Monday, June 14, 2010

Remember ME DVD - Features Menu and some Quotes from the Commentary

A photo of the features menu from the Remember Me DVD has been posted on. She also has watched the cast commentary and tweeted some comments from it. The commentary was done by Rob, Emilie and Ruby.

Here are some of the comments from the cast:
Watching RM w Commentary.. Its Rob, Ruby and Emily. Rob's giggling alot.. very cute

Ruby loved Eddie's Sweet Shop!

He said when he was putting the books away at the Strand that he was reciting the alphabet to keep the books in order... lol

Rob had the most fun shooting the fight scene... no choreography involved apparently.

Aww.. the scene where Ruby tells Rob about the art show was improv'd

Birthday scene had 5 PAs blowing out the candles at the same time

Rob enjoyed watching the Oak room scene in NY because everyone got the baseball jokes and he didnt.

Rob loves the RM soundtrack

Emilie was told to just attack n kiss Rob on beach... he was taken by surprise

They had to research if flat screens were around in 2001 which they were but extemely costly

There are other comments if you would like to read more of them! Please click here:
Strictly Robert to see the rest. There are some spoilers.

Strictly Robert


Anonymous said...

I so can't wait for the DVD to come out! I really loved this movie. It was so deep and touching. Really makes you think and appreciate life as it can be so fleeting.

Anonymous said...

so the DVD wont have deleted/extended scenes :S
i was looking forward to those

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

Thank you Kat for posting this! I've reposted it on my site and credited you and the original source. The French are really miffed because the DVD - which was already supposed to be released really late (August 25) - will now only be released on Sept 15. They will be so happy about the comments!

jessegirl said...

Yeah, anonymous, I was looking forward to extended and deleted scenes. I always do for films, because I'm interested in what the director and editor decided shouldn't go in, and why. Plus, you get to see more.

kat said... sad that your release has been delayed. :(

jesse and anonymous - did you see these scenes? They are actually filming, but there is an extended beach house scene.

Anonymous said...

yeah i had seen those Kat but...umm well it had been said that there were some things that had been cut from the movie && well i was curious to see deleted & extended scenes i mean im excited for the dvd release but the dvd would be much better if it had more extras

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

I've seen those scenes too, on your site actually I think but I was hoping for more, myabe for things we've never seen.
I remember Rob saying in an interview that some Summit guys saw a first rough cut of RM, and they were struck and disturbed by the way Tyler and Ally looked so deeply attached to each other. It was too much, they said. The love between the two characters showed too much. So some scenes were cut out... and now I want to kill someone at Summit because we'll probably never get to see that now. Grr..

jessegirl said...

Well, Rum, Summit has a lot to answer for, not just this, but yeah, now I want to see that!

jessegirl said...

Oh, sorry, Kat. I think I did see some extended scenes, esp. the one where Aiden is doing charades at the beach house. I'm trying to remember where I saw them. One of the fan sites?

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