Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Remember Me on Showtime

Remember Me will premiere on Showtime in the US this April. The exact date is still TBD. Excellent news and a chance for more people to be exposed to this wonderful film!

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Anonymous said...

Wow I was surprised by how good this movie is. The story line was very involved and well written. Two completely different families dealing with grief. Young adults struggling not to drown in it and end up in love and joyful inspite of it. Death and new life. Tender and thought provoking. I will be thinking about this movie for a long time. We can change he world we live in for the better without realizing it. Our lives, thoughts and actions are not insignificant. : )
Pattinson does have chops....he can make you feel without speaking, that is rare. DeRavlin has the goods also and the chemistry between the characters is
worth the time investment all by itself. The young actress that is Tyler's sister is also a star in the making. I am sorry I don't remember her name.
This movie is deep, with other story lines cutting across, above and below the
family stories, it is truthful, sad, joyful and even shocking. Do yourself a favor
and watch it.

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