Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Remember Me Discussion Group

Do you think Caroline is growing up too fast? She gives Tyler a wake-up call, nags him about his smoking and drinking habits.


JC said...
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LTavares2010 said...

Nowadays, children are so smart and Caroline would not be different , especially her. She is sensitive, has a very good education, her family is very cultured but of course the suffering of having lost her brother is an experience that marked her so much and somehow gives her maturity . Caroline acts almost like Tyler`s mother but sometimes I think that this thing functions like a very special mission for her, a kind of distraction ( in a good way ): giving support to Tyler and to take care of him helps Caroline a lot, gives her comfort because she feels alone, has no friends of her age. She loves to do it because she loves Tyler a lot and knows he loves her so much too. They are so united and when they are together they seem to be in their own world.

Misty said...

agree with LTavares2010

jessegirl said...

Yes, LTavares, Tyler and Caroline have a unique and special bond, almost symbiotic, taking care of each other. Tyler is one of the few people who make her laugh and enjoy life. (Aiden too makes her feel good with his silliness.) And Caroline is one of the few people who makes Tyler laugh too.
I think it is the sombre mood Caroline seems to be in so often that made me think she's 11 going on 40. She was so young when Michael died but the impact has been great because the whole family was devastated. One can only wonder how much/little laughter was in that household when Caroline was a younger child, how she'd have to worry about Charles' reaction to things--he really intimidates her--and her Mom's too--she's always crying.
She and Tyler take care of each other, depend on each other. She will miss him terribly when he dies.

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