Monday, March 8, 2010

Remember Me - By the Numbers

The IMDb MOVIEmeter ranks films based on a proprietary algorithms that uses several measurements to rank the popularity of a film, with the primary measurement being the "pageviews" given to a title by the over 57 million monthly visitors to The MOVIEmeter is updated weekly. The MOVIEmeter rankings are only available to IMDb Pro users.

MOVIEmeter Ranking
w/e 3.06.10 #9 Up 9 places from LW
w/e 2.27.10 #18 Up 30 places from LW
w/e 2.20.10 #48 Up 73 places from LW
w/e 2.13.10 #121 Up 63 places from LW
w/e 2.6.10 #184 Down 12 places from LW

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Remember Me IMDb page

Hollywood Stock Exchange
HSX is just like the real stock market, only way more fun!
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$36.23 3/3/10 opening price
$37.23 2/27/10 opening price
$38.48 2/22/10 opening price
$38.98 2/15/10 opening price
$39.23 2/08/10 opening price

The price is based on what traders think a film will do in it's first four weeks of release (twelve weeks for limited-release films). For Remember Me, the four week BO is predicted to be $36,230,000. Opening week-end would be around $19,355,000. Is this number really getting smaller? Still?

The Variety/Visible Measures Weekly Top Ten Online Film Trailers Chart focuses on promotional campaigns for films within ten (10) weeks of official release. These campaigns consist of all film-related Internet video assets, from studio-produced trailers and cast interviews to user-generated video reviews and mash-ups.

Variety Top Ten Online Film Trailer Play List
Feb 25 - Mar 3
#4 with 685,936 views Down 14.9%
Feb 17 - Feb 24
#2 with 805,285 views Up 43.2%
Feb 10 - Feb 16
#6 with 562,361 views Up 51.8% vs LW
Feb 4 - Feb 9
#7 with 370,580 views Up 47.8% vs LW
Jan 26 - Feb 3
#10 with 249,180 views Down 21% vs LW

The more you watch the trailer, the higher it will rank!

Visible Measures Variety Top Ten Trailers

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