed a lot of similarities about Tyler and myself: a kind of boredom about the lives we lead. You wake up, you have to be strong, so you pretend you don't need anyone, vulnerability is a trap, and no one can touch you. Experience taught you to be this way, but you usually end up stuck. You want to change it, but sometimes you feel like nothing you do will change anything.
Then I noticed Ally, and how no matter how hard she was knocked down, she went after life with zest. She sought the 'best' things in life first, and taught Tyler to do the same. There's something about literally grabbing life by the throat!
I'm so tired of living life in some sort of cave, like I'm just going through the motions just to do it all over again tomorrow. I want to gain a sense of celebration for seemingly no reason, because if anything is worth celebrating, it's life, my friends and family. When I was little, my mother would choose any day of the week to make pink pancakes for me, or blue ones the color of the Smurfs in the cartoon. And I looked forward to it each time because I didn't even know why the day was special, it was just fun!
So this challenge is really simple: Go out with some people you love, even some new people you want to get to know, and have fun. Celebrate them, celebrate yourselves. Celebrate the fact that its Thursday. Wear party hats and go mental in the streets! Whatever you want. As long as you're creating a memory. The Gandhi quote basically says that the things you view as insignificant are the most significant.
How will you choose to be remembered?

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Thanks Britta for sharing with us!
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heidi6572 (alaskanlove72 on twitter) said...

After seeing Remember Me today I wanted to share this: Today I took my 15 son who is depressed and he said RM made him think about not killing himself. It's a simply incredible movie...there are really no words that do it justice. <3

Anonymous said...

Wonderful. Thank you. As you said, sometimes we need a little reminder! :-)
Lots of Kisses! Bina

Rena said...

I love this and think it sends a very important message. I will post this on my blog. Thanks!

imloco2 said...

I sent my husband out to watch Remember Me. He didn't want to, but for me, because he loves me and knows how much I wanted it to do well he went. He left the house where he is looking after his frail and mentally ill mother who had just had an episode so he was not in the best mood. Still he went, even knowing the ending he went, but was so not looking forward to it.

When he got out of the theater he called to say 'thank you for making me see that'. He loved it and said that when the movie finished all 40 people in the theater stayed seated and just sat and watched the credits. Stunned would probably be the word for it.

This is more than just a movie, it's an experience that touches your heart. And as sad as it was my husband actually felt better about life after the movie. So did I. I understand Rob now when he said it seemed like there was a reason for it to be made. What a perceptive young man. It's something I would recommend to everyone young or old. Beautifully written, beautifully acted. Just beautiful.

Aeren said...

thanks...I will post on my Blog.

Sophie said...

Thanks for this beautiful idea and for sharing it with us!

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