Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our Remember Me Reviews

Went to a midnight screening in Los Angeles. I was supposed to go solo but my cousins (age range from 13-30) decided to come along with me to show support.
They were not Robert fans at all by any means, I was the only true fan but they were so taken by the movie. By the end we were all balling, especially me.
So don't forgot to take some tissue.

The movie had a little bit of everything: love, passion, loneliness, self-discovery but moreso heart. I read a review yesterday about this movie being like the little engine that could and I totally agree.

I had seen the previews but still didnt really know what to expect but it was such a great movie.

I've been hearing so many critics say that this is Rob's make or break role and this really upsets me. Because we (the fans) have seen and supported his other movies, we know how truly talented he is and we know he can do so much more beyond Twilight.

So I cannot wait till Monday when the numbers come in and everyone takes notice to how truly talented he is. Robert shines so brightly in this movie, he's so honest and raw. He gives himself fully in this role and you can definitely see that.

Ruby Jerins is also amazing, she has so much to offer at such a young age.
She can definitely hold her own against Pierce Brosnan and Robert.

Please don't hesitate to watch this. I think y'all will be pleasantly surprised whether you're a fan or not.So encourage your friends to go cause this is such a great movie that anyone can enjoy it because it will move everyone.

Happy viewing!


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