Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Remember Me Discussion Group

Why did Tyler finally agree to meet Ally?


WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

I think he just said yes because he saw that Aidan wasn't going him to leave him in peace till he had. I never thought Tyler had any idea of revenge or that he ever really took Aidan's plan seriously. Even when you see him later at the NYU, he's never really convinced. You get the feeling he only goes up to speak to Ally because he knows her from his class and that somehow, he probably finds her pretty. Then when he starts talking to her and finds out how spirited and clever she is, it's quite another story beginning - Tyler gets caught in his own game of seduction - now he's curious and he wants to know her. Aidan's plan has really backfired but in a good way.

Jen said...

I think Tyler agreed to Aiden’s plan because in some way he felt obligated to Aiden as it was his actions that put them both in jail. However, I don’t think he had any intention of meeting Ally just to hurt her because of her Father‘s actions towards him.. Tyler was intrigued by Ally’s nonchalant attitude towards him. I am sure Tyler was the guy girls swoon over and he was use to getting his way with them. Ally on the other hand was not interested In him and he knew it and went to work on making sure that she would change her mind about him. I think Tyler was fascinated with her perception of things, her laugh, her sympathy and her warmth and he fell in love with her not thinking his intentions would be found out and when they were it was almost the destruction of their relationship.

LTavares2010 said...

Firstly, to satisfy his curiosity related to her because he already knew her at sight, he was already a bit interested on her and knowing now that she was the daughter of Sgt. Craig, called even more his attention. I don`t think that he have planned doing something bad to Ally ( the vengence plan idea of Aidan). Tyler is not this type of man. He is principled, honest, a bit insecure, sensitive, fragile but he is a good young man.

jessegirl said...

I agree with all of you! I like what you said about Aiden nagging him until he relented, Rum, and that he felt obligated to Aiden because of the jail episode, Jen. I also agree, LTavares, that Tyler is principled, just plain decent.

Just finished a piece on the character of Tyler and I hope you all like it. A lot of it has come out of ideas I got while commenting with you during our DVD quote countdown so I know you'll recognize some of my words and I hope they don't bore you. I love Tyler.

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