Saturday, January 29, 2011

Remember Me Discussion - Outside the Film

"The script was imbued with a consistent and timely theme, namely: what happens when a bolt out of the blue collides with and shatters our well-ordered world? How does one survive these unexpected and inexplicable shocks? And how does it alter us as human beings? ~Allen Coulter

Is this one of the reasons that this film resonates with so many?


WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

I think so, after discussing this theme with many friends and other bloggers. We shared about RM on a forum dedicated to Rob and the Twilight cast and all their projects within the Twilight sohere but also outside of it. People who usually never came to discuss anything which was not Twi-related flocked to the RM thread and began to share very personal stories. Some just needed a place to let out the shock and sadness they had felt after seeing the film.. One recurrent theme was that they said they were haunted by the film and that in many cases RM had reawakened past sorrows in their lives, things which had affected them deeply, generally the sudden loss of a loved one, the death or suicide of a sibling, an accident, a sudden illness, etc... in a way, the film made them aware all of sudden of the fragility of life and awakened a keen feeling of anguish in them, whether they had really endured such terrible losses or just be made aware they they might lose their loved ones. I just wanted to share this. Some people kept coming back, they had really been kind of traumatized. The film made the "bold out of the blue" suddenly very real, and this is one of the many reasons why it resonates with so many, although reactions may vary.

jessegirl said...

Good comment, Rum.
I think being 'awakened to a keen feeling of anguish', painful as it might be, serves a purpose within us, an important one.

Anonymous said...

Concur with both of you that it awakens and stirs memories or losses.
Also I thought it kinda cool he had another movie out so quickly in the midst of the Twilight Saga, a movie so real and true and deep.
How does it change us? It sensitizes us, either compassionately and caring or cools us so as not to show our feelings or emotions. But it leaves a little scar,or heals one, nonetheless. kim

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