Monday, August 30, 2010

Remember Me Discussion

What causes Tyler to confront Officer Craig when he sends the other four to jail? Why does he continue to argue with him after he is warned not to?


LTavares2010 said...

Tyler thought it was unfair that all boys were arrested. He disagreed with the attitude of the sergeant who in turn had no patience with Tyler and ended up abusing his authority.
Tyler was not wrong to complain but maybe in another situation, if he were well, would have avoided the confrontation and would not have been assaulted by Craig and held in contempt. More an act of rebellion of Tyler and proof of emotional imbalance of Neil. I love seeing these two men together in scene, they are almost irrational. They are so closed in on themselves and they are suffering for similar reasons.
I love watching Rob and Chris acting together in RM. It is a pleasure. I hope these two great actors might reunite in the future. Let it be soon!

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

I think Tyler's got a very strong sense of justice; he's always very clear about what he thinks if fair and what is not (he may not always be right though, but he's very young and at that age, you always think you're right and everyone else is wrong). Tyler is not one who easily gives up when he has decided to defend a cause which he thinks is just : that is why he goes to his father's office and makes a scandal, or why he goes and break the door at Caroline's school. Besides, he took risks to defend the musicians, he got severely beaten, and he got himself and Aidan almost arrested : he just can't give up now. I think Tyler also wants to prove himself, and find an outlet for his everpresent rage and grief. So his reaction is a mixture of all this: a desire to provoke Neil and fight him again, an impulse to flirt a bit with danger, other motives he has really thought about, plus he may be a bit drunk... that's just how Tyler is, isn't he?

jessegirl said...

I'll have to think about this.

jessegirl said...

Rum, I think the impulsiveness, the recklessness, the idealism, the anger and guilt over Michael, perhaps all mixed together--like you said--oh, and, yeah, he was drunk, which just adds to poor choices. He just had to touch Neil though, to set him off. As you've said, LTavares, they are both irrational firecrackers. They both feel the need to express their rage but it finds the wrong targets.

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