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Our Remember Me Reviews

My Mom and I went to see Remember Me in Birmingham on Saturday 3rd April! I’ve been talking about it and looking forward to seeing it for weeks and it was every bit as amazing as I could of hoped and more! It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me squirm a little that I was watching it with my mom, it gave me shivers down my spine and it made me realise life is short and you have to take opportunities as they come!

Boy can Robert act! After seeing Remember Me I don’t see how anybody can say that he’s a bad actor he portrayed lust and love for Ally, anger towards his dad and safety, contentment and care around his little sister sometimes all at the same time and other times separately!

I don’t even know if I can begin to explain how amazing this film is. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, I just knew Robert Pattinson was in and I had to see it. But one thing I didn’t expect was to fall so quickly in love with the characters. It’s like you fall in love with Ally and Tyler as they fall in love with each other. You even fall in love with characters you want to hate, by the end.

I may have gone to see the film because Rob was in it but I was absolutely bowled over by it. It is absolutely a film I would watch regardless of Rob, if only I knew it was out there. Remember Me has seriously not been shown enough credit or given enough coverage, which is a real shame.

There is some amazing talent displayed in Remember Me that it would be a crime if it went to waste! Ruby Jerins, who plays Caroline is an amazing little actress. She is definatly one to watch! Also Tate Ellington who played Aiden Hall, Rob’s best friend and room mate seams like a pretty funny guy!

It’s heart warming and heart breaking, touching and eye opening all at the same time. It’s not a chick flick, where it’s obvious what is going to happen next. The next thing that happens is a complete surprise, but the difference is it could happen. It’s not like everything is completely far fetched. It’s real, it’s raw and it’s true. It’s not dressed up with props or special effects and it didn’t need them.

Tyler and Ally’s relationship is kind of unexpected at first but it absolutely works, it’s like they are meant to be together. Remember Me reminds me of The Notebook young, first love. It’s like something was missing in both Tyler and Ally’s lives, whether they realised it or not but when they met each other that void was filled.

Tyler’s relationship with his little sister Caroline is just too sweet for words, she’s the most important thing to him and he is too her. I love how Ally just seams to fit into the family perfectly, there’s the right number of spaces at the table for example!

It seriously is too amazing a film for words. I loved it so so much. The first time I watched it, it gave me goose bumps. I say the first time because I loved it so much I had to go and see it again Sunday. I wanted to see it again straight away as soon as I came out that first showing. It was that good!

The sex scenes, well I normally hate that they put sex scenes in films just for the sake of it, but the mood and time and place was right. They needed each other like the were the only two people in the world at that moment. So those scenes emphasised how much they needed each other not only at the time but in their lives. Plus of course any excuse to see Rob in the buff. It just wouldn’t have been the same with a minger now, would it?! ;)

I could talk about Remember Me all day, I probably will to Mom. It was just amazing. I loved it even more seeing it for a second time, I seamed to notice little things that I didn’t notice before. I love that the place Tyler lives in is so typical student lad place but it seams so fitting. I really, really do love this film, I think it has absolutely moved up and become my new favourite film!

I never thought I could I love a couple in a film, especially involving Rob, more than Bella and Edward but as much as I love them I actually love Tyler and Ally more, too much for words in fact, it’s just so relaxed and real and believable. I love Remember Me so much as you might be able to tell.

I know I only I set up a Rob and Kristen fan Tumblr and Twitter recently, but Rob and Emilie de Ravin were just amazing together! I think I actually kind of prefer Rob and Emilie to Rob and Kristen! Don’t shoot me! I just loved the fact they were playing two normal kids, in a normal world. I loved that neither of them were perfect and neither of them tried to be. I think girls could be Ally and guys, Tyler. Their people that you or someone you know could be!

Hell I want to start wearing checked shirts (I knew I brought two for a reason!) and eating my pudding before my main meal! ;) I loved the fact that both Tyler and Ally wore checked shirts in the film. It was one of the subtle little things that gave the film it’s charm. To be honest I loved all of Ally’s clothes. The dress she wore for dinner with Tyler and his Dad was beautiful, her checked shirts of course and the top she wore at the fair. They fitted her personality perfectly.

Remember Me is a cheeky, funny, sad, sweet and lovable film. It is one of the best films i’ve ever seen and Rob’s best piece of work by far. I’m proud to say i’ve seen it, love it and to call myself a Remember Me fan! I recommend this from the bottom of my heart! See it and it’ll change you for the better!


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jessegirl said...

pinkmad...I love your enthusiasm for this movie! Those of us who have seen it more than once, and even more than more, can say that it gets better every time you see it. There's way more in it than you can even imagine, pinkmad. It has deep meanings. I know you love the Tyler/Ally love and you noticed the love he has for his sister. Every tiny scene, every character, in it is like an exquisite little gem and altogether they take your breath away.

I don't know if you visit this site regularly, but pinkmad, read backwards at all the previous posts, read the articles, and click on the comments for the daily quotes too. It'll be a mind-blowing experience, I promise you. This site is awesome!

I'm so glad that you can see how wonderful Rob's acting is and that you allow him to play a character in love with someone besides Bella. Some Twihards refused to see this fantastic movie because they thought Edward was 'cheating' on Bella, which is such a stupid reason for not giving it a chance. Are you spreading the word to all your friends? You know if we all did that, so many more people would see it, buy the DVD. Wouldn't that be nice?
No, I'm not employed by Rob's agent, although my own enthusiasm might seem like it sometimes.
Good heartfelt and honest review, Pink. thx

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