Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thoughts on Remember Me 28

Just watched Remember Me and loved it... Oh My God the ending, did not expect that!!! Cannot wait to see it again!! :)- _Jacs_

Oh my god went to see @remembermefilm last night, it was absalutly brilliant, robert was amazing.He deserves all the credit he gets :) - EmzieWemzii

I saw the film on Wednesday. It's one of the most emotional I've seen in my life. I will remember ;). Congrats from Spain - Pe_barrero

I had to see it twice , I was so focused on how breath taking Rob was, I loved the movie,it was sooo good,Rob=brilliant - jvanr1708

Yeah, that's exactly what I felt. It's a very well done film, that u need to watch many times so u can say you really saw it - Maguilita

I cant wait to see it again in 5 days! I nearly cried when watching it today but i think i will cry when i watch it again - Pippa14x

just watched it and... the film was amazing very emotional and good to see rob play another role. - magic_mcguigan

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Carrie said...

Seeing the picture that goes with todays "Thoughts on Remember Me" reminded me of how much I loved Ruby, the little girl in the movie. She's adorable, and she can act! I definitely hope to see more of her in the future. And Rob, he deserves all the credit he gets, and more!

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