Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thoughts on Remember Me 30

Saw #RememberMe for 1st time...amazing!!! Rob...well, i'm speechless, he's GREAT! Still can't believe the end tho :______( - ZivaRPattzMJ

I'm gonna crown @RememberMeFilm one of the best drama movies I've ever seen! - Hasnaavni

I loved the movie! is incredible! Awesome! I loved it too! the actors are incredible! Congratulations! #BestFilmEver - Luly_KStew

was... beyond words. i died, came back to life and died again! rob & emilie were amazing! i totally love it! can't stop thinking about @remembermefilm.what an amazing story.funny & hard & complicated & smashing & heart-melting... so true. like life! i'm still fascinated by @remembermefilm! i wanna see it again! now! now, now, now! - daaanny201

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