Saturday, July 17, 2010

Where's that Scene?

Tyler's Places

The Pearl Street Diner

Tyler spends quite a lot of time at the Pearl Street Diner. It was the last place that he talked with his brother Michael and he goes there to write to him in his journal.

The Pearl Street Diner is a friendly, classic diner with a retro 50s / 60s feel to it. Located in New York City’s financial district, the diner serves breakfast, lunch and dinner to Wall Street types, visitors and locals.

Operating for 55 years, some of the favorites on the menu include the cheeseburger supreme with curly fries, chocolate chip pancakes, Western omelets, Cordon Bleu Grill Panini and, of course, fresh coffee.
Pearl Street Diner

The Strand

Tyler's place of employment, The Strand Bookstore has been in business for over 83 years.

In 1927, Ben Bass opened the first Stand Bookstore on 4th Avenue. In 1956, Ben’s son Fred took over management of the store and moved it to its current location at the corner of Broadway and 12th Avenue. Originally a retail space of 4,000 square feet, it has now expanded to 55,000 square feet.

A booklover’s paradise, The Strand is said to have 18 miles of books. In addition to an extremely varied selection of used books, The Strand carries thousands of new books, books ordered directly from the publisher, and one of New York’s largest collections of art books.

The Strand also carries the largest collection of rare books in New York City. This includes books that are first and signed editions. There are also hard to find books in a variety of subjects.
The Strand Bookstore


jessegirl said...

Wow, I'd like to visit. A little walking tour of RM.

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

Thanks for this Kat! I've never been to New York and was wondering of the diner was a real one or just a set! Somehow it feels wonderful to know that the place really exists... thanks for all the info !

imloco2 said...

This stuff is just another reason why I think RM is such a great movie. Besides all the other deep and important themes running through the movie, it is also kind of like a real life primer of New York City. They did so many location shots (one of the reasons we got so many pics of Rob back then). I know it was a kind of hell for them and especially Rob, to shoot so many scenes under those conditions, but kudos to them for doing it anyway. It's like a love letter to NY.

Heidi said...

Me too! I would love to go on a RM tour in NYC and visit all the actual locations they used. That would be beyond awesome! :)

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

Le'ts all meet in NYC one day and do the RM tour together... :))

jessegirl said...

I'm preoccupied with that damn Noguchi red cube for some reason. I'd like a photo of it from the exact angle when Tyler was phoning and was standing by it, and the reflection of the WTC tower in the window of the building behind the cube. And to know exactly what Tyler would have been seeing while he phones, the towers right in front of him? For some reason, I'm stuck on this. I know the cube's on Broadway...and I guess it survived the attack.

jessegirl said...

Yeah, Rum, our own little tour. Coincidentally someone I know from work who is from NYC--they all seem to have Sept. 11 stories--is going on the Sept. 11 'tour' soon. What must it have been like with those towers always looming above? And now? Like the Titanic, a graveyard. I'm reading too much about it now, can tell you specifics about what the jet fuel did inside tower one and how Tyler's death would have been, mercifully, instantaneous, and the horrors others on the floors above had to endure.

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