Sunday, March 13, 2011

Remember Me's One Year Anniversary - Part 2

Samsy-marie sent us a Remember Me collage that includes a still of Tyler and her tickets from the four times she saw Remember Me in the theaters.

Thanks Samsy-marie!

Next, we have three slideshows of Remember Me stills with some of the more memorable quotes from the film.


Anonymous said...

I like these quotes first one but I also like it when he says "this is a wake up call maistro " before she says listerine , in the resteraunt when Ally says (well most of that conversation) "I'll share"
when Tyler says back to his Dad "its not enough" Its so sad that the dad only starts to understand that before Tyler dies,but atleast he finnally does and becomes involved in Carolines life in the end Tyler was practicaly bringing her up ,he was her big brother and parent in the strand when Tate says "communion"
second one I like these also when Tyler "I didnt mean to hurt you" he only met up with her because Tate suggested it but I never felt he ever planned to use her to pay the dad back even in the caffateria they seemed to have a conection straight away and he never treated her wrong,"what a day" always upsets me
third one also "I finally found something Im good at" (what happened to your face) "I provided her world and yours" , the dad cant understand moneys not enough you have to be apart of someones life,and show you care.a world full of money is meaningless without love.also when he says "I do know you,you threw away the one thing that ment a damn"

jessegirl said...

Thanks for the photo/quote memories, Kat! I never get tired of the pictures.

Misty said...

Beautiful slideshows!Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Please dont be cross the quotes and pictures are lovely I just realised Ive wrote Tate instead of
Aiden etc.,
I didnt want to risk upsetting you but the scene is so sweet
Tyler says "a guy you seem attracted to atleast"
"a guy your obviously attracted to"

sorry, Ive made mistakes but this makes him sound arragent when he isnt

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

Beautiful slideshows, it's really lovely to re-read them again - to ve reminded of all thse different moments.
I also like the collage with all the toickets - great idea !!! :)

kat said...

:) I was wondering if anyone would mention a couple of these. I was using the shooting script- and there are quite a few differences between what was in that script and what they actually shot. (Remember those photos of Rob and Allen in discussions at the "carnival"? Someone probably agreed with what you though and they changed the line while filming). Tried to catch the differences, but know I had missed some.

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