Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rob mentions Remember Me in French Premiere Magazine Interview

Mathieu Carrat from the French magazine Premiere, interviewed Robert Pattinson for the latest issue of the magazine. During the interview, they talked a little bit about Remember Me.

P: You know how to keep the suspense going… I’d like to come back to Remember Me, which surprised me by its severity and maturity. Do you think the darkness of the movie played a part in the timid success at the box-office?

R: Remember Me was never made as a blockbuster like Twilight, it was always a small film with a low budget and that there would be no major promotion. In total it brought in 60 million dollars worldwide: not bad for a movie that cost 16. I’m happy that it wasn’t a huge flop, but at no time did I worry about the box-office.

P: It’s been said that the movie was a test regarding your movie star status which seemed pre-mature for me…

RP: I know! I read all these articles that spoke about Leonardo DiCaprio, and how fans followed him after Titanic. But for me, Twilight has nothing to do with this. Fans go see the movies because they love this story. I never felt like I had a role in the success of it all. Like I’ve always said, it’s the character that people love, not me. I hope to be able to reach out to people due to the quality of the films that I make and not because people will hope to see a new Twilight as soon as my name is in the end credits.

P: We heard all types of stories surrounding the filming of Remember Me, like those of paparazzi that came out of the water when you were shooting the beach sequence. You’re changing their entire profession.

RP: No one can really understand this situation unless you’ve lived it. The Remember Me crew was hallucinating when they saw 40 cameramen trying to steal pics of the set. Most of the actors hadn’t seen one Twilight movie and didn’t understand what was going on.

P: They were asking you why you paid so many photographers to show up on set?

RP: That’s it: “Hey Rob, I didn’t know that you needed that much of an ego boost!” (Laughs)

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jessegirl said...

'At no time did I worry about box office.'
Maybe not, but one can't help but think that the poor reviews were something he took to heart. And the interviewer says, 'timid success'. It did better than Hurt Locker.

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