Thursday, February 17, 2011

Remember Me Discussion - Outside the Film

Have you ever ordered dessert first? Is there anything that you have done that is similar to this?


Misty said...

I have never done this nor similar to that.I think that Ally orders desssert first coz she wants to enjoy eating it,because everything can happen.She could eat meal or be wating for the dessert and suddenly,something bad could happen meanwhile.She just prefers the sweet.There´s nothing to wait for....
And this behaviour makes her interesting,in my point of view.

Anonymous said...

Actually did this tonight, went to get frozen yogurt first, then off to dinner. Seeing we had to wait hour and a half for a table the dessert first idea was great.
I think for Ally, it's her way of treating herself cause an awful thing happened to her at such a young age. So in essence she is seeing something beautiful in life that she can do for herself, have the sweet...upfront!kim

InstantKarmaGirl said...

I've always been a fan of savory following sweet. A piece of chocolate followed by potato chips, but I've never ordered dessert first.

I'm re-watching the film now and am just amazed at the speech she gives. She says the whole philosophy of the film. She's TELLING us in the beginning to be prepared because we NEVER know what's going to happen.

Tears have been shed tonight. My emotions run deep with this film. Thank god it was made.

jessegirl said...

Karma, yeah, 'thank god it was made'. I second that. Chocolate and chips sound great!

What have I done? Well, my way is a bit different. I tend to send emails or letters I perhaps shouldn't, because I figure if I died tonight, or the recipient did, at least s/he would know. You know what I mean?

Oh Karma, your tears and are a sensitive and special soul. *hugs*

Anonymous said...

@ jessegirl, that doesn't really sound like you as your articles are so thoughtful and detailed. Are you talking about love and wanting someone to know? Probably it's ok to send an email or letter letting someone know how you feel about them, if positive and respectful! Better to have spoken than never let them

jessegirl said...

Hello! answer you. First off, I'm a multi-dimensional person and sometimes just inject either humour or levity into my comments. Second, it's a place to interact with others and I might, as I did, talk to them. And third, my voice is to huge on this site that I think its important that I don't hog all the space. Finally, and I just now re-read your comment, others, like you, say things beautifully and there's not much left to say sometimes.
So yes, it IS me. I'm sorry my comment was disappointing to you. And yes, the letter/email is of the idea to 'live in the moments', or let someone know something important, to not let it go by the wayside or procrastinate, because you never know what might happen.
Hope that answers all your concerns.

Oh, and if something spectacularly 'wise' occurs to me when I'm commenting, I do share it, but no-one can be deep all the time. Plus, I really think about the articles and try to put my wisdom there. It's sort of the difference between talking to your friend on the phone or giving a speech to experts, know what I mean?

Anonymous said...

@jessiegirl...not disappointing it just didn't sound like you. It is difficult to read emails or responses isn't it? How we are feeling probably interjects and then it is read the wrong way(no facial expressions to accompany the word). I do hate when we do something and then we question ourselves and say maybe we shouldn't have(like your emails). With emails, etc. I think if you make it about yourself then you won't have discourse with the other person. We all doubt ourselves from time to time, as we are human! Tyler is intrigued about the dessert first, people might think it peculiar, but to each his own or carpe diem.smiles!kim

Anonymous said...

I really like this scene.She has a completly different way of dealing with everything.the dessert first is such a metathor you dont know what time you have so concentrate on the possitive what you enjoy first Tyler doesnt he s emotionaly consumed by everything he cant cope with or change that he lets life pass him by.When he rows with his father hes desperate for him to change but doesnt really know what he wants from him,Tylers shocked the man takes her seriously as if its normal thing to do he doesnt know what to make of her.But I like the interaction he s not sure what to think but he likes her attitude and is really intreaged by her. desert first, I did once but it wasnt first I only ordered desert for me and my dad we had gone for a drink he had a really bad day I couldnt afford to treat him to a meal so I asked could we have desert they didnt refuse but they did make me feel really awkward (it wasnt a resteraunt , apub where you can order lunch)people can say no and if your not doing anything wrong its not dreadful if you do things differently, you have to do things that are right for you not everyone wants to or can fit into ridgid conforms of "this is how things have to be done" but so much pressure is put on everyone that you have to be a certain way .Ally is brilliant for Tyler he needs to learn to enjoy life.
Jesse girl Im sure you didnt mean it that way but reading your comment it came accross so sarcastic as if you thought it was wrong what she said and even that you were putting her down for being emotionaly moved by the film.
reading a few articles I ve noticed you put a negative view and different view of a scene to what it should be and how they intended comes accross as if you are very angry about this film.

kat said...

Please let's all be respectful of each other here!

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

I really don't get the comment by Anonymous (just before Kat), how can you say that jessegirl's articles have a negative view, when she's been doing all this patient work to defend the film and spread the love about it? Surely you must have misundertood them, because it's obvious the author LOVES the film, as we all do, or else we could'nt be here commenting and exchanging a year after it was released.
As to interpreting the scenes, there may be different approaches and ways of understanding them, with this film as with any other. There is no such thing as a single way of explaining a scene, because we the viewers are all different.
It would be nice to respect the work of others. It's easy to criticize, and hard to create. We can disagree, but must do so respectfully and present rational arguments if we don't agree with the ideas of someone. So maybe you should comment on the articles you have read and disagree with, and articulate your reasons for it, so we can all discuss it. It's not nice and not good enough to say that it's negative and and that's all.

Anonymous said...

I've only been here a short time and I see so much compassion in these articles, so much heart!
That's my take and thank you as I enjoy reading them and wished I had found this site last March or

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