Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Movieline Interview - Allen Coulter Discusses Ratings

In this very interesting article, Allen Coulter discusses his reaction to the PG-13 ratings and what had to be done with Remember Me so it would make the cut.

Written by S.T. VanAirsdale
Passionate sex. Cigarette smoking. Gun violence. Fistfights. Frank dialogue. Adult themes. F-bombs...... Robert Pattinson’s new film Remember Me plays out with all the salty, sultry vigor of the New York summer in which it’s set. Yet somehow, director Allen Coulter and distributor Summit Entertainment trimmed and tucked enough of that vigor to avoid the R-rating that would keep the film from its Pattinson-rabid teenage fan base. It was a job that likely meant the difference between a $25 million and a $50 million opening or maybe even more — not to mention one that, as Coulter told Movieline recently, he almost refused to do

Mild Spoilers
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